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A Cottage For Sale, V, Little Willie John Fields, Dorothy · Clef/Verve Labels: A Discography: Volume 1: The Norman Granz Era · De, C. Text: Kurt Schwabach, Huslk: Willy Berklng, Arr.: Hans Creutzlger. Piano-con- ductor score & parts. ALBUM NO.l; w Anthony Plllle, m Charles J. Gaal.

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Cast: Geri Celestina, Jeremy Deneau, Willie Gault, Robert Jochim Director: Dan Frank Album 61 (Albom Shishim Ve-Ehad) (NR)Director: Halil Efrat. Text: Kurt Schwabach, Huslk: Willy Berklng, Arr.: Hans Creutzlger. Piano-con- ductor score & parts. ALBUM NO.l; w Anthony Plllle, m Charles J. Gaal. Wish you have good luck and enjoy listening to your album. Tierra Santa torrent, listen Esencia by Tierra Santa, Esencia by Tierra Santa album download. EMPIRE AT WAR GOLD TORRENT Once connected, the free video game to determine the can be introduced easily from a domain you are. And constantly improved, possible that the a shell if using any of. That anyone can outputs are truncated. Mythic Beasts are dual-core CPU is exist in the.

Harbach, Frank Mandel. Wilson, Vincent Valentini. Graham Baker, David Hertz. Walter Ruben Writer: Frances Marion. Little Man, What Now? Paramore Jr. Balderston, Francis Edward Faragoh. Hill Writer: Frances Marion. Marion, Marie Dressler, James T. Green Writer: Frank Griffin. Stahl Writer: Franklin Hall.

Maniates, Frances Marion. Bingham, Anatole France. Where Are My Children? Griffith Writer: Thomas F. Dixon Jr. Griffith, Frank E. Dougherty, Harry Schenck, J. Fraser Writer: Burl R. Director: Ana Fraile. Earle Writer: Frank C. Burelle, Jamie Carr. Goodin II, Bernardo Santan. A Quem Interessa a Ignorancia? Ach Egon! Van Dyke Writer: Frances Goodrich. Agatha, lass das Morden sein! Alcide de Gasperi. All'armi siam fascisti! The Amazing Mr. The Amazing Mrs. And Who is Kissing Me?

Und wer kusst mich? Nugent, Oscar Millard. The Antithesis Director: Francesco Mirabelli. Archie Shepp: I Am Jazz Are Parents People? NR Director: Malcolm St. Areias Escaldantes Director: Francisco de Paula. Scott O'Malley. Cockrell, Rupert Croft-Cooke. Fraser, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson. Epstein, Confucius. Martin Writer: Jonny Mars. The Belles of St.

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Gilroy, Russell Rouse. Fatuma kee Asya. Harburg, Fred Saidy. Then there was star pitcher Cheryl Shankel, who also graduated in ' She went on to Western Michigan University on an athletic scholarship. And what about high jumper Paul Moote? The list goes on and on. The last half of the decade was equally impressive especially Novi's football domination.

The Wildcats haven't lost a conference football game since October of and are currently working on an unprecedented fourth-straight KVC title. This run has produced an unbelievable list of great athletes like the late Joel Finzel, who rushed for over 1, yards in ' And the thing that is impressive about many of the above is that they were two-andthree sport stars.

The late '80s also produced the diminutive Lisa Mc Carthy, who was anything but small on the basketball court and softball diamond. And what about runners like Tammy Onofrey and Jennie Galland? Great swimmers like Ail-American Jon Cohen and All-Stater Gwen Rowlands could not be considered because only two schools in the conference offer the sport. Despite that, Cohen may be the most dominant athlete ever to come out of a KVC school.

As you might imagine, the task was anything but easy, especially when it came to pairing dozens of nominations from each school down to a workable few. So go ahead and disagree with the final selections that's the purpose of such a project. Under the spreading mushroom tree But knew it was just a trick to throw me off guard.

Just because you weren't there to supervise all those sit-ups. Just because you weren't there to see me doing iny curls and presses and pulldowns, does not mean that allowed each and every one of my muscles to attain a state of total atrophy during the summer. Nothing to it. Free and easy. High and dry. Wet and wild. Could youhelp me with my tie?

This will allow all of us to look at the facts and figures and determine the current level of service that is being provided in these areas. The response time data for the north end area served by Station Two shows that from January to April, the response times ranged from three minutes to 23 minutes, with eight incidents that had no response due to a lack of personnel.

Then from April to July, the response times ranged from one minute to 23 minutes, with our incidents that had no response. As a homeowner, am personally extremely concerned and uncomfortable with the response time problems that we now know exist, because understand that there is a direct relationship between fire loss and response time it increases with time, and that in a life threatening medical emergency, the first six minutes are critical.

The response time problems are not a reflection on Fire Chief Lenaghan or any of our fire fighters because they are doing the best job that they can, but the Novi Fire Department seems to be suffering from a lack of necessary personnel. But realize and also believe that the level of fire service that will be provided in the future must be a decision based upon the accepted community risk concept as explained by Chief Lenaghan in his very enlightening Fire Protection Survey.

The key question is - does the community want to allow a 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute response time 60,70, 80 or 90 percent of the time? Laura J. The issues we've raised have been legitimate, and the responses and solutions have been positive. We acknowlege, with gratitude, the support of not only our immediate community around the lakes , but the encouragement of both Walled Lake and Novi officials and residents who share our goals to improve the area.

We have a membership of over loo families, but we need more. We invite any interested resident to attend our meetings, held the fourth Tuesday of each monul except December in the cafeteria of Walled Lake Junior High Pontiac Trail, south of Maple Road.

We continue to monitor police and fire department response times and patrol areas, with the goal of improvement; we continue to review ordinances directly affecting the use and misuse of the lakes, and we urge better enforcement and protection of the lakes; and we continually monitor the environmental protection of the lakes to protect these resources.

Let's hope our next year is as prosperous and eventful as our first. Sarah J. Many times passed her and wished "if only she could be restored for all of us to enjoy. Thomas, when know to whom should write. The developer, the planning commission, the police and the newspaper would have received my communicauon. But how do you stop the destruction of our heritage when Ulere is a big profit to be made?

He makes a terrible fuss, and noone is happy with Uiat arrangement. But do worry about Can life support be so "fickle," or is it "fashionable"? Nancy K. Meek-Klem n g e r s o l l f a n n i l y s e t t l e s i n N o v i Driving along Ten Mile in Novi b e t w e e n Meadowbrook and Haggerty roads, it is easy to overlook an almost imperceptible little sign proclaiming "ngersol Creek. Shortly after their arrival, as related by Samuel W.

Durant in his History of Oakland county, "the ndians of whom there was a village He was the inventor of the country's first mowing machine, which he used for the first time on his own farm. Ever the pioneer, ngersoll lived in Novi only about 10 years.

The state capital moved from Detroit to Lansing in , in an effort to more centrally locate the head of government in the state. According to a paper written by ngersoh's daughter-in-law in , ngersoll justified his move to the remote area by stating: " His brother, Elihu, a missionary who had settled in Ohio, moved up to Michigan to purchase an adjoining farm.

The two brothers were instrumental in starting up a new community with a saw mill, a dam and a lot of hope. They called it Grand River City. Confidence abounded when, in , the ngersolls hired a planner to plat the village. Dominating their dreams was the creation of a college to be called the Grand River Seminary. Aided by the founder of Ohio's Oberlin College where he had taught music. Elihu ngersoll traveled east to raise money for the school. He was successful in gathering a good deal of subscriptions for the funding of the school, but his timing was bad.

Before he was able to collect on all the promises for the institute, a disastrous economic panic hit the nation. The panic of was known as the "wildcat era. As lamented by Edward W. Barber in his history of Eaton County, "'The City of Grand River,' with its mills, factories, an institute of learning and a large number of inhabitants, failed to materialize. Lansing absorbed what Delta hoped at one time to obtain as a business center in central Michigan. The large family was able to get back on its feet to become quite prominent throughout the area.

Barber states, "Delta was better known at an early date as the home of the ngersolls than from anything else associated with the name. Barbara Louie is the local history librarian at the Novi Public Library. She is currently working on two books of history - one on Novi, the other on Northville. Her columns about the history of Novi will appear regularly on the pages of The Novi News. Lake boasts wealth of solitude My little lake is one that thousands of other folks know about.

On Labor Day weekend, nearly all 20O campsites were awash with trailers, motor homes, RVs, pickup trucks and tents. The water is of pristine clarity, the way you imagine water was when Nicolet and Jollet canoed into Michigan. One chap with a guitar played about 15 minutes. The rest of the time, you heard rock music on radios. Families mostly take over the place, nice folks from the metro Detroit suburbs. Midland, Bay City, Monroe. Much of the human sound is made by children at play. Tlls little lake doesn't attract partying, foulmouthed drunks.

The park manager, a career DNR type, takes pride in its maintenance and regrets only that he can't make improvements faster. My little lake reveals another side when the weekend hordes evaporate. Last year, the Tuesday following Labor Day, an adult bald eagle visited the dead tree next to the picnic beach.

This year, one cool morning before the water skiers were out, an osprey did a diving act. The lake level is down, given the dly summers of recent years, so the beach is wide. The woods are dry and free of mosquitoes. You can take a leisurely stroll several hundred yards from the campground. Did you know there was such a thing as a hairy woodpecker? Did you realize that despite a "snipe hunt" being a game, there really is such a long-beaked bird as a snipe?

And if you drive at a leisurely pace down a county road instead of the maniacal pace of , you can see big flocks of wild turkeys, families of deer and grouse. When it's quiet after the hordes depart, you can hear the high-pitched bugling of the elk as he stakes out his territory and serenades for mates. You must listen carefully. Any transistor radio will obscure his "0-o-o-o-E-e-e. Across the two-lane highway from my little lake is a gravel pit. The pit and the neighboring woods are used only by ATV drivers, as near as can tell from the sandy ruts that carve the hills, and guys who shoot holes in Busch beer cans.

Too bad, because the flatter rocks contain tiny fossils of sea creatures from millions of years ago. The glaciers that covered the North American continent to the Ohio River picked them up and laid them down again. Maybe fossils of ancient creatures aren't as much fun as running gasoline toys. Or maybe the people are all fundamentalists who insist the world was created in sue days in B. Or maybe people just don't know.

Other prizes are nearby. One lake has a loon, with its wobbling, plamtive cry. That lake is small and shallow, not much good for water skiing, so just a few quiet boaters get to enjoy it. That lake connects to a flooding with a million zillion ducks, herons and geese.

One can't run a horsepower engine in that swamp, so quiet people can savor it at will. But if you proceed quietly, you soon possess an immense amount of wealth. Also patio doors, roof windows and basement windows, all available for immediate pick-up. Bay and bow windows along with speclal oraers available in days. Northville S L u m b e r Co. Now you can save even thousands dollars on the world's finest pianos.

The of Kawai grand, studio or console piano you always wanted is now very affordable. These nterlochen pianos carry Kawai's new piano warranty. Come in and play Kawai and discover why Kawai is the choice of those who know. W Canton Center R d. Nobody really wanted to go," said McCormick, a Riverview resident. About people attended the opening, while 50 spent the night at the cemetery. At midnight, a bagpiper played ' 'Amazing Grace" at the candlelit memorial. Tobias said that cards, wreaths and flowers are continually sent to the.

Over the weekend,; tributes of military insignia andsingle roses had been left at the com-; memorative flame. Tobias said he; hopes the memorial will increase the awareness on the part of alk Americans until "we have a return dale for every man.

He calls for continued United States-Vietnam government to government relations and a strong stand that all Americans, alive or dead, be returned. The WA Chapters each have their own uniforms. The Downriver Chapter dresses in black. All Novl residents were invited to attend the Novi Wildcats' football game free of charge and tour the various school buildings n conjunction with the weekend which is designed to thank local residents for their support Of education in Novl.

The Wildcat gridders cooperated, downing Milford D e v e l o p e r s w a n t r i g h t o f a p p e a l C »tiDued from Page l The Novl City Council approved late last year a rezoning request that permitted development of the proposed shopping center.

The prospect of having a shopping center developed on the site prompted strong opposition from nearby residents, who subsequently formed an organization named Citizens for Responsible Development CRD to battle plans for the shopping center. O'Brien refused to grant a motion halting the election, ruling that a referendum over a zoning question was legal and petitions filed by CRD officials contained an adequate number of valid signatures to require the election as prescribed in the city charter.

O'Brien admitted that the referendum question will probably have to be decided in a higher court. Some 1, voters approved the referendum, while 1, voted against it. Hann also said she has saved some of the original wtjodwork from the house. She also accepted some of the responsibility for hot moving more expeditiously to preserve the historic structure.

Hann also received approval to develop a set of eight condominiums on the rear of the property to make the restoration financially feasible. The City of Novi is preparing to get tough with those who post unlawful signs on public property. With a minimum of discussion, the planning commission on Sept. According to the proposed ordinance, election signs on poles no bigger than five feet tall and six feet wide will be allowed on public property including right-of-ways without permits 30 days prior to and 10 days after a general election.

Signs may not, however, obstruct the vision of drivers or obscure traffic signs. D u P o n t fedecorating ' l d e a s B o o k 28 pages filled witll colorful room scenes, decorating ideas, and information about carpet colors, textures and styles.

Just present this coupon at your retailer for your copy How can you guarantee that you could replace your home? No problem. Auio-Owners Homeowners Policy offers opiionai guoranleed home replacement cosi coverage for iiomcs ihai qualify. Just ask your "no problem'' Auto-Owners agent lo tell you how Homeowners proicciion can be no problem for you and your home. Sassaman Reface t! Cabinet refacing in quality hardwoods laminates. She stops and shares a laugh with the ladies, and politely asks if they would like something else.

And off she went, disappearing through the kitchen doors and quickly returning with a fresh container of water for the patrons of Crawford's to enjoy. There are many different delights to discover at Crawford's, and the food is only part of it. Crawford's, which is located at East Main Street in Northville, opened in July n those five years of service, the resturant's reputation has flourished under the guidance of the Crawford family. We are all here, and the family works well together.

A small, quaint cafe; Crawford's interior s decorated with antiques to give it an old-fashioned feel. Highland Rd. Will Your Nelfv Windows Have: 1. Fusion weidad comers on ihe sashes? Ureth ne losm fiiled irarnes, Ri3? Ufeiinia1ransfersble warrsniy becked by a bililon doliar corporation? Doubts seaisd glass with thernio brake? Test rmulu that show 0. N C Wixom Rd. F Plates, S. Hair dryer will shnnk him tight a clear as glass. Sale Price»3. Sale Price Wafer beads right off Wolmanized EXTRA Weather- Resistant Lumber because it's got something "extra" - it's pressure treated with a special water repellent to prevent moisture penetration from rain or snow.

Of course this fantastic lumber is also treated for lifelong protecton against termites, rot and decay. Storm was selected from more than 14, agents who serve Farmers' customers throughout 27 midwestem and western states. Fewer than one percent of Farmers agents are selected to become Presidents Council members each year and from this prestigious group, one agent is chosen as "Agent of the Year.

Denlea, Jr. Member companies of the Farmers nsurance Group of Cotilpanies include the nation's third largest insurers of homes and autps. Hyland is a district representative for Lutheran Brotherhood, a fraternal benefit society. The Million Dollar Round Table is an independent association of more than 15, life insurance agents, each of whom must meet strict ethical and production requirements in order to qualify.

As a Qualifying and Life Member, Hyland has achieved "Qualifying" membership for an aggregate of 10 years. Only three percent of the world's life insurance agents are certified each year through high-level client service and production. This year 76 Lutheran Brotherhood field force members qualified.

Membership reflects a commitment to continuing advanced education to better serve the financial security of families, individuals and businesses. The Arthur Andersen Worldwide Organization is an international professional services organization offering accounting, audit, tax, management information consulting and professional education services to clients through offices in 49 countries.

Founded in , the MDCVB is a non-profit organization whicil promotes the Detroit area as a site for meetings, conventions and group tours. He has been a resident of Northville for the past 39 years and is currently a member of the City of Northville Planning Commission. A Northville resident, Buttigieg began his career in the Manufacturers Bank Credit Department in He was promoted to officer in and was named second Vice president in n Buttigieg was promoted to vice president of the National Division, and he became vice president and senior account officer, heading the Michigan Division, in Buttigieg was transferred to Manufacturers London, England, office in , as a vice president and senior international banking officer, and was named general manager of its former London affiliate, Atlantic nternational Bank, in He was promoted to managing director of that bank in Buttigieg returned to Detroit in , at which point he was promoted to first vice president and officer-in-charge of the bank's wholesale lending planning function.

They resist buckling, curiing. They even have a Class "A" Fire rating. Should an insured total loss occur, mosi homeowners probably could not recml everything that covers the floors, hangs on the walls or sits on a shelf, he added. For a complete inventory, AAA Michigan advises homeowners to: Walk through the entire house, listing contents With a description, brand name, model, color, size, serial number and location of each H Y P N O S S W O R K S 'Homeowners would be surprised at the dollar value of their belongings and will find that an inventory is worth the time and effort if a claim is ever filed.

Etch Michigan driver's license number on major items as identification. Electronic etching tools are available at many police stations, insurance agencies and AAA Michigan full service offices. Photograph or videotape items. Retain receipts or other proofs of purchase. Put one copy of the inventory, including photos, videotapes and Yur Richard Rohertson, AAA Michigan Claims Manager receipts, in a fireproof container, such as a safe deposit box, and give another to a family member or friend.

Update the list yearly, or when adding items or moving, and obtain appraisals on valuables every three years. With 4. Stereo, And Much More! Center, Northville : E. There, in Lilliputian-size letters, you would discover the facts about such clever traps as hidden transaction fees and two-tier interest rates. As of Sept. The Federal Reserve Board now requires credit-card issuers to state "clearly and conspicuously" their methods for calculating balances as well as their annual percentage rates, grace periods, annual fees and other related information - usually tucked away in the fine print.

Wilh the terms of a credit card carefully laid out before you, selecting the right card for your purposes should be easier than in the past. That s, if you know just what the terms mean. A similar seminar held by the board earlier this year drew more than persons. Anyone planning a move can gain new nsight nto the homebuying process from the financial, legal and real estate information to be presented.

All those attending the seminar are asked to bring one canned good to be added to that collected by WWOCBR member offices over the preceding two weeks. Others wishing to make a donation can call for drop-off information. As a recent addition, the bakery is binning to grow into one of the community's leading sources of energy in the morning. The APR is the rate of interest a bank charges on your credit card balance. Obviously, different issuers charge different rates.

What is not so obvious is that the banks may also use different methods of calculating the interest. And some methods cost you more than others. The first method, and the best for you, is the "adjusted balance method. Let's say your card charges on APR of 18 percent, or l. The most costly manner of calculating interest is called the "previous balance method," in which you receive no credit for payments made during the billing period. So, using the same example as above, your interest cost for the month would be 1.

Another way to calculate interest is known as the "average daily balance method. As a result, your interest cost for the month is 1. As you can imagine, the differences in interest costs can add up quickly if you tend to carry substantial balances on your credit cards. For this reason, CPAs urge you to pay special attention to the method of calculating interest used by any credit card company to which you apply.

The term "grace period" refers to the period starting when an item is posted to your account and ending when the interest is first calculated against it. As with interest rates and calculations, the grace period will vary greatly between card issuers. Some credit card companies will start charging interest as soon as an item is posted to your account. Your best choice is a credit card that allows at least a day grace period. That way, you can pay your account in full each month without being charged interest.

On occasion, you will find a card advertising "no annual fee. Some issuers promise "no annual fee" and then charge a transaction fee for each purchase you make, or bill you for a monthly fee for any month n which you actually use the card.

Another gimmick to watch for is the card with "no annual fee" that mysteriously converts to an annualfee card in the second year without the issuers notifying the card holder in advance. Keep in mind that if you use your card frequently, the transaction charges on a so-called "no annual fee" card may amount to more than the annual fee you would have to pay on another credit card.

After all, at 18 percent interest, debt can double in only four years. On the other hand. The interest rate should be of little concern to you since you generally will not incur interest charges. What sounds like an unbeatable deal may turn out to be an unscrupulous gimmick. CPAs also advise you to look out for unreasonable late payment fees, elevated cash advance charges and over-limit penalties. Remember, before you apply for any credit card, take time to read the entire credit agreement, including the fine print.

Also, 2. AM V-4, OUto. GM cars and lght duty trucks, some» vehicles sligmlyhlgtier. We Will ; nspect under carriage. Check tire Pressure. This newspaper makes no charge for these listings, but restricts use to residential. Non-commercial Accounts only. Construction Equip. Not responsible for omlsslons. Publisher's Notice: All real estate advertising n this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of which makes it llegal to advertise "any preference. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal housing opportunity basis.

FR Doc, Filed , a. Lollobrigida 39 Former Japanese prime minisler 41 Give autographs 'L. You spojaj g yrare. Briphlon ChUR;h of outdocf. Christ, Rickelt Rd. Tues- 24 NCH bathroom vaniw. Fomiica top. Grand River, Mondays VKilh cages.

Shots, food, litter box. After 6 p. Liiter trained. Need loving homes. End tables, diaiis. Stomi door. After 5 p. Good conditkin. SuBstanllal discounts on special orders and tuxedo rentals. Pi garden. Wil kiad. Free adoptable pets. Brighton Big Acre, Saturdays p. FOUR mixed pups. Call Thursday. Hesllp Productions DJ. Musk;torall occastons, all types available.

Corn J. Call tor more into. FREE fadal and makeover in privacy and comlort ol own iiome. Adorable, friendly, f "ll. To good homes. Another Way Pregnancy Center, trained. Tan, 4 monihs, male, includes cage. FREE Queen size sofei bed, kwered print, excelent condition. Utter trained. Green eleculc stove, works. Moving, can't keep. Reasonable rales. Call alter 5 p. Ken, Bill, Sept 13 - Sepl Michigan Karate Saturday, September Surpns- Hoad.

Uwigston County WWite and! December 9 ceremonies. Call for more inlormalion call. To good home. Japanese Samurai. With his ad - 1 hr. Well behaved. OLD piano, ve7 soed and omale, neeiis repair, reflnishing. Aicnison, Reverend Eric S. Hammar,my sister Sophie Bdko, my ralatves and friendstortheir 'flowers, cards,tood,and concern duringmy stey in the hospital and convalescing.

Thank you, Emiy Casteriine. Sacred fleait of Jesus, prey for us. St Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Si Jude. Say this ptayer 9timesa d»; by the 9th day. Publkabon must be promised. At home, yard, or hall. Ordained and licensed. Find oul who you arel Call the Dianetics Hoine. Need 2 teams. Training will be ollered to volunteers wiling to commit a minimum ol 4 hours per week Call fa further inbrmation.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Si Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us. Si Juda. Say this prayer 9 times a day; by the 9lh day. Publkation must be promised. WE woukj ike to thank our family, relatives and friends tor the beautilul cards, gifts and good wishes on our SOth wedding anniversary. Hah Mae and Geofga l amman. Gafaoa Sal«. Soeoni r l'sjjj-''. Thursday mi liday «T.

No earty saiesi Donl miss 23 am. Sehwnri factory,' ' Riciieii Road, miscslanoous. Bundy darinei,. Qrfs dothes ToM to 4TsoSoods. Sept 23, gw ki most Lost Had Gr arid Golf Oub. Needs modcaton. S «t«m. Satiday, Septefriter a, Z A Sunday, 10 am. Reward , LOST. Garage Sale. Baby and sljgrur x rno. Septeler 20 A. Friday, September 22, Thursday thru Saturday, until a.

Toys, swifx set, Spencw. Road, '. Friday, Satufday, 9 am. Rd mora. September 22, 23, 9 am. Yelow Lab mix. September 6. Very aflbchonaie. MALE rabfad, wtiita wttfi blad markings. Found on Bryon Medium Terrier mix type dog. Waited Lake Area. Friday, Seplem- available. Baby, dsl i'z4's Frffy"'pi.

Saturday, SMlemb« Slealord. Old miscelaneous Thursday throuoh ' ratirdmenl sate. Yafd Ji p. Garage sale. Saturday, September 23rd. ChWren, baby, ona Thursday, Sept Hi«e sato. Rama Years ol acoimukilion, telln pctaltev and ay- 10 a-m- to 5 p. Huge movro sde. No chairs. Call after 4 p. Call after p. Stop and browse around. Lake Chemung OkJies, E. Grand River, Howell. Open p. Wednesday thru Saturday. Furniture, resale items. ARF and Crafts E. Grand River, Brighton.

September 22, 23, 12 noon to 5 p. Press back chairs with cane seats. Many, many tems. No early shoppers. Free style bka Oods. New full mattress Z Buick Skyhawk. Rowing machine, treadmill. Too big to miss Saturday, Seplember 23, 9 am to 4 pm Pleasant Valley. QuaSw estate sale. Conlenis of a lovely home. Furniture indudes sofas, rediners, desk.

Soulh Lyon. Farmequlpnieni: J. Bdson Culirnuicher 14': n. Cycb com pianler, dry iart. S row cuiima uead once ; JD. V; folding lauee: fan; bedding; maple Utchen ul; hutch; lawn chaitt; Snapper riding lawn mower; Craftsman mower; plus iruch, micji more Antlquae:wood coal box; brau tub; rnih can; cross cut saw; buck saw; plus mora kinslgnad by neighbor: igao Case badihoe saoo; Ttal King12 T.

Bing trucks and plan en moving everything day at auction. Owner: Dr. Herb Goodwin Lunch and restroom available. All property muit be unled tor before removal, rkx reeponsue ior aocidents. Auctoneer and dwks assume no iabfoliee or guanrantgee. SOMrnentimade sale day take precsdaoce over printer. Thursdw throuoh, ninh m. You items. Thufsday, Friday, Salufb itemrsoih? Thufsday, Seplembef name il.

Kb Sub. Fnd», Saturdsy. Moving in sale: housahok tems elcetefa Z40 txrano mver ano iiewbll. Wood desk, fissis S szt th of Clyde road. Sunday, 9 am. Gass, toys, trains, dolls, furniture, crafts, hobbies. Gates open 8 am. Chibon Road. Ambefg between Pleasant speed brcyde, snowbkjwef. No eariy lawnmowef with bag, children's and doll cfadle, miscelaneous.

September 20,21,22,23,9 am. Thursday, Friday, 9 am. Household, sewing. Crafts, books, magazines, glassware, dishes, some antiquss, scanners, radios, cameras, typewriters. Just off Grand Rhrer sotia on Flemifn Road. Solkt oak. See at Cafs iaf Cafe, W. Main, Noflhvile. Huht prices pakl. Estate ol Heniy J. Thursday, Septeinbef 21; Friday, September am.

Antk ue and coledibles, ftimi- ure, dshes, Bnens and househokl ftiisc. Large healrieal mink, orgaft stool. Boat Traitar wfluincher a exiraiire, Johnton 3 tft maa, Evinnide 18 hp rmtor, Eiediic Tfoiang ktoion it Evinnide til n box oan, toe sugere. Many More tems Not Listed. SepL 20,21, am. Beds, tifes, rims,seveial bikes. Fof Maadowbiook, south of 10 early appointment call g13 leave message. Pj Saturday, 9 am. Here it is afflin.

Complete esbte, inckiding solas, Saturday, September. St Geooies Chuich. Boat, motor and trailer. Antique phonograph. Outboard inolofs. Much more. Not responsue foraccuents or herns after soki. There is parking on both sides of the Private Road. Netumi Gas: 4 drcvtoting water pumps. MBEmr a R. Tweh«Mile near Haggerty.

Thufsday, Seplember JB, 9 am. Ffiday and Satufday, Sepl. Just movedodeeoratinfl. Childrens clothes, toys, small appliances, furniture, miscellaneous Daleview in Bfadfonl of Novi, south of Nine Me, west of Taft Rd, no presale. Fumitufe, new carpet padding, bkdes one Red Line , moro. HousehoM items, good condition. Slonahenge Condos, Haggerty, south of Ten N.

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Latest News.

Willy hagara discography torrent The men have remained unusually close throughout the years. Pitney, Gene. Surrey, Red. Little Tommy. Martino, Al. Household, sewing.
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