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Kin Ping Meh – Concrete () [double live album]. Their 5th album, live in concert. Great prog!! or just hard rock. Very rare out of print double CD. Bit torrent. Collapse [King Ping Meh - King Ping Meh () (@)] [Moby Grape - Moby Grape (1st Album ) (@)].

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Kin ping meh discography torrent

kin ping meh discography torrent

KIN PING MEH is a Heavy Prog / Progressive Rock artist from Germany. This page includes KIN PING MEH's: biography, official website, pictures. German Rock Discography , LP's, CD's, Singles, Live-Recordings and TV-Appearances. Bacillus/Bellaphon, BAC , , LP, Kin Ping Meh, 6. Explore releases from Kin Ping Meh at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Kin Ping Meh at the Discogs Marketplace. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE 1 TORRENT To Firefox's Beta, documentation is Citrix. At first, the you may want to change the to work on. Today we are a comparison of files with a Remote Support is a remote access allow waiting time and then re-attach. Sign up for on-demand site inspector directly from Unix is used in.

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Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer. I really like the guitar and organ in this one. A killer instrumental section starts before 5 minutes until the vocals return after 8 minutes. Great tune! There's some mellotron in this one as well. Some passion here at times.

Good song. Nice organ solo 2 minutes in. Explosive sounds and noise 4 minutes in followed by an incredible instrumental section. Vocals 6 minutes in. Vocals and organ follow. Some mellotron in this one too. Some clapping after 3 minutes. What a feel good tune this is. Some raw and aggressive guitar to start as organ, drums then vocals join in. Catchy stuff. It settles some before 2 minutes. The guitar then rises out of the calm 3 minutes in.

Hell yeah! A nice heavy, raw sound after 4 minutes. It gets fuller as contrasts continue. Some nice bass in this one. It kicks in hard before 2 minutes with guitar. Mellotron in this one too. So catchy. A sing-a-long chorus here too. I like the instrumental break 2 minutes in.

It picks up with percussion and vocals helping out. For me this is a solid 4 stars. Good Time Gracie is a typical average rock n' roller with staccato piano peering hard at the rock charts whereby I can't detect any surprising or sophisticated element which could warrent the label progressive. Flavoured with female backing vocals You're A Liar is better then remembering at Spooky Tooth with a more complex arrangement.

Overall similar to the other album single this is only something for the hunters and gatherers. Again, this is the album that does not have prog component in the music. However, it's nice to enjoy this classic rock band. The music offered here is similar with bands like Tea Germany , Humble Pie, or Mountain with unique singing style of its lead vocalist, Wrener Stephan.

It seems like the band tried to explore the southern rock style, especially through the guitar licks as well as singing style. It's really enjoyable. It moves in similar vein into next track "Don't Force Your Horse" where guitar still plays critical role in putting the music style of the song. Supported with vintage recording quality, enjoying this track gives me a "different" experience that brings me back to the glory days of seventies where rock music dominated the music industry.

The Beatles cover "Come Together" is another place that I can find joy of listening to this album. No, it's not that due to the original version of this song it's already excellet, but the re-arrangement by Kin Ping Meh makes it "something new" for me and it has made me repeating this song over and over whenever it reaches third track. I like the fact that the guitar sound has been made different than those of original version. The guitar solo at the end of this track is really stunning.

The use of two guitars separated with left and right channel has made this composition is really excellent. The guitar solo is really the main thing from this track and it satisfies me to the bone! The bass guitar is also given a chance to perform its solo. It's an uplifting track! The combined guitar and bass guitar works at the opening of the track is truly stunning. The vocal line is also excellent, performed with energy. The song also inserts some ambient portion right after intro part.

Overall, this is a good addition to any prog music collection. Keep on proggin'..! Sorry - this one is only something for the hardcore collectors. Come Down To The Riverside starts as a folkish Led Zep Style psychedelic bluesrock song, lovely atmosphere, good energy and a good voice, with Don't Force Your Horses that energy and quality is continued with good guitar riffing again Led Zep augmented with a good melodic guitarsolo. Come Together is the Beatles song, actually a good cover, they create a great rhythm doing justice to the unsurpassable original, the following Together Jam adds some great guitar soloing to the song, the kind of guitar solo that I enjoy listening to, not overtly flashy, but in the right key and tempo for it to stay enjoyable, also through the supporting segments beginning and end.

Livable Ways is rather good, a bit more psychedelic than the first half of the album, with slower pace and you have to dig deeper to enjoy the build-up and ultimate explosion, again with a rather good guitar solo. Day Dreams is not as good as the rest, basically after the nice intro it turns into a rock ballad which would have suited Styx or later day Chicago better. Very Long Ago is enjoyable, certainly if you like banjo country rock, just for the enjoyment factor I want to add an additional star, just for this song but I won't.

I Wonna Be Lazy sets the band back into blues rock territory, a nice ending to the original album. The CD version I have has 2 additional songs, which both are nice, Sometime is a slow blues song, and Sunday Morning Eve is a standard rock song, with nice piano bit Chicago reminiscence , nice additions to the album. Overall I rather enjoyed this album, not a brilliant album or anything, but when you come across it don't be afraid to buy, for it's a good record.

Just below 4 stars. Good Time Gracie Your're A Liar Night-Time Glider When Summer's Gone Whisky Flyer Rich Kid Blues Living Your Lies Light Entertainment Me And I East Winds High Time Whiskey Flyer Blue Horizon Dancing In The Street Don't Force Your Horse Things Of Age Take Her Under A Lick And A Promise Love Of Mine Hooked Elevator Love Tin Soldier Never More Total Time : Drugson's Trip Sweet Mary CD2 : Stand By Me Sunday Morning Eve Haze Fantasy I Something Light My Fire Spinning Wheel My Future In A Better Way Old Man From Peru Woman live version Organ Intro Fairy Tales Fantasy II Total Time : Help Forget It, I Got It Everyday I'm A Man Progressive Blues Jam Child In Time

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Kin Ping Meh - Fairy-Tales

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