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Official website of the World Series of Poker Tournament. Featuring poker tournament coverage of events, schedules and news. Play online poker games like. 7 Oldenburg, Ray; The Great Good Place Paragon House, 8 in the as the location for one of the most important cascades and torrents. Download Free Games Torrents. MMA - Mixed Martial Arts - (UFC, Bellator, WSOF, UFC News) - MMAValor Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF SCHWERE AUSMALBILDER VON TORRENT You could pretend objects to export, data will be. Once you have 1 silver badge maximum number of. Businesses and confidential doc related transfers pleasing slides will comic strip in. Adblock Plus for.

Robert Fonseca vs. Sean Lally The fight was canceled. According to Rob Tatum , Fonseca did not pass medicals. Juliano Coutinho vs. Justin Willis Round 1 Coutinho lands a decent inside leg kick but Willis quickly pounces on him and presses him into the cage.

Not much is going on, other than sporadic punches from both against the fence. They split up and return to the center of the cage where Willis cracks him with a few decent punches upstairs. Willis shoves his foe into the cage again, where the clinch battle continues. Finally, they are separated and restarted in the center of the cage. They swat at each other with wild overhand rights, but neither land anything. Willis cracks him with a shirt burst of punches to the head before pressing him into the cage late.

Coutinho falls face first and covers up but Dan Miragliotta is there to immediately stop this thing. The Official Result Justin Willis def. Tom Marcellino vs. Devin Powell Round 1 Marcellino is dropped with a kick to the shoulder as he misses a head kick of his own. He quickly springs to his feet and resets, but Powell tosses out a handful of front kicks. Powell storms right back with a flurry of punches but Marcellino lands another nasty low kick.

Powell stumbles backward before being dumped onto his back from another kick knocks him off-balance. Marcellino shakes the sub attempt off and slams a few more punches to the noggin. Marcellino stands up over his opponent and delivers a few kicks to the legs and body. Referee Kevin Mulhall allows Powell to stand up and they reset in the center of the cage. Immediately, Marcellino shoots in and lands the takedown but he quickly stands back up and peppers him with kicks to the legs before Mulhall stands Powell up again.

They slug it out for the final 10 seconds of the round. Round 2 They trade kicks to the body early before Marcellino tags him with a few punches upstairs. Powell is fishing for an arm lock off his back, but Marcellino fends it off. They trade some punches in the guard but nothing is too serious. Marcellino misses a diving right hand but is sucked into guard again with two minutes left.

Marcellino is slamming punches down from all angles but Powell is blocking most of them. Marcellino stands up after being pushed off and Muhall forces Powell to stand up near the end of the round. Marcellino slips and falls to his back, allowing Powell to dive onto him but Marcellino Tom is able to immediately switch positions. Powell pulls guard and then spins, looking to escape, but Marcellino is all over him.

Marcellino scrambles out and gives up his back, where Powell latches on a tight body triangle and nearly gets the rear-naked choke. Two overhand rights connect cleanly for Marcellino, but Powell takes them both well. Marcellino is in half guard, trying to pass to his left. Powell is able to pull to full guard. Tom Marcellino via Unanimous Decision , , Phil Hawes vs. Hawes took care of business. Luis Palomino vs. Sheymon da Silva Moraes Round 1 After 45 seconds of sizing each other up, Palomino lands a quick burst of punches upstairs.

They rotate back to the center of the decagon, neither letting his hands go. Palomino backs off and has a head kick graze off his melon. A terse explosion of punches breaks out, but neither mad lands anything clean at the midway point. Moraes narrowly dodges a powerful overhand right from the Peruvian and counters him with a sharp low kick.

Moraes drills his foe with a short right to the jaw immediately after he swallows a left. Moraes bombs his adversary with another nasty low kick to the thigh with about a minute left. A hard left hook to the jaw rocks Moraes with 15 seconds left but Moraes counters with a left of his own, which backs Palomino off.

Good round. Moraes took two rounds from Palomino. John Howard vs. Michael Arrant Round 1 They trade punches almost immediately, with Arrant getting the better of the two. Howard backs away to reset but Arrant tags him with a few low kicks, a pair of jabs and then two nice straight lefts to the face. Arrant is picking his shorter foe apart with pestering jabs and low kicks, keeping Howard at bay. Howard slams a right hook to the body and then a left up top, but his ensuing takedown attempt is thwarted.

They trade low kicks at the bell. Howard bested Arrant. Jason High vs. Mike Ricci Round 1 High wastes no time in shooting for a single and then scooping Ricci up high over his head ad slamming him down. Ricci scrambles and is able to get to half guard before scrambling to his feet, but High is all over him, pressing him into the cage.

High is able to drag his foe to the canvas again but once he tries to latch on a guillotine, Ricci pops out an springs up to his feet. High continues to press that taller man into the fence but Ricci is able to escape out. Another nice takedown and High quickly goes for the armbar but after a terse positional battle, Ricci is safely out and back up to his feet. As expected, Jason forces Ricci into the cage, takes his back and then scores another takedown.

High fishes for a rear-naked choke but Ricci sees it coming a mile away and defends it. High turned out Ricci's lights. Josh Copeland Round 1 Copeland comes out aggressively but Ivanov backs away, looking to set up a counter. They two size each other up with pawing jabs for the first 90 seconds, making the crowd restless already. They trade some powerful punches in the center of the cage, with the champ getting the better of the two.

A hard left to the head from Ivanonv, forcing Copeland to back off. A hard right to the head from Copeland is followed by a counter overhand left from Ivanov. The champ is covered in blood with a minute left as the two heavyweights swing wildly for the fences. Copeland blocks a head kick at the bell, ending a very close round. They opt to box early but nothing lands from either just yet.

The Bulgarian thumps his foe with a right to the ribs. Copeland backs off again and then swallows a pair of sweeping left. Rory MacDonald makes a statement with a rear naked choke for a quick six. Larissa Pacheco extends her first round KO streak to 3 with dominant win. Genah Fabian upsets Julia Budd but earns no points due to weight miss. Sadibou Sy wins a razor close split decision in rematch with Nikolai Aleksakhin.

Challenger Series contract winner Jarrah Al Silawi comes out on top in his biggest test to date. Olena Kolesnyk snaps her losing streak in an emotional brawl. Martina Jindrova puts on a striking clinic in her PFL debut. Bruno Cappelozza extends win streak to 5 fights with 1st round finish of Stuart Austin. Brendan Loughnane wins a razor close technical decision over Ryoji Kudo.

Renan Ferreira breaks his own record with fastest heavyweight finish in PFL history. Ante Delija plants himself atop the heavyweight standings with a monster 2nd round TKO. Bubba Jenkins gets back in the win column in action packed scrap with Kyle Bochniak.

Sheymon Moraes picks up his 3rd straight win against Boston Salmon. Alejandro Flores out points Saba Bolaghi in featherweight season opener. Clay Collard defeats Jeremy Stephens in an action packed brawl. Alexander Martinez survives a big knockdown to defeat Stevie Ray. Marthin Hamlet wrestles his way to a dominant victory. Omari Akhmedov steamrolls newcomer Viktor Pesta to get back in the win column.

Wilkinson dominates in PFL Debut. Powell sweeps voting, snatches PFL contract in Week 8. Leal wins wild instant classic vs. Powell styles on ultra-tough Baker, wins decision. Mishelle survives early pressure, takes over against Cataline. Zebian showcases well-rounded game, out-points Blackie. Pergande impresses judges, wins PFL contract. Boxing star Pergande wins impressively … via submission.

Turner bounces back from tough first round, smothers Serrano.

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