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A minute of downtime means you're losing money. We understand that, and we've made sure that our servers are fast, stable and reliable. We have one of the best uptimes in the industry. Your business is not our business. We do not reverse engineer your campaigns, sell your data or share it in any way. Your data is yours only, and you can download it at any time.

Your data is constantly backed up using state-of-the-art cloud hosting technology. When disaster strikes, you can rest assured that you will never lose any data. Struggling to make more affiliate commisisons? You could be committing one of these seven deadly mistakes that are eating up your affiliate profits! We respect your email privacy. Please check your inbox for a verification email after subscribing!

Customizing The Viral Bar. Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money! Link Cloaking Made Easy. Get Started Now. It's so easy to use that it's addictive. John Chow. LinkTrackr is an amazing service and I would never leave. Armand Morin. This feature alone is worth the price.

Awesome work! Mike Filsaime. Works great right out of the box. Amish Shah. Real-time conversion data for every sale or lead in your funnel. Intelligent Conversion Rules. Protect your hard-earned commissions. Stop relying on network reports. Major Networks Supported. Import Commission Reports. Track Pay Per Click Ads. Google AdWords Optimization.

Conversion Data by Keywords. Optimize your landing pages. Test affiliate offers from different networks. Improve Your Landing Pages. Increase Affiliate Payout. We Play by Your Rules. Configure every little aspect of your tracking. Set Custom Cookie Rules. Efficient Bot Filtering. Use Your Own Domain Name. Take control of your branding. We support unlimited domains. Naturally, if requests come from other IPs that are not listed as Facebook verification , servers show the true content.

But first things first. Some of you have already been implementing cloaking for various platforms, but marketing tyros might be just wondering what this technique is. In fact, there are two key meanings of "cloaking" in affiliate marketing. The first case is related to the most common form of cloaking — link shortening. Actually, when you read articles about cloaking, they will be focused on different kinds of link shortening. There are several reasons to implement link shortening.

First of all, to create shorter, memorable URLs which are much easier to use and share. Second, short links protect you from commission hijacking because pretty links hide your affiliate ID. The second meaning of cloaking is target URL masking. In this case, marketers intend to hide the target URL from some visitors moderators and verifiers. This method is implemented to avoid restrictions applied by some platforms. The mechanism includes hiding the final destination a landing page designed for users or a post.

Given the above, cloaking can be divided into three types based on the meaning and the implementation. This method means the separation of all users into various groups based on their interests and location. Search engines implement this technique to redirect users to localized platforms. Grey hat is often used for SEO: search engine bots see a web page full of keywords, while an ordinary article is displayed to users. But many search engines consider such pages as fraud and ban accounts.

As you should have guessed already, black hat cloaking includes the promotion of prohibited content or niches. Not always it should be illegal products or services, in most cases, marketers deal with verticals that might represent some degree of risk, such as gambling, betting, crypto, adult, dating, or dubious food supplements.

Experienced marketers recommend "bleach" grey- and black-hat offers. Bleaching means making blackhat creatives more similar to white-hat bundles. If you succeed to pass moderation, you can still be banned based on user complaints.

Keep in mind, cloaking helps to pass official moderation only. Marketers can wake up one morning and discover that the page was closed, or the account is banned. Marketers are pretty aware that the most profitable niches are gambling, dating, and crypto. By promoting offers in these categories you can get fantastic ROI and high commissions in a short time.

The only thing you need is targeted traffic. Well, Facebook with its billions of users is the perfect source of traffic. However, the platform has a very strict policy towards ads, including restrictions for gambling, crypto, and dating ads. Ok, you can look for other traffic sources or go with blackhat techniques to avoid restrictions and benefit from Facebook traffic.

Cloaking implies special scripts run by a web server. When a server receives a request, it identifies whether the request comes from a user or a verifier moderator or robot. Regular users will be directed to the Offer Page. There are two principal methods to determine who clicked on your link:. Actually, it sounds more complicated than it is in reality. There are many specialized services to perform all these tasks.

Paid services include additional methods of identification and continuous update of IP and User agent databases. Generally, Facebook cloaking includes three basic stages: farming, page setup, and warm-up. The key principle is "Take your time! You can create new Facebook accounts optionally, buy or rent accounts and emulate real activity. Next, you pick or create a local business or community page with a high-quality score.

In case you pick a farmed account, consider inviting friends to like the page. For that, you need to run ads with high engagement; hence, focus mainly on the quality of your ads. You need to enter a card there. Prepared accounts should stay untouched for not less than 24 hours. Next, start Business Manager, add your personal account, and add around additional accounts.

In case your account gets banned you will have a chance to use other accounts. The second campaign is targeted at engagement. You need a higher quality score, so you need to ensure more engagement on the post. Create a desktop-only campaign without any links in the promoted post.

The URL, text, and image for this campaign should be the same as for the blackhat campaign. The warm-up might take from 4 days to two weeks. As you may know by now, one of the most popular cloaking services, LeadCloak, is in direct legal confrontation with Facebook. This is one of the most popular services in affiliate marketing. Cloak It. You just register and start using the service. The cloaking is an instant process — there is no delay in processing requests.

Requests are filtered by various parameters, including user agent, IP addresses, and crawlers. IM KLO. This is a cloaking service suitable for Facebook and not applicable to other platforms. IM KLO provides an open-source code, a continuously updated database of IP addresses for search bots and unwanted users, as well as a wide array of filters and tracker integration. IM KLO stands out among other services which are mostly cloud-based because the script should be installed on your server uploaded to the domain root to get access to all features.

A monthly subscription allows up to 10 domains and 25 campaigns. The service is capable of working with various traffic sources but provides the most expanded database of user agents and IPs for social networks. This is one of the most popular multifunctional services targeted at marketing professionals. The service provides a vast array of services to manage traffic, including cloaking services. The cloaking service has a database of more than k IPs.

A multi-user mode is available. Keitaro requires uploading the script to a server not a cloud service. A free 7-day trial is available. One of the most powerful platforms for filtering traffic that has been specifically designed for large companies.

The service offers a wide range of features, including protection against spy services and block transitions from proxies. The system should be installed on a server through a 3-step setup.

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