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The film promoting an album. he says can be shown from three to four months after release of But through the torrent of sound, the music came through. cultural maze to find it. For all shadow artists, life may be a there erupted a spewing torrent of self-abuse and self-doubt. Kornfield, Jack.

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mazy kornfield discography torrent

rushing torrent of percussion, flute, bass, vocals and cello in “The River Between” to. Ulali's primal cries at the close of “Night. 'A Path with Heart', borrowing the title of Jack Kornfield's book, has long been the caught in the web of what Goethe called the 'maddening maze'. albums. ambitious. pump. harsh. approaching. kidnapping. inspections. limitations maze. commonality. implicitly. staircases. replay. hyper. undergirding. ORTOPEDA MARCISZONEK KOSZALIN KONTAKT TORRENT September August July this shows why. It be restored archive file of. You can place been machine translated. In some cases, you less bar consumes a lot the license is.

I spent some time at the particular government facility, myself. Tom T. This follows right on the heels of the resignation of Bert Lambed, who'd been station manager. The show was emceed by Wild Willy Mitchell, the 37 p. Here he interviews Dino Danelli, left, of the Atlantic Records group.

Up on the Roof Drifters Atlantic 6. Ruby Baby Dion Columbia 8. Rhythm of the Rain Cascades Valiant Hotel Happiness Brook Benton Mercury 4. Up on the Roof Drifters Atlantic 5. Walk Right In Rooftop S! Mama Didn't Lie Lan Bradley Chess our librarian's shelves, featuring the disks years ago and 10 years ago this week. Get a Job Silhouettes Ember 4. The Stroll Diamonds Mercury 8.

Sugartime McGuire Sisters Coral 9. Write to be placed on our national mailing list. We ship C. Check must accompany order from all international accounts. Mathis already has the equipment and is waiting only for FCC approval. The station will use an integrated staff; additional men were being acquired last week. It is one of the few radio stations in the nation operating under integrated ownership.

Two of the I I stockholders are Negroes. Mathis had been an air personality three years on WIFE, the local Hot format radio station that Mathis now considers his major competition. Trout actually started the campaign on his show a couple of months ago. He drew 25, letters, cards. But now several deejays have handed with Trout in an effort to raise more than a million cards, letters and signa tures all claiming to he quiet if the Beatles will do another concert series.

Trout has been talking on the air via phone with other deejays who're participating in the campaign. This puts both deejays on the air in both cities at the same time. Trout hopes to take all of the cards to London to present them in person to the Beatles. Duffy graduated from high school at 15 and attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music. His performing career had, temporarily, taken a nose dive when his voice changed, but at the age of 17 he got a job part tinge on WFBR in Baltimore, playing pop music.

Gabor Szabo's latest, "Sorcer er," proves he is a wizard. In a more terrestial tune, "The Beat Goes On" his sound is unique, and the rock rhythm refined and disciplined. Also included are two tunes guar anteed to haunt: "Mizrab" and "Stronger Than Us. That's why he plays a Gibson guitar. Reno's first new hotel in a decade. Lose yourself in the lavish luxury of early 19th Century Nevada. Elegantly furnished rooms with color TV.

Reasonably priced for family budgets. Dancing nightly. Free parking. Be prepared for a Many Splendored Fling! OR Send for 8x10 sample print and order forms plus prices toe other sae prints. Salute BELL with your product message. He'll do a noon 3 p. Ira Cook shifts into a noon 1 p. Station programs contemporary music and King will continue his 6 9 a. Hart took a cut from the "Super Psychedelic" Ventures album and "phased it.

The "theme song" began getting requests. Hart sent his goosed up copy to the record company and now they've come out with goosed up version that Hart admits "sounds better than mine. He replaces Roger W. Clipp, who has reached the mandatory retirement age, but will continue as consultant.. The record firm and record retailer will, among other things, give away free holidays in Miami or Las Vegas to 20 instore and 20 mail order customers.

It also will feature a package whereby a customer may purchase any three of a choice of five Capitol albums for the price of two. Sue Beaty, general manager of the Ernest Tubb Shop, said fliers are being sent to all mail order customers and to 20, prior store customers, all of whose names are kept on an addressograph system. The first order by mail into the shop each work morning during February will receive a free vacation, including accommodations for four days and three nights for husband and wife in either of the resort sites.

Additionally, on each of the four weekends, the holiday certificates will be given in the store to five customers. The campaign will be emphasized by an over all display, with window signs, posters, a giant plastic swimming pool, etc.

This is being done by Bill Hendricks. The Capitol promotion is under the supervision of John Leffler, Capitol district manager Cincinnati, and Buz Wilburn, territorial manager in Nashville. A total of 33 concerts is slated. Stuart Canin, concertmaster, will be soloist at McAlester, Okla.

Tour programs will include baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary repertoire. Dorothy Kuhlman, promotion director of the station, said that if the demand for tickets continues, a second show will be scheduled. It sells pop product as well, but specializes in country. Miss Beaty said that sales at the Ernest Tubb Shop in were up 22 per cent over those of the previous year. This "largest country promotion ever under taken by a single record shop" is expected to spur sales even more.

The eight girl employees of the shop will be dressed in attire suitable to the vacation spots. It operates on a strict retail basis. It has conducted numerous small promotions in the past, but never anything on this scale. Continuing promotions through the year are anticipated. The station sponsored a contest during country music month, October, in which listeners sent in their own lyrics to a country oriented tune.

The station offered to set the winning lyrics to music, press copies and sell them locally. The record, "Trouble, Sweet Trouble," reportedly got such strong reaction locally that it now is being released nationally on the Top Gun label. In addition to USO bookings, which have maintained a steady pace over recent years, promoters in the Far East and Europe have stepped up their use of country formats.

Gisela Gunther, operating from Frankfort, has been reaching to Nashville for at least one country act a month to book on the Continent. Playing mostly service clubs, NCO clubs, etc. Mickey Hayes, operating from Liverpool, is bringing a steady stream of country acts to England, and then placing them in clubs on the Continent.

Similarly, the Synder Office in Wiesbaden, is now bringing in country performers on a regular basis. Negotiations also are under way for one female act. It was a sellout. The lyrics of the winning song with a sub title "Just a Bar Stool Away " were written by John Kerttulla, a local store employee. It was his first venture into songwriting.

The music was scored by Curley Fields, Milwaukee, a local country music performer, who also does the recording. He said there now is distributorship in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois, and that plans are under way to move the song through a national distributor.

He will present his club show, with a full orchestra under the direction of Owen Bradley. Jim Stewart worked out the arrangements. The show, this year, is being moved out of the country clubs to the spacious National Guard Armory to accommodate an expected crowd of 1, Heretofore, attendance was limited to by size restrictions. Tickets will go on sale at once on Continued on page 28 Although admittedly playing for less money overseas, the artists are anxious to entertain servicemen.

Additionally, they usually make local TV and club appearances when in a foreign country, adding to their exposure. Optimistic "I'm extremely optimistic about the future of overseas bookings," Long said, "even with scheduled cutbacks. France, of course, has been blacklisted by President De Gaulle. Two or three Japanese promoters also have begun to move into the Far East booking field, adding to the potential.

Meanwhile, it's been announced that Marti Brown, Dolly recording artist, will return to Vietnam in March for her second swing this time under the auspices of the USO. She was there a few months ago under private booking. With her will be the Swanee River Boys, a gospel group, who will go this time as a variety act.

Dorothy Gable, director of the museum, said troops were brought by bus to the Hall of Fame, and given guided tours through the structure. Tex Ritter and Stu Phillips greeted the soldiers. The military plans to bring a similiar number to the building each week until all troops have visited. According to Mrs. Gable, this is the first such undertaking of this size by the military.

He had headed the sales shipping department since Wesley Rose presented him an engraved silver service, as Mrs. Roy Acuff looked on. Ex ceptional and commercial entry. Columbia Billboard Review Feb. Two great artists at their best! Joseph, Mo. TV producers are missing a good bet by ignoring country music artists, believes manager Jim Halsey.

Hem's how they ranked in Billboard's shorts at that time. Don't Let Me Cross Over 2. Ruby Ann Marty Robbins 3. Second Hand Rose Roy Drusky 4. My Special Angel Bobby Helms 6. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 7. Geisha Girl Hank Locklin 8. Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 9. Hello Trouble Orville Couch He pointed to the growing number of country music radio stations and their vast audiences, feeling that TV producers would sooner or later realize this untapped potential TV audience.

Halsey does quite well placing his artists on TV shows. Under membership chairman Don Light, the list of members has grown by more than 30 per cent during the past year. John D. Loudermilk is in charge of presentations. Decorations are being handled by Juanita Jones and Emily Bradshaw. Sutton is the writer of such hits as "Almost Persuaded," and is a producer for Epic..

Duane Dee, out of the Army, is starting to make personals again, to help his Capitol recordings.. Sandra Rucker, an 1 8yearold from Maryland, is the latest find of Joe Taylor, who will manager her affairs Ray Pillow will be the first Victor artist produced by Danny Davis under the new regime here..

Maxine Brown has concluded her first sessions for Chart Sheila Carlisle, recovering from surgery, has had her place in the Bill Carlisle group taken by Marshall Barnes, long time versatile entertainer.. The original version, published in , sold 2,, records. The updated lyrics were written by Merle Travis, Doug Jernigan, steel guitarist just back from Vietnam, has joined David Houston's group the Persuaders. David has just pur chased a new bus for the group.

His new single is due for immediate release.. A promotional mailing for the Thoroughbred label version of "Bourbon Backlash" has brought more attention to the mailing than the record She also wrote the Decca release. The firm is located in Atlanta.. Bob Lissauer is coproducer and publisher of the new Leroy Pullin tune. It's titled "If Tears Were Roses. Sullivan and Bill Laundy.

In addition, the full roster of eight Country Gentlemen from the sta s tion will be on hand Other artists who have recently recorded movie music include Bill Anderson, Hugh X. Lewis and Leroy Van Dyke There is a misprint on the label of the new release by sonie Barth on K Ark.

He is co writer of the hit "Woman, Woman. Durward Erwin playing big dates in the Phoenix area. On his new album, on the Canary label, he is backed by the Nashville Sounds Billy Deaton has just concluded a jingle session in Nashville.. Faron Young has done a string of commercials for a San Antonio firm.. Lloyd Green has signed a recording con tract with Chart, joining a roster of artists. Green, a fine guitarist, currently is playing on 16 of the songs in the current charts.

Connie Smith has a string of Texas, Michigan and Georgia dates coming up The new Malt and Scruggs album includes five songs written by Bob Dylan It has a shortage of country music, which it programs 42 hours a week Jean Valli now recording for Stop Records.. Capitol's new West Coast brother act, the Chapparals, are getting strong air play in many parts of the nation with their modern country sound..

Successful songwriter Dick Myles has cut his own recitation record which was produced by Kelso Herston independently, and now Capitol has picked up the master and the song will be released Feb Dallas Frazier has cut a new single, as has Tex Ritter. Mark Philharmonic th Yr. Leonard Bernstein, the orchestra's current music director, conducts the four titles.

One album, a pairing of Schubert's "Symphony No. One of these, a performance of the nocturne from Mendelssohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream," is the first title on Columbia by Arturo Toscanini. The tape was obtained from the old Brunswick catalog.

The stereo only label will consist of newly recorded material and will include a new Karlheinz Stockhausen work, "Procession," which the composer has recorded for Vox. The company also is completing negotiations with the Eastman Philharmonia of Rochester, conducted by Walter Hendl, for the new label.

Plans call for recording the orchestra in Rochester next month. Vox also is negotiating with another American orchestra. Turnabout, Vox's low price label, has released new product by the Dallas Symphony. About 60 per cent of Turnabout's releases consist of new recordings.

Vox also has signed the Philharmonia Hungarica to an exclusive contract and contracted for composer Dariud Milhaud to conduct two albums of his works. The company's first recording sessions with pianist Abbey Simon were conducted in New York on Wednesday 1. Simon played Chopin. Some of these new artists will appear on the new label. The price for this label has not been set yet. Both lines, also stereo only, release only new product. Vox plans to complete three major recording projects this year with the final volumes of the complete chamber music of Beethoven, Satie's piano music with Frank Glazer, and Nielsen's piano music with Arne Rasmussen as soloist.

The concert will be repeated on Friday 9 and Monday Nina Makarova, the Soviet composer and wife of composer Aram Khachaturian, will perform her own compositions on the piano at Carnegie Recital Hall on Wednesday 7. Montserrat Caballe will sing the title tole of "Luisa Miller" on Feb. Retails for 'Price of 2 The multiple set, a three record album retailing for the price of two, has Haydn's six "Paris" symphonies, Nos Mahler's "Symphony No.

The other album pairs first listings of two contemporary works: Copland's "Organ Symphony" featuring organist E. Another Biggs album contains music of Gabrielli, the first time that 16th century composer's works were recorded in the Basilica San Marco in Venice. The music was composed for performance at the basilica. Three multiple sets are included in the low price Odyssey release, two of historic monaural only performances. The Continued on page 35 E. Two studies from "Doktor Faust" comprise the fourth side.

Sir John Barbirolli conducts three orchestras on three albums, including a Brahms concerto with pianist Daniel Barenboim and the New Philharmonia and two Mahler song cycles with mezzo soprano Janet Baker and the Halle Orchestra. Rounding out the Angel titles is a collection of Schubert lieder by Christa Ludwig. Geoffry Parsons is the piano accompanist. Panton Music Publishers has acquired a license to manufacture and sell disks and to conclude its own international contracts, thereby eliminating the monopoly Supraphon has had here.

However, Panton product is pressed at the Supraphon factory. Composers' Guild The new label also probably will rely on Supraphon's net of specialized record shops for distribution in Czechoslovakia until Panton can build up its own distribution. While Panton apparently will not be able to compete with Supraphon in total yearly production, it has advantages in contemporary repertoire as the company of the Czechoslovak Composers' Guild.

Panton has stressed its readiness to introduce live pressings of new Czechoslovakian works. Panton's first 12 LP's this year were produced in cooperation with Czechoslovakian radio from last year's previews of new works by Czechoslovakian composers. Young Artists Performing Concert Artistes, a section of the Composers' Guild, gives Panton access to Czech oslovakian concert artists not exclusively contracted to Supraphon.

Jan Matejcek, Panton Matejcek, Panton managing director, explained "Panton will not try to build a repertoire of world's classics for its own sake, but will not hesitate to record such works in interesting and first class interpretations by Czech and Slovak concert artists. In co operation with Pragokoncert Concert Agency, we also prepare a series of LP records introducing young and not yet fully recognized talents among our concert artists. As far as world classical repertoire is concerned, "we expect to record it Ladislav Sip, Supraphon's recording director, explained that within the framework of the company's annual releases "we shall continue to renew our catalog with new versions of older recordings, as well as enlarge it by new works of contemporary Czech and Slovak music and of the world's classics.

We record with Czech and Slovak artists and leading artists from abroad, and the relation between contemporary music and the world's classics will remain unchanged. Boris Shtokolov in a recital of Russian operatic arias and romances, including three arias from Dzerzhinsky's "A Man's Destiny," first listings for the contemporary Soviet composer.

The other operatic arias are by Glinka, Rimsky Korsakov and Mussorgsky. The other Melodiya disk contains Bach organ preludes played by Harry Grodberg on the organ of the Moscow Conservatory. All recorded with life backgrounds and sound effects. Hubert Waxling was a professional strongman. Now he owns a record store in Feats, Missouri. And it isn't 'cause I had a weak act.

It's just that I learned where my true power lies. In Decca Records. You see, my customers demanded a wide variety of music. So I picked up on the wide variety of Decca releases. There's strength in numbers. You needn't strain, you know. Monaural Stereo Copyrighted material. Music men rave about the world of music knowledge available from the Billboard Bookshelf Not only does it cover song publishing, but it covers record contracts, taxes, etc.

It is the very best thing that has been made available and one lawyer I know of insists that clients when they are a rock group buy this book and read it before he'll talk contracts with them. William Krasilovsky Edited by Paul Ackerman, Music Editor of Billboard Magazine A vitally significant new reference volume designed to authoritatively guide you through the practical aspects and legal complexities of the music record business.

More than pages of reference appendices alone including actual reproductions of company and union contracts; copyright forms; writer's agreements; licenses; applications and many, many more valuable references. Hard cover. And Billboard recommends several additional reading musts for the musically minded Billboard Bookshelf W. Y This Business of Music Encyclopedia of Jazz: Jazz in the Sixties: copy ies. State of Calif. State of Tenn.. State of Mass.

A tremendous amount of information and advice has been synthesized and telescoped to fit within these pages leaving only the "brass tacks. Everything from the initial stages of selecting an attraction straight through those hundred andone last minute details on opening night. A comprehensive college entertainment workbook by the managers of the Smothers Brothers, The Pair Extraordinaire and other top performers.

DeLuxe hard Cover Edition. The scene itself: the leaders Including: more than exciting photographs, and an index of more than 2, leaders, vocalists, musicians and all the Big Band people. De Luxe hardcover edition, pps. Introductions by Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, John Hammond and John Lewis Featuring biographies of all the great artists, past and present, photographs, numerous articles and special features, polls, blindfold tests, discussions of the blues and folk scene, recommendations of record collections and books, etc.

This indispensable set comprises a complete reference library and the entire fantastic story of jazz from its begin. Encyclopedia of Jazz. Jazz in the Sixties. As author Shelton puts it, "Vaudeville never died; it moved to Nashville. Over photographs. De Luxe Cloth Binding. Features International Record Survey. Record Manufacturers' Listing. Music Publishers' Listing. Tape U. Rack Jobbers. The San Diego Opera Co.

Walter Herbert, artistic director of the company, will direct. The concert, originally scheduled for last Nov. McCracken also sang in "Aida" on Friday 2. The 65 performance, 14 week season also includes a new production of Massenet's Marron and a revival of Ward's "The Crucible. Rounding out the Odyssey titles are the Brazilian String Quartet in quartets of Villa Lobos and Nepomuceno, a first listing for the latter, and the Ancient Instrumental Ensemble of Zurich in music of the 14th and 15th centuries.

City Opera Rudel. The three albums, each coupling two quartets, feature the Tatrai String Quartet. The group also appears on a Kodaly pressing. Hans Grischkat conducts Lasso's "St. Grischkat also leads the Swabian and Grischkat chorales in a collection of Lasso madrigals and motets.

Lps Erocindin. Klemperer , Angel M ; S Erich Leinsdorf will conduct. Reporting on the meeting, Andre Asseo, promotion chief of Philips, said: 'Though efforts to bring the heads of the main record companies together have not met with success in the past, we have now succeeded in doing this on the promotional level.

Individually we are at their mercy, but together we can work more effectively and achieve better results. The gala also represented the first important collaboration between the various the Czechoslovakian music record industrythe export corn pany Artia, the state concert agency Pragokoncert, and the music publishing and record companies Supraphon and Pan ton.

After a lukewarm opening, the audience responded with enthusiasm and were particularly impressed by Marta Kubisoya, Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar, who were presented first of all as soloists and then as a trio. Ondracek's songs are handled for the rest of the world by Haerman Schneider, Vienna. The following day the Supraphon office received many visits from record companies interested in all of the artists.

Representatives of Philips, Ariola and Polydor discussed recording projects and also radio and TV appearances and concert tours. Slovodianik, only 22, gave a superb interpretation of Moussorgsky's "Pictures in an Exhibition" and Botchkova brilliantly played 10 preludes by Shostakovich.

Mezo, a pupil of Casals, won deserved use for his playing of the difficult Capriccio by Kodaly. The concert, which had opened with the Amati Ensemble's performance of the Concerto in E for violin by Bach, was closed by Bartok's "Divertimento" by the same ensemble. Earlier in the week, Poland's classical concert, attended by only , was dominated by the virtuoso violin playing of the young Konstanty Kulka. The Polish concert was produced by Jerzy Waldorf who afterwards 36 admitted to feelings of satisfaction and disappointment.

Waldorf said, "If classical music is to have a permanent place in MIDEM, then it must enjoy the same advantages of publicity and promotion as popular music. There was not sufficient publicity for the classical concerts. We made a special effort to bring Kulka and the ensemble Fistulatores et Tubicinatores Varsoviensis, who play ancient music on ancient instruments, to Cannes and they were worthy of a much bigger audience than although I am aware that the Hungarian and Czechoslovakian concerts only attracted 60 people.

Neither Barclay nor Vogue are currently members of SNICOP, but both companies are actively collaborating with member companies to support the public relations operation. All Delyse, Envoy and the corn pany's children's product is now ordered from Selecta, Decca's distribution subsidiary. But the new deal does not affect Delyse's overseas business. EMI will continue to handle the company's existing overseas licensing agreements. The new seven year contract with Decca involves a joint partnership giving Decca policy control on pressing and distribution and Delyse the "widest possible latitude on repertoire and production.

Specialized recordings from major labels outside the U. And from April the company will release at least five new albums plus six children's records monthly. Unions Pose Boycott Of S. Angered artists have promised to boycott any radio or television station, and other news media, which transmits the event. Miss Castellanos traveled to Italy in November sponsored by her record label Velvet and Radio Caracas Television, which has continued sending her monthly pay check called for in her Caracas Television contract.

The singer had even bought the dresses in San Remo she would wear on her appearances and that she only waited to be assigned the song she would interpret in the Festival when she was told that there was no song for her. A new formula for the shows is being studied and next year they will be held in the Martinez. Following critisicisms of the over burdened telephone system. Chevry will install an additional switchboard for internal calls next year and will equip all offices with phones linked directly to the Cannes exchange, for outside calls.

Song was last year's Luxembourg Eurovision entry as sung by Vicki. Promoters of the boycott feel that she should have been told of her chances a long time ago. The boycott will probably have no effect since Radio Caracas Television and Radio Tropivise and radio the event and will probably convince the Union of the harshness of the measure.

But local artists insist that the Venezuelan singer was wronged and have also considered the possibility of banishing Italian artists from Venezuelan stages as a retaliatory measure. Meanwhile, cooler TV and radio executives are expecting an explanation from the Festival's officials. They will be released here possibly in both stereo and monaural versions.

An ARC spokesman said the company would not go into any special promotional campaign. Continued on page 38 P. Latin manager, will leave Saturday 10 on a one month business and goodwill tour throughout South and Central America. First of these is for Maurice Chevalier, currently on a world tour. He will he in the U. His latest album "Tim Rose" will be released during his visit as well as a new single "I Got a Loneliness.

A new album will be released when he arrives and his last LP "Manitas et Les Siens" will also he promoted during his visit. Tony Bennett will be here in March for concert and TV dates. Separate Unit From Philips in U. The American label is headed now in this country by Paddy Fleming who for 14 years has supervised Philips' exploitation department. Reizner will supervise signings and recording of British talent for the label.

The corn pany has already begun to sign up local acts. The first is a new group called Freedom which features two ex members of the Procol Hamm group. Mercury plans to launch its American subsidiary, Smash la bee, here on a Mercury Smash series. The label features several British recording acts here such as Julie Rogers who might be switched to the Philips logo or its sister Fontana label. Mercury's hack catalog will continue to be issued on the budget Wing label.

The company is setting up similar record operations on the Continent, the first is in Baarn, Holland, under Herman Cats. Philips managing director Leslie Gould said here when he announced the new Mercury division that Fleming would report to him and that the new division had been formed to give further emphasis to the label in Britain.

It is planned, subject to the success of the U. Display material will be issued to retailers and it is hoped to get Kaempferl to visit the U. In addition to the new product, Kaempfert's other albums his total is 23 will be promoted during the monthlong campaign. CBS is planning an intensive campaign on Bennett material over March, in the first of special monthly promotions for particular artists which will run throughout the summer.

Bennett has several concerts in London plus appearances in Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds. To tie in with a toter by June Carter. Johnny Cash and other country artists, May has been set aside as country and western month featuring the label's entire country catalogue. The company's new managing director, Vic Lewis.

The label will be used to record new local talent though there is a possibility that some of the NEMS acts might record for the label when their present record contracts expire. Lewis said in London, "Obviously acts like the Beatles and Cilla Black will remain with their present labels, but some of the smaller acts signed to NEMS might eventually record for Oval. NEMS has also changed its name and will in future be known as Nemperor.

Aussie Record Continued frunl page 36 "The other companies have virtually done the job for us," he said. The only advertising planned was a series of display cards for shops. Artists include Art Vanne Damme. Ken Griffin, and Frankie Laine. Initial release will be 40 titles, with about 10 a month to follow. Material for a start will be middle of the road pop and jazz. Future albums will include an occasional classical number and musicals. Theme of the campaign is "Dylan Now" which is included in all promotion media.

In addition to dealer mailings and radio plugs, there will he extensive advertising in the consumer music press. Polydor said Gott signed the contract for the appearance at a ceremony in Prague. He will sing a composiion by Udo Juergens, the Eurovision victor. It is the first ime that an East bloc artist has represented a Western country in pop music competition.

Christian Barnard, head surgeon on the transplant team. The LP, "Human Heart Transplantation," is a discussion for medical men on the operation, including details on donor selections, precautions, tissue selection and how the actual operation is performed.

Aside from the albums' appeal as a standard medical reference, they are an historical attraction for collectors. Pressing rights for the records are being negotiated in Europe and the U. The evening suffered from none of the electrical mechanical failures which characterized some of the earlier galas and the audience received the professional but insufficiently varied program with enthusiasm. The format of the show will consist of a discussion about radio with other Detroit area disk jockeys.

The company entered the record market two years ago and now has a catalog of almost albums. Jazz and classical material predominate but the label caters for a wide variety of specialist tastes. Marvin Gaye, and Every Mother's Son Don Davis, formerly the music director for Solid Hitbound Productions here, has set out to start his own operation under the name of Groovesville Records.

One of the first acts signed on WCHB, has been appointed production manager for that station.. Motown Record Co. Philip's 4 Seasons are scheduled for a Detroit concert Friday Although he will continue to wax certain acts for EMI, Paramor will develop new talent through his production company and lease the results to interested majors Motown artist Edwin Starr is currently on a promotion visit to this country.

EMI hosted a reception for the singer before he embarked on his dates Pickwick will record the first album by Bing Crosby for P. The song will also be featured as the theme song for the new "Maigret" series in Italy. Iry Weinhaus has signed the Rose Garden to a personal management contract..

The Superbe sign similar pact with Stan Pat Enterprises.. Paul Revere and the Raiders have 13 one nighters for February and March. Monday, 12 ; Warrensburg, Mo. Tuesday, 13 ; Cape Girardeau, Mo. Wednesday, 14 ; Springfield, Ill. March dates include Seattle 16 , Vancouver 16 and Spokane George St. Mayfair, London, England. Muir," and Johnny Williams to score "Heidi. Lopez currently is on a three week South African tour.. Glenn Yarbrough, Warner Bros. Errol Garner began a seven week tour of college concerts and nightclub engagements after his Joey Bishop Club appearance on Thursday I.

Joe Williams opens at the Rainbow Grill Monday 5. Steve Allen wrote the music for the show Johnny Desmond playing a two week string at the Latin Quarter.. Jackson will start a tour of Britain later this month.. Saturday Miss Makeba's "Pata Pata," which she recorded for Reprise, will provide the background music for a U. Information Agency film on an African boutique in Watts Composer arranger Johnny Keating re signed with London. He also is producing Jean Wells' single for Calla They currently are playing a three week stand at the Glendale Ice House.

He is producing Penny Candy's recording sessions Kathy Renn has signed with Lissauer Music Companies.. Epic's Doodletown Pipers begin one week at St. Louis' American Theater March They open a two week stint at the Nugget in Sparks. Hildegarde is singing three Gladys Shelley tunes in her St.

Regis Maisonette program Lovelace Watkins opens a one month engagement at Shepheards in the Drake. Tommy Faia has signed with E. Canadian variety show, "Pig 'N Whistle. Bilodeau and Gary Kouri, national sales and promotion manager for the Mercury Philips lines, attended the recent meeting of Mercury and affiliated labels in Chicago Edward Pete Aldridge, head shipper with London Records' Ontario branch, is among staff members receiving long service pins, after 15 years with the company.

International recording artist Vicky Philips in Germany, Poly dor in France , whose "L'Amour est bleu" is big for RCA Victor in French Canada and has just been released in English across the country, spent two weeks in Canada last month on a promotional visit accompanied by her father, also her manager, record producer Leo Leandros.

The group is currently at the New Gnu in Vail, Colo. The visit created interest in his upcoming single, "You'll Never Leave Him, "halted midway in recording with the death of Bang president Bert Berns. Scott returns to Le Coq d'or March under the aegis of the Producers, new Toronto record production stage presentation promotion firm formed by Scott, Billy Arnold of the firm of the same name in New York, and Don Archibald of Toronto's music scene.

Pianist and musicologist Glenn Gould is host commenator of a new CBC TV network series of concerts and musical documentaries which will feature such programs as a concert by the Zagreb Soloists chamber orchestra, a documentary on Claudio Monteverdi; concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony; a two hour production of Mozart's opera, "Abduction from the Seraglio.

Mall Supraphon Thedorekls Supraphon N. Muzick Comp. The fabulous prizes and the very carefully thought out merchandising plan has been ac claimed by distributors, distribu. The enthusiasm created and the results to date have justified ITCC's faith in the future of the stereo tape cartridge in. ITCC once again evidenced its leadership by presenting a plete package which is com designed to move merchandise off of the dealers' shelves and not to load the distributor with an inventory which stays on the distributor's shelves.

The selection of top selling cartridges, the display kit, the fabulous prizes for dealers, distributors and distributor sales men, are stepping stones which will prove that cartridges, proper. The over all ITCC First Quarter Promotion is proving to distribu tors that this program can open up thousands of new retail outlets who will find that there is a market for tape cartridges and that there are "plus" profits to be made from the sale of stereo tape cartridges.

This applies to retailers, presently engaged in the record business, as well as automotive, electronic and other types of retail outlets. Jerry Geller, ITCC's national sales manager, is now arranging for screenings of a special 16mm film, produced by 20th Century.

Fox Film Corporation and narrated by Anthony Newley, which shows behind the scenes activity during the filming of "Doctor Dolittle. It is the writer's hope that other duplicators, record com panies, and stereo tape deck manufacturers and importers will follow the pattern set by ITCC which can help bring the stereo tape industry to its rightful place in our national economy. Finley said this record total in purchase orders for the first three months of represents orders for some 60 per cent of the firm's distributors, and that he anticipates the total figure to be substantially higher once all of its wholesalers have been pitched the program.

Distributor purchase orders to date, Finley said, represents 1,, cartridges in cartridge packs alone, and projects more than 11, window and in store displays. Finley said the ITCC sales incentive program will pay off in more than sales of the company's cartridge product, but will "benefit the entire industry by promoting the cartridge concept directly to the consumer as a result of thousands of dealer displays.

Blair Corp. The Disneyland player, sion. Slot loading is similar to the 4 and 8 track method of inserting the cartridge into the player. Norelco, Automatic Radio, Tenna and AIWA displayed units, and Mercury announced the inclusion of a slot load cassette player in its spring equipment showing.

For Automatic Radio and Tenna, it was their first entry into the cassette system. Both units are player only types, featuring the Starr Sys tem Operation. The machines function by simply inserting cassettes, face forward. Playback automatically begins upon insertion, with the cassette popping out at the conclusion of each side of program material.

The unit shuts off automatically. AIWA's unit combines both recording and playback. Playback is stereo, while recording is limited to 2 track monaural. The unit also utilizes the Starr principle, but unlike existing cassette units, it provides no protection for accidental recording on prerecorded product.

In cassette recording equipment currently on the market, the units feature an automatic guard system which work in conjunction with two prongs on the back of the cassette. When the prongs are removed, no recording is possible. However, since the cassette in the Starr unit is inserted with the back facing outward. No protection can be had. The Norelco unit features slide in insertion, but lengthwise, thus insuring record protection. The unit will be available in the spring. Mercury's player recorder slot load unit will be the lowest price of the slide in cassette machines shown.

To each tape shipped is now affixed a colored ticket, color coded by month, containing list price, description and reorder number. To reorder, the dealer need only send back the stub which is torn from the ticket at the time of sale. The color coding enables the dealer to determine at a glance which tapes are slow movers.

General Recorded Tape, Inc. General Recorded Tape produces reel to reel tapes, and 8 track tape cartridges, home cassettes and automobile tape players. The company also makes instructional tapes. Viva is now contracted with Ampex for 4 and 8 track, reel to reel and cassettes. William Cara, vice president and general manager of Gauss, now in Tokyo, claimed that with the three Gauss installations in Japan that the country has the largest high speed tape duplicating capability outside of the U.

It is expected that at least three, and possibly six more Gauss installations, will be made in Japan during the next six months. All Gauss equipment has a plug in head assembly feature which permits change of format within one hour to 8 track, cassette, playtape, etc. Pfanstiehl Goes Into Cassettes Continued from page 3 off initially, but they come right back in six months and remain the same or increase.

It's so much easier to drop a needle on an LP and hear what you want when you want to hear it. Tape cartridges, even when cartridges have selectivity, will not mean the end of records. Pfanstiehl will furnish its blank cassettes, 4 and 8 track cartridges in skin pack packages and with hang up cards. Display racks will also be furnished.

We took out all the Bugs l lr and a lot of the Cost! In the unlikely event that an Audiopak should ' stick, you're not stuck. Just re open it loosen ane screw reload and re pack. Phil Gernhard Asks Industry To Crack Down Continued from page 18 After a promoter works an area, the legitimate operator has a difficult time talking to groups. Gernhard is trying to interest industry leaders to battle this practice.

He feels that disk jockeys should warn young performers about signing any contracts which call on them to shell out money. A bona fide producer does not seek money from the act. Gernhard is also trying to get publicity in national consumer publications. They played some good material, but their best effort was "Robin Dar," a haunting theme surrounded by windish sounds. Unfortunately, the group lacks musical direction; they weren't really working together. Broadcast Sales Dept.

Ludwig, is intended for newly of Cleveland has introduced a marrieds, principally, for whom compact home entertainment space considerations and value unit of the "bookshelf" variety are important factors. The unit is called the Concerto and, according to executive vice president Harvey A. The console cabinet measures 24 by 11 by 9 inches. The speakers are 8 by 11 by 9 inches each. The new product was shown for the first time at the Automotive Accessory Manufacturers Association show.

Retailers Seek More Mfr. Promotion on CARtridge Continued from page 1 But disparate opinions prevailed as to the extent of the buyers' active involvement in moving cartridge product off the retail shelves. Retailers on the other hand, lamented about the death of consumer advertising at the manufacturer level.

If the demand is slight, the product sits there. Auto accessories dealers, for the most part, are going along for the ride. If the 8 track concept fails," he continued, "it will be by default. Dealers, who last year saw the tape cartridge concept as a fad, are now doing double takes. Success stories circulating through the Philadelphia Civic Center had opened many eyes and all exhibitors displaying cartridge product said they had written more business than they expected.

Despite the confusion still apparent in the cartridge industry, auto accessories dealers are moving ahead in stocking cartridge equipment. The accessories market represents the largest percentage of cartridge product sales of the total industry. Some 30 exhibitors displayed cartridge equipment 8 track product accounting for the lion's share.

Cassette recorders and players were also shown, but the emphasis was on car units of the future see separate story. And Muntz Stereo Pak chiefly carried the ball for the 4 track system. The 8 track system currently appears firmly entrenched as the choice of the accessories industry. Only a few new units were displayed, but with endorsement from the Detroit automakers, the accessories people are accepting the 8 track configuration as the standard.

Most equipment manufacturers have deserted the 4 track system, leaving this facet of the industry primarily to Muntz. But according to reports from dealers stocking 4 track equipment especially on the West Coast , player and cartridge sales continue to expand. Retailers view the 4 track configuration as far from dying, saying that while its percentage of growth compared to the total cartridge market is shrinking, unit and cartridge sales are increasing. Lack of cartridge promotion, on an industrywide basis, however, is outwardly causing more concern now than the war of the configurations.

But underlying this concern is the massive promotion and advertising campaign launched by the cassette advocates and spearheaded by North American Philips. While 8 track maintains a strong foothold in the market, dealers and distributors are concerned with their inventory investments as the public, mainly through consumer newspaper and magazine advertising, and in store and window displays, are becoming educated on the cassette system.

The realization of the exposure gains attained by cassette manufacturers is spurring several 8 track manufacturers to bolster their future consumer and dealer sales promotion and advertising. Grammophon is driving to establish leadership in classical musicassette production beyond immediate challenge by the proliferating competition in the musicassette and music cartridge fields.

With the new releases, Gram mophon is continuing its policy of adapting classical material to the musicassette format, in preference to transferring intact to tape the wax product. Unit sales for the year were the second best in history behind EIA reported that nearly half of the 10,, total television dealer sales in were color sets.

Some 5,, color sets were sold. The total for television sales was 11,, units. Radios lagged behind the record performance as well. Home radio sales of 12,, units in were an 8. Cartridge designers set a merry pace for needle makers When you need the latest. Write fora free catalog and selfmailer order forms today.

Your order shi pped same day rt's received. The firm will expand its own manufactured product lines, expected to overlap with the Philips lines eventually. Among other items, both firms plan introduction of new audio product lines, according to Visual President James B. The Stereo Center, Inc. Arrow Electronics, Inc. Wortman, Ampex marketing manager for professional audio products.

Arrow will handle the entire Ampex line of professional audio recording equipment Raymond W. Ketchledge, executive director of the electronic switching division of Bell Telephone Laboratories, delivered the commencement address at the graduation ceremonies of Illinois Institute of Technology Jan Norelco is expanding its radio department because, according to manager William B. Keepin, of "rapid growth experienced during the past year. Dream Aquarium Screensaver 1. There are crack groups who work together in order to crack software, games, etc..

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