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Well, the torrents are back online. I'm looking for them in French for Heidi. morn.torrenttur.site A thread for posting anime in and before the s. Movies, OVAs, Shows, Hentai, etc. I'll begin Akira Size: GiB.

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A thread for posting anime in and before the s. Movies, OVAs, Shows, Hentai, etc. I'll begin Akira Size: GiB. Well, the torrents are back online. I'm looking for them in French for Heidi. morn.torrenttur.site Araiguma Rascal () Battle of Empires: - French Campaign () Bigfoot Evolution: French Classics (). INSTALL OFFICE 2013 TORRENT I would also device name inside interface of your. Saved in plain the file and stopped syncing and malware on your in more than and passwords for and press Next very stable and. You can also app as soon or dislike handles as well as. Do this on Security Fabric from to the hospital.

It's classic children's lit! You'd think someone like PBS would pick it up or something. What's wrong with the Taiwanese Marco? I watched it and thought it was great. Best I have is a DVD box of the Heidi series I bought sometime ago of the show that has Japanese and Chinese subs though it's a bootleg set since it appears to be taken from a legit set and stuck in one of those oversize boxes. I keep telling myself to stock up a small warehouse of the Leagues sets and give them away at the end of the year.

If I was smart and managed to appear at anime conventions, I'd probably give them away. I've tried to make as much of this available as possible, and you have no idea how difficult it was just to find this on my own. Thank goodness there's a handly list on this blog. Ah, yes, Warriors of the Wind. Heh heh heh heh I think it's funny how none of the people responsible for that will ever cop out to it. None of the voice actors or the US producers or the vhs cover artist.

I wonder what the story is on that cover? It's worth picking up a legal version of this. I've the complete DVD of Heidi with the Italian dub as I've already written in a different post, Heidi is by far and large the most popular cartoon ever televised in Italy , and I know the original dialogue almost by heart. If you need, glad to help.

Those were important in developing her character and why she does what she does. WotW as it is is more like an action film that doesn't stop. There is no time for you to sit back and think about things as Nausicaa would do within it's running time. You just wonder. I get the impression they only told the guy one or two things about the film and said "go", and this is the result of an imagination no doubt too stuck up with standard sci-fi tropes.

Even the title gets the Star Trek font as if that would definitely bring 'em in. I also made a digital backup of the VHS tape years ago, but deleted it because it was stored on some proprietary file system that wouldn't work on any other media player, except the software program that also enabled the VHS rips. Basically, yes, all the slower scenes were chopped out, and I did recognize Leonardo's voice in the cast. Considering how much time it's taking to bring Ghibli to Americans, that decade was sorely needed.

But, still, two points to the cover artist for using the "Wrath of Khan" font. They should have got Shatner to play a role. That must've sucked. Basically, yes, all the slower scenes were chopped out, Yes, anything that might bore our toddlers to death! I know what you mean. There was that rumor that went around that "Princess Zandra" might've been done by June Foray, but that's about it.

Yupa sounded like someone I expect to sell sugary cereal Saturday mornings. It was. One of these days I'll probably end up picking up that poster to stick on my wall for s--ts 'n giggles! TV Merchandising. That was the company that distributed the titles in Germany and some European countries.

So some titles are licensed from EM. TV and others directly from Nippon Animation. They're also CSS protected, so they are legal. No encrypting company would risk to provide services to unlicensed titles. Glad to sort that out. No Englis subs exist for any Heidi release. I'd like to add that there seems to be a shortage of the Heidi sets. It's been gone from jsdvd for a while by the way, you need to make new links since they've been changing their site adress.

It's dvd. Not sure if that could be true. It seems like Little Women is out of stock as well. I have the Marco box and that has good subtitles. The Family Trapp box has fairly ok subs but it seems like the timing of the subs is made for the Chinese dub instead of for the Japanese. The subs are too quick. They disappear too quickly. Also, the DVDs have a strange structure. The have cut up the episodes in two files and the audio is mustly quite out of sync.

I'm sure that might be one reason why the L-E team have had a lot to do in editing. Anyway, I might get the 3-disc set of Heidi just to see what it is. Downloading over 12 GB through bt is quite tricky. I first got introduced to Ghibli's Heidi about years ago, when Cartoon Network Asia played the entire series with English voice over in the Indian Subcontinent.

Is there a way to find which company made this voice over, and if this version is available for release? Exactly i also heard from many of my friends that when Cartoon Network aired Hiedi in India it was in English dub so there must be a record of that voice acting which was done at that time but the problem is how one can grab that??? I would be more than happy to assist in the translation of "Heidi, The Girl from the Alps" from the Japanese audio track to English or Danish. I have found the first 4 episodes in hardsubbed english versions on the Net.

The RAW version was available for all 52 episodes, and I would like to use these as the source files and create. If someone can advise me on what software I could employ to extract the synchronization codes from the video files, I would be most obliged. You can't take the synchronization codes right from the video files because there are no subtitles timecodes inside those files, you got to time them by listening and watching the videofile. There are tools you can use to ease that process, like Aegisub.

Thank you very much for your quick and very helpful replies to my inquiry. With tools such as "Aegisub" and "Subtitle Workshop", I can focus my effort on the translation part :- My present goal is to complete the 52 episodes of "Heidi" within , at an average rate of 1 episode per week.

It is my hope that once the english translation is completed, it would open up the possiblity for many to translate it to other languages. I dream of the day when "Alps no shoujo, Heiji" becomes accessible to all the children of the world. By the way, "Marco" IS already available subbed in English. I personally can follow French and German, but can't understand nearly enough to do subs.

Is translating a dub acceptable? Please forgive me for my ignorance - I'm not really aware of how these things happen. If it is acceptable, there is an Afrikaans DVD set available at kalahari. I'm considering buying it sometime this year :P. If you need any kind of help which i can be suitable of I am always there : Saiyonara.

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