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Wir haben das bei zahlreichen Medienskandalen in Deutschland erlebt, vor allem beim Spiegel unter Claas Relotius. Herr Borrell hatte gesagt, er will kein Wahrheitsministerium. Man will dann Faktenchecker und so etwas einrichten. Aber auch Faktenchecker sind Leute, die meistens eine Agenda haben und von irgendjemandem bezahlt werden, hier im Zweifel dann von der EU. Wir sehen das gerade in Russland. Russland hat ein Desinformationsgesetz erlassen.

Das ist im Grunde genommen genau das Vorbild dessen, was hier droht. Das ist auch genau das, was hier kommen wird, wenn wir Falschinformationen mit schweren Strafen belegen. INGE ist nicht wichtig. Anna Zalewska ECR. Pani Komisarz! Od 13 dni w Europie jest wojna. Putin morduje niewinnych ludzi. Szukajmy prawdy. Votre texte introduit de facto une parole officielle. Vous refusez les opinions contraires. Voyez en Hongrie, en Pologne et, demain, en France.

Vi ser netop nu, hvordan Putins propagandamaskine er en aktiv part i krigen i Ukraine. Det skal stoppe nu. Hellere i dag end i morgen. Sandro Gozi Renew. Starting from our own institutions, we need to be much more aware that some MEPs have become channels of undue foreign influence. Those travelling to authoritarian countries to observe fake elections should be sanctioned much more severely than is now the case, and the so-called friendship groups should be made much more transparent and accountable.

In hindsight, the warfare by Russia against Ukraine is a logical continuation of information warfare. We admire the courageous Ukrainian resistance but, at the same time, in Russia a distorted version of reality prevails. Seventeen Russian—speaking writers, among them Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, have started an appeal to all Russian language speakers in the world to use all possible means of communication to contact directly their acquaintances and friends living in Russia, telling them the truth about the war and about the tragic shelling of civilians.

Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov stressed in a hearing last week in this Parliament that there is another Russia to the one represented by Putin and his cronies. We must inspire the whole of society to combat the lies and disinformation. Natuurlijk, de vrijheid van meningsuiting houdt op waar geweld prediken begint, maar het voortbestaan van de democratie vereist debat, vereist dat mensen tegen een stootje kunnen, vereist dat mensen kunnen zeggen wat ze denken. De Europese Unie wil desinformatie bestrijden.

Een gevaarlijk pad, een pad dat naar censuur leidt. De factcheckers hadden ongelijk gehad. De les: voorzichtigheid is op zijn plaats. Natuurlijk zijn wij ook tegen Russische propaganda, maar juist wij moeten dan voor de vrije meningsuiting staan. Ons mooie, democratische Europa verdient beter. Frances Fitzgerald PPE. Without proper facts and information, our laws will have little value.

Without proper facts, our citizens cannot be confident in our institutions. The viral spread of disinformation and fake news has wreaked havoc on our political systems, namely through interference in our democracies and our elections. None of our institutions, or indeed our national governments, have put enough resources into dealing with this threat. We need to do far more to counter this serious threat to our elections, to our referendums, to our democracies.

Disinformation is a scourge on our democracy and needs to be fought all the way from policy-makers through to large tech firms. Politicians are the losers. Our democracies are the losers. We need a well-regulated digital market. We need to increase funding for our cyber-security infrastructure, and we need to adequately regulate social media companies. As MEPs, we must of course state strongly that we stand for democracy. If we do not do this, not only will our democracy suffer, each and every citizen will suffer, too.

La interferencia en los procesos electorales, de la que tenemos sobrados ejemplos, es especialmente peligrosa por muchos motivos. Primero, porque el objetivo es tener efectos inmediatos en el voto de los ciudadanos, condicionarles. Pero el segundo objetivo es deslegitimar nuestros procesos electorales. No es necesario manipular un recuento electoral, pues introducir la duda sobre la limpieza de unas elecciones contribuye a ese mismo objetivo.

Ezt pedig nem hagyhatjuk! The shelling with bombs and missiles was preceded and is now flanked by a bombardment of propaganda, fake news and dirty money. These actors do not seek to enrich our debates. They want to divide our societies.

They want to destroy our democracies, because they fear nothing more than the truth and open societies that openly speak it out. The EU has been too naive. We have ignored the threats for far too long. We have not done enough to fight corruption and bribery. And most of all, we have been far too divided, because if we seek to combat this with 27 different national approaches, this is not going to work.

So we have to have a resolute democratic defence. We need to make the money flows transparent and we need to stand together as Europeans and have a joint approach to this threat from the outside. Si van al precipicio, vayan solos.

Takto sa nebuduje mier. We are thinking of you and I think that we are praying every day for you. Dezinformace jsou jako virus. Ruska agresija na Ukrajinu je, dakle, i rat drugim sredstvima, pogotovo kampanjama dezinformiranja. En todo caso, tenemos que ser conscientes de que este informe inicia nuevas defensas y, por cierto, cada voto cuenta.

Wir haben unsere Kollegen und Kolleginnen hier im Haus sitzen. Hier geht es um Paks II. Darauf sollten wir achten. Vjerske zajednice nisu strani faktori. They have mastered these weapons and have now turned them against us. Expertly crafted misleading news undermines civic engagement and creates a parallel reality.

China imprisoned and exploited more than a million Uyghurs in forced labour camps, but continues to cover up its crimes with vocational education and training centres. We cannot allow our European society to be manipulated in this way any longer. Let us remove these sputniks from our information orbit. Let us prevent the propagandists of authoritarian regimes and dictatorships from being accredited.

Let us protect and support the work of independent media. Only then will the minds and hearts of Europeans be protected. This is our common goal. Wer schaut denn so was? In der analogen Welt fast niemand. Aber im Internet, da ist besonders RT der Superstar. Und woran liegt das? Und warum? Denn mit Desinformation, mit russischer Kriegspropaganda, wird Geld verdient. Are you serious? Are you really serious? We need a ban on Russian oil and gas before you have your satisfaction on a Netflix ban.

So before the discussion turns into the grotesque, remember that Germany, the so-called European leaders, are against the ban on Russian oil and gas, and money from the gas and oil will go to the Russian Army and the Russian Army will kill Ukrainian children. So before this discussion turns into the grotesque, remember that the ban on Netflix is a joke, because people are dying.

We need a ban on Russian oil and gas now. Remember that. And we now have war in Europe. We have been arrogant and naive, or rather some of you in Western Europe have been arrogant and naive, because Putin has been at war with us for years. We, or you rather, have not been accepting it. He has made a list of friendly and unfriendly countries, and we have to accept that there are some revisionist, aggressive autocracies that are at war with us, and we should therefore put together regulations that cause for money from those countries in politics to be the breaking of law.

If you give space to their media and social media outlets, you should be breaking the law. Above all, if you help them to hide their money, you should be breaking the law. Likewise, if you are helping them to acquire strategic or dual-use technology.

Seit vielen Jahren diskutieren wir, dass die Demokratie in Gefahr ist. Wir haben hier in der Debatte gesehen: Der Riss geht auch durch dieses Haus. Deshalb: Packen wir es an! But there are many ways to kill. This kind of war can be as effective in annihilating enemies, in subduing societies and determining the future of nations. I speak, of course, of disinformation, fake news, of deliberately using the amplified effect of new digital technologies to undermine democracy.

We saw its effects in elections across Europe. We saw it in the US, we saw it in the Brexit campaign. Protecting our democracy and prosperity is therefore not just politics, it is the foundation for peace. We have a duty to fiercely protect our democracy from foreign interference and to decide to live in a healthy society where technology is used according to our values.

I welcome this report and the work of the INGE Committee that provides the tools to fight for our democracy. Abir Al-Sahlani Renew. In this important report, we see the same states mentioned again and again, notably Russia, China and Turkey.

Eine solche wird sich ohne weiteres staatliches Eingreifen als wehrhaft erweisen. Einer starken und liberalen Medienlandschaft gelingt es ganz von selbst, Stumpfsinn und Schwachsinn aufzudecken und zutreffend einzuordnen. Ivars Ijabs Renew. We in Europe have always protected freedom of speech, freedom of information as our fundamental values, and at the same time we have allowed aggressive, authoritarian dictatorships to use information as a weapon against us.

It is now urgent to change this approach. Europe has to engage much more in the distribution of its positive message. We should not hesitate to emphasise our values, our position and our approach to reach the public in authoritarian countries like Russia. I mean, these first two weeks of the ongoing Russian aggression have been catastrophic for the informational sphere in Russia.

Prominent media outlets like Echo Moskvy or Dozhd have been forcibly closed, journalists expelled and arrested. Without our help, the last remnants of a free public debate will be gone in a matter of days. Thank you very much for the report. Karin Karlsbro Renew. Engin Eroglu Renew. Wir sehen, es kommt zum Brexit, und wir sehen, es kommt zu einem brutalen Angriffskrieg Putins mitten in Europa auf die Ukraine. Miriam Lexmann PPE. This is also highlighting the failure to remain consistent with our values.

For too long, we were naive, falsely believing that by engaging with authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, we can change them. Today, we see the consequences of this naivety. Instead, these regimes have been seeking to corrupt our democratic processes, degrade our economic strength, divide our society, undermine our alliances and rewrite international norms to suit their malign interests.

Even worse, they seek to subvert the very notion of truth. How we respond will determine the world in which we will live. We must remain united and, above all, to seek and defend the truth and the very values on which our Union has been founded, because truth and our values make us stronger and are the best weapon we have to fight back against those wishing to subvert our freedom.

Charles Goerens Renew. La place de ces personnes est devant une justice partiale, dans des camps de travail, voire dans des salles de torture. Eva Maydell PPE. Sometimes it feels that people may want to accept convenient lies. But we have to make sure that we can lead them to the sometimes uncomfortable truth. This is why, more than ever, we need to increase our media literacy and critical thinking. Also, platforms can and should do more.

I wonder why there are some Russian state accounts that are still active on several platforms. This, for me, is hard to justify. Tackling disinformation without suppressing free speech is a major task for Europe. This is why we need a special disinformation war room, for which I have already called — and if we ever wanted to try this, now is the time to do it. Yet efforts by foreign entities to influence domestic elections have shaken democracies around the world.

With unbridled access via social media to virtually everywhere, propaganda and misinformation have been weaponised to an extent not seen before. In Europe, we have seen the horrors of propaganda and the devastation it can cause. Putin has tried to lock away his people from the world, closed their eyes to his inhumane attacks on the innocent, and seeks to rewrite history in real time — all the hallmarks of a tyrant. Suffocated disinformation campaigns deeply sullied the US presidential election in , as well as the Brexit vote.

We must ensure we have the tools in place to respond to this new reality. Free and fair democracies are worth defending, and no country or people should think they are immune from interference. Paulo Rangel PPE. Arba Kokalari PPE. Once again, this is a very important contribution to better understanding maybe where we are and what we need to do. And thank you for establishing the INGE Committee because already some time ago, many of us felt that too much, maybe everything, is at stake and that we need to pay more attention to the phenomena of disinformation and trying to decrease the trust of people in our democracy.

A lot has been said here about freedom of speech. Let me assure you that freedom of speech remains the golden grail for us. It does not change. It is in our European DNA that we protect freedom of speech. But, freedom of speech is not absolute because by protecting absolute freedom of speech, we will resign on truth. And the society which resigns on truth, which forgets to value truth, is a weak society and is lost.

And this is what must not happen to us. I will come back to English because speaking about Orwell, I think that what we see is Orwell in Russia. There we see that absolute power, which is not limited by checks and balances, leads to absolute evil. I want to say one thing to conclude. And we see that in spite of the years of massaging public opinion in the EU, especially in central and eastern Europe, the people show that they did not believe it or they do not believe it now. And there is an extremely big and important wave of solidarity.

I want to thank the people in Poland, in Hungary, in Slovakia, in Romania, in my country, for such a strong action helping the people who are fleeing the war. And this is now, this is today, but disinformation will gain again its power. I just imagine this is like the second wave of a tsunami. It will come and they are already starting and they will be harvesting the fear of people, they will be fuelling the fear of people, because there will be increased crises and there are already increased crises of energy.

There will probably be increased crisis prices of food. There will be a big portion of discomfort which the European people are not used to, and we have to be ready for that. We have to strengthen all our actions against disinformation, everything we spoke about today, our action through the code of practice and many other things. But also we have to tell the people the truth ourselves because the best way of combating disinformation is the truth.

And I think that we will need a mature society, well informed people, the people who will trust us and trust cannot come without the truth. The vote on the amendments will take place today, Tuesday, 8 March , and the final vote on Wednesday, 9 March Written statements Rule Urmas Paet Renew , kirjalikult. We have all seen, heard, and felt some of the misery of the victims of the aggression, the first of which are always women and girls.

Yet, in these dark days, we witness strength and we witness courage. In Ukraine women are resisting, they are standing up, pushing back and taking up arms against their aggressor. So it is therefore even more important and a privilege to have with us today a Ukrainian woman and writer, Oksana Zabuzhko, whose literature and strong voice exhibits the very strength of Ukrainian women in the face of oppression.

Oksana, you left Ukraine two weeks ago with nothing but your hand luggage and you have not had the possibility to return since. In Russia and in Belarus, women are protesting on the streets in an act of defiance against their governments. They do this in spite of the serious repercussions they face. To these women, we say: Europe stands united, with you.

We stand united with you. Because there are no winners in war, there is only death. Only the pain that someone bears when they are forced to leave their country, when they learn that their loved ones are not coming home, when they have to bury their children. Colleagues, the brave and resilient women of Ukraine serve as an inspiration to us all. Because yes, there is extraordinary power behind a Ukrainian woman asking a fully-armed Russian soldier to put sunflower seeds in his pocket, so that if he dies on her homeland, flowers may bloom from his lifeless body.

These are the acts of heroines, defending the same European values that we hold. Oksana Zabuzhko. In my writings I have aimed to give voice to the experiences of women subjected to violence, to those living and dead whose feelings, ideas or accomplishments were ignored, devalued or simply forgotten. Ukrainians are a strong nation. This appears to have surprised many in the West. And we are a nation of strong women too.

Along with the rest of the world, I cannot but admire, with tears in my eyes, my fellow countrywomen now fighting right alongside our men. They have joined the army and the civil territorial defence forces. They manage the distribution of supplies across our besieged cities, some of which, like Mariupol, stand on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe now. They give birth in bomb shelters supported and supervised by doctors online. Ukrainian doctors meanwhile have created Facebook pages offering instructions on how women over 37 weeks pregnant might safely deliver children in bomb shelters.

An image that strikes me as almost biblical, as thousands of Marys hide with their newborns, evading Kind Herod in basements, subway stations and other stables. Yes, we are strong and grateful for your support and your admiration. Having failed to take Kyiv, Putin began shelling residential areas, including elementary schools, nurseries and hospitals. That day eight years ago he openly announced that Russian troops in Donbas would be standing against the Ukrainian army, behind Ukrainian women and children.

I quote literally, not in front of them, but behind, daring the Ukrainian army to shoot a living shield. A typical terrorist tactic. He was then so confident of his superiority, so sure that no one would dare stop him, that he did not even bother to lie out of contempt for his audience. And when in my speech I compared Putin to Hitler and Stalin, the moderator was so shocked that my microphone was turned off, and in the publication the comparison was censored.

Eight years passed. So many human lives could have been saved if only the EU and the US would have woken up eight years ago to the fact that they knew Hitler was ready to pick up where the previous one had left off. If the current package of sanctions had been applied to Russia back then, right after the annexation of Crimea, and evil called by its proper name and resisted, instead of being ignored and appeased, we would not be where we are now.

Putin deliberately imitates Hitler. I have ordered my Air Force to restrict itself to attacks on military objectives. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the announcement of war. Vladimir Putin has done it in his tricky, perverted KGB language. And that you better trust Mr Putin when he pronounces his ambitions. Ladies and gentlemen, you have all seen videos of how Ukrainian civilians, men and women, stop Russian tanks with bare hands and loud curses.

Here lies the secret of our heroism. We are not afraid of Russia. Of all the nations in Europe, we know that what Putin has for decades been selling to the West as the true story, his nuclear blackmailing included, is nothing but a pack of lies, illusion and bluff. We know this because we do have our share in the past three hundred years of Russian imperial greatness, and by no means a minor one. That is why of all the nations, it is Ukraine that has found herself at the forefront of this war.

Without us, there can be no Russian empire, no evil empire, ladies and gentlemen — that used to be a good term, after all. First, there was Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Poland, then Europe. First it was Georgia, then Belarus, then Ukraine, afterwards Europe.

While I was writing this, my niece and her two children, one eight years old, the other eight months old, were driving from Kyiv to western Ukraine at a speed of kilometres in 10 hours. They all know their job, both men and women. We will now hear from the representatives of the political groups.

It was truly chilling to hear her words of women giving birth in underground stations with doctors online and babies getting sepsis and all of your other images too. We have spent much of the past 13 days talking about European values because, as you have said, Oksana, as Ukrainians take to the front line to defend their country, they are not just defending themselves and their own beliefs, but the core of our very Union here.

Human rights, democracy, the rule of law, these are our European values, and right at the very heart is gender equality, not an add-on, not an extra, but in fact essential and quintessentially European from the start of our project. Now they run under sniper fire. Yet Ukrainian women have others who know what it is like, even in the past year. Ask the women of Afghanistan — denied their voice, their education, their lives once again.

The women of Yemen, the women of Belarus. This is just one year for women in some of the worst places to be a woman, now imagine all the rest. Even in the best of places to be a woman we have unfinished democracies, unfinished gender equality agendas. In each of these places, and with each of these experiences, the task of finding peaceful solutions must be at the top of our agenda.

We must have women in the senior decision-making fora of our world. Human rights, democracy, the rule of law, our European values are worth fighting for and gender equality is right at the heart. Y por eso, escuchar hoy la voz de Oksana en la casa de la democracia europea es tan importante. Este 8 de marzo es importante; este 8 de marzo es diferente. El feminismo no entiende de fronteras.

Este 8 de marzo es importante y las mujeres europeas no nos podemos resignar ni cruzar de brazos. It is the result of the incredible work of the many women before us who fought for equal rights and for gender equality. In times of war, women are one of the most vulnerable groups, threatened by gender—based violence, fleeing conflict zones under horrible conditions and at high risk of human trafficking, while often being excluded from the formal negotiations to end the conflicts that they are suffering from.

The idea of feminism is about creating a fair world, a world in which we can live freely, equally and in peace. In the last two weeks, we have seen these ideals demonstrated by the brave women of Ukraine doing everything in their power to keep their families and their communities safe. These women show us what courage and resilience look like, and this is the courage that we lose when women are not involved in the decision—making processes. Experience shows that, when women are part of the decision—making and peace-making efforts, the resulting peace is longer lasting and more broadly carried by society because diverse perspectives and additional knowledge are included.

It is our joint responsibility to make sure that women around the world receive equal opportunities to get their feet in the door and take their rightful place at the table. Feminism is the key to a more equal and more peaceful world, not just for women, but for all of us and for the generations to come. Simona Baldassarre, a nome del gruppo ID. Madri che si fanno coraggio, nella speranza di un futuro migliore. Donne forti che lottano per la pace.

Colleghi, non scordiamoci mai di queste donne, come anche di quelle che ancora soffrono sotto il giogo talebano in Afghanistan. E qui ricordo il dramma dell'utero in affitto, che ancora miete troppe vittime nel mondo. As lawmakers, we do have the power to change things, to build a world where all women are free. As I stand here, I think of the women we know and those we do not know. I think of us and the power we have to drive change.

We must consolidate the rights that we have acquired and build more, because equality is unfinished business, because freedom is in danger. The Ukrainian women who hastily had to kiss their husbands goodbye and walk away, alone and torn apart, know this. This war is a shame and a failure for the West. They have so much courage. To be honest, I could have walked over here and just given you a hug because sometimes words are not enough.

But this would not be appropriate and would also not help you for anything today. So what I want to say is, know that we see and hear you. Thank you for coming and speaking to us. Your courage and your authenticity remind us of what we are fighting for. We must fight for people like you, but we must also fight for all other women, women of today and women of tomorrow, destroyed by war against their country or by war against their person.

This year, several women were killed also in Europe. Everywhere women have to fight to survive. In February, Madeleine, 44 years old, was trying to escape her ex-partner in Belgium, who was strangling her. Eventually, he killed her son, who was trying to protect her. This is not a single story. But together we are stronger. Manon Aubry, au nom du groupe The Left. Ces droits ne sont jamais acquis.

Vous devrez rester vigilantes votre vie durant». Simone de Beauvoir avait raison. Le turbolenze di ogni sorta che attraversano il nostro pianeta minacciano continuamente le conquiste sociali ed economiche tutte le volte che comprimono lo spazio democratico, civile ed etico in cui si manifesta il nostro essere donne. Anche la violenza di genere in tutte le forme, che siano online e offline, continua a rimanere un dramma, che incide notevolmente sull'esercizio dei diritti, sulla salute fisica e su quella mentale.

Thank you once again to Oksana and to all the colleagues who engaged in this very important debate. We will vote on the files as indicated on the agenda and the voting session will be open from Ylva Johansson, Member of the Commission. Little baby Mia was born there. And I think of the 80 women in Ukraine who are going to give birth in the coming three months. I think of Julia, a young teacher. She first held a gun in her hands a few days ago. I think of the young woman in Poland at the Medyka border crossing, where 23 people cross every day, pushing a pram with one hand, holding a toddler in the other, and a single backpack, all she has left.

Today, the Commission adopted a communication detailing the gravity of the situation, the action we are taking as a Union, the long and difficult road ahead, and calling for unity and continued support for refugees and Member States in need. I visited Slovakia and the border between Poland and Ukraine. I witnessed the most impressive solidarity I have ever seen. In Siret at the Romanian border, I spoke to many women and the first thing they say is not how sad or scared they are, but how grateful they are to be welcomed with a bed and a meal.

Women, children, the old and fragile, often moving onwards to stay with friends and families, or with kind strangers taking them in. Last week, I spoke with presidents, prime ministers, ministers, mayors, border guards and civil society activists in these Member States.

And, like him, volunteers, local communities, local authorities are rising to the challenge, opening their hearts and their homes, showing European values in action: unity, solidarity, humanity. It makes me proud of our European values, proud of being European. I see — and I saw — our Member States handling this situation well, despite the very challenging circumstances. In Poland alone, arrivals numbered more than only in one day, yesterday.

Member States in the EU are helping the Ukrainian authorities to reduce congestion on their side of the border. Member States have increased staff at the border and set up the first emergency responses, like temporary shelters.

Last week, the Commission issued guidelines to Member States to ensure security checks and simplify and speed up border controls with Ukraine. As a Union, we are providing aid in the face of a humanitarian catastrophe without an end in sight: casualties mounting by the day, housing destroyed, water and electricity cut off, ambulances and aid workers caught in the crossfire.

Slovakia and Poland have also asked for assistance through the mechanism. And today we call for the opening of humanitarian corridors so people fleeing war can leave and humanitarian aid can safely arrive. As you are well aware in this House, this Directive is more than 20 years old.

It has never been used before. But now you have called on us to activate it and now we have done it. And the decision was a unanimous decision. But we need to recognise the graveness of the hour and the magnitude of the challenge, and decide as one to do what is needed, to do what is right, to provide protection, to provide it fast, to provide it now.

From day one, thanks to the Directive, people fleeing the war in Ukraine will be able to get a job, send their children to school, get housing, social welfare and medical assistance. The protection in the Directive applies to Ukrainian nationals and their family members, and to refugees that are living in Ukraine, like the Afghan refugees who are experiencing again the nightmare of a sudden exodus, or Belarusians who fled the Lukashenka regime, but also permanent residents of Ukraine.

The Temporary Protection Directive does not apply to students and tourists from other countries or others on short—term permits. We will soon present guidance to show how to practically implement the Directive. A solidarity platform will share information on reception capacity and need for support, and the Commission will coordinate operational response.

It is clear that everyone — everyone — fleeing the war has to be let into the European Union. This is obvious and this is what is happening. The Fundamental Rights Agency is reporting what we have seen, I have seen it with my own eyes. Everybody is allowed to cross the border and are welcomed into the European Union.

Member States are doing their best to help third-country nationals to get safely home. The reality is that around third-Country nationals have already entered the European Union from Ukraine, including thousands of Indians, Nigerians and Turkish nationals.

About two million refugees have now entered the EU, as I said. Just to make a comparison, in 12 days we have received two million refugees, the same number as the European Union received during and together. In 12 days. Over one million in Poland, almost half a million in Romania, in Hungary and in Slovakia.

Member States have done, and are doing, a remarkable job setting up, and now implementing, contingency plans, opening new border crossing points and simplifying procedures. Local authorities are ensuring reception and medical assistance, working hand in hand with volunteers and NGOs. Many people quickly move on to friends and family, to Member States with a large Ukrainian diaspora.

Last week, around 8 Ukrainians applied for asylum, a fraction of the arrivals, actually. But this situation might change rapidly as more people flee the country. The applications so far have been mostly in Sweden and Romania.

Romania has asked for operational support from the European Agency for Asylum, which can help with asylum procedures and with the reception and implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive. Other EU agencies are also supporting Member States. A total of 2 Frontex officers could be deployed if needed. One hundred and sixty-five Frontex officers are now deployed at the border, including with Moldova. A further Frontex officers will be deployed to Romania.

Apart from Estonia, no other Member States have yet requested Frontex support. Consultations are ongoing about possible Frontex support to Moldova. Europol is also monitoring the situation and will send two officers to Slovakia to help with security checks. Preparations are ongoing for possible similar deployments to Hungary and Romania. Europol support to Moldova is also being assessed.

Besides solidarity and unity, we need money — money not only for reception right now, but also to help with education, jobs and housing for integration in our societies. Today we propose, in another unprecedented decision, to give more flexibility to Member States to use EUR million from our Home Affairs Funds, unspent money from the previous MFF, allowing Member States one more year to spend allocated funds and flexibility to switch priorities so Member States can commit more money to integration and to support people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

We will also propose today to make changes to our funding rules for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for the current MFF, allowing Member States, foundations and donor countries to provide extra funding to asylum and migration management. I count on you in this Parliament to adopt these proposals without delay. Time is short and the need is high. Friends, before I conclude, let me also raise one of my big concerns, and that is about the children. These children need to go to school.

These children need to have some kind of normality. It is urgent to support the children that have now come and are fleeing from the war, but also to make sure that we can provide support for the most vulnerable children, the unaccompanied ones. You have seen the pictures.

Small children crossing the border alone with a small bag without any parent. And unfortunately, in these situations, we also know that unaccompanied minors are at a very high risk of falling victim to criminals that would like to use them for a different purpose, for trafficking, for example.

We also have some reports of criminals taking orphans from orphanages in Ukraine, crossing the border, pretending that they are relatives of the child and then using them for trafficking purposes. And, you know, trafficking in human beings is the most profitable crime ever. If you traffic drugs, firearms or smugglers, you can sell them once.

If you traffic children, you can sell them again and again and again and again. We are obliged to protect these children, and I must say that we have to do much more than we have done so far. Member States most affected are doing their utmost — their utmost — but we need to support them.

We need to support the children better than we have been able to do so far. They need our support. Because this will not be over soon. Putin is fighting his war without restraint or remorse or mercy. More is to come. Worse is to come.

Millions more will flee and we must welcome them. We are facing a great test and we can meet this test if we show the same unity, solidarity and action as we have seen in the past week. That truly makes me say I am proud to be a European. A horrific war is ongoing on our continent, and thanks to the courageous work of many journalists we can see what is happening and the images are heart-breaking.

We see death, destruction, families ripped apart, children running away from missiles and tanks instead of running behind a football, grandparents fleeing, in some cases again with whatever belongings they could take. Unimaginable suffering and already over two million refugees have crossed into neighbouring countries, and more will follow.

This is more than the total population of some of our Member States. Two million individual stories of separation, loss and pain. And when talking about refugees, we often speak about reception and protection in the region. Well, this is our region. The outpouring of solidarity in support of refugees, so many volunteers becoming active, so many donations being made, so many accommodation offers, and particularly in countries bordering Ukraine, like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, it is really impressive to see all the efforts by citizens and communities to take care of refugees, and we must help them not only in the short term, but structurally.

We need to be prepared for any scenario. And indeed, we should find the flexibility in our funding to help these Member States take care of so many refugees. And you can count on the EPP to do whatever is necessary.

Pani Minister! The barbaric actions of the Russian military, which qualify as war crimes, are destroying Ukrainian towns and villages, killing and injuring Ukrainians. There is no safe place in Ukraine today and no guarantee of security for the future to anyone.

Ukrainian refugee flows are already exceeding people a day. This number will continue to grow and will cover wider and wider areas of Ukraine. By the end of this week, the refugee influx will exceed the scale, at least by twice. Just a few days ago, together with my colleagues, Members of the European Parliament, I visited the Polish, Ukrainian border crossings and the refugee reception centres. I commend the Polish side for the well—organised reception of refugees and the provision of assistance.

However, I would like the Ukrainian refugees to feel EU solidarity, support, assistance and protection as well. We need to ensure the EU presence in every single border crossing and refugee reception centre. Our solidarity must be translated into real aid action in real time. Slava Ukraini! His brutal invasion targets the citizens of Ukraine violating international humanitarian law, and people are desperately seeking protection. We applaud the Commission and Council for the swift and united response to give their full support to the refugees and their families.

It will only work, however, if every Member State is ready to host a substantial number of refugees. So let the weakest part of the Directive, namely the voluntariness, not become the obstacle for an effective and humanitarian response.

Coordination, funding and guidance by the Commission will be much needed. It is encouraging that the Council includes refugees who lived in Ukraine, but all people fleeing Ukraine must be safe. Referring third—country nationals, even if they lived permanently in Ukraine, to their region of origin, creates huge insecurities and risks, and in our view, this is unjustified, so please do not make any distinction. And this also goes for the border.

We hear and see discrimination on skin colour, ethnic background, gender and sexual identity. We need agencies and international organisations to ensure equal treatment and to take care for the vulnerable people.

The heartening hospitality of citizens will not be sufficient with the rising numbers and vulnerabilities, and the Commissioner already also referred to the risk of trafficking for minors. Member States should therefore organise a safe route to hosting locations. And Zelenskyy was right when he called the transport of refugees to Belarus and Russia immoral, because who wants to find refuge in a country of your own invader?

So we must help them, but also the Russian citizens under pressure to find protection in our countries. Refugees from Ukraine deserve our unconditional support, no matter how long, no matter how many. But let me be very clear.

Being forced to flee means the same misery, despair and fear wherever you are in the world. Let this war at our doorstep not distract us from the needs and rights of refugees from other countries. Do not believe politicians who make us believe that protection for the one means less protection for the other. If we equally share our global responsibility, we can offer every refugee the protection that she or he needs and deserves.

Annalisa Tardino, a nome del gruppo ID. Un triste e inaccettabile ritorno al passato. L'attivazione del meccanismo della protezione temporanea, per quanto giuridicamente non condivisibile nella sua interezza, ci sta consentendo di accogliere e aiutare i rifugiati veri: donne e bambini che scappano dalla guerra, mentre padri, figli e mariti rimangono con coraggio a difendere il proprio paese. Sono loro, lo ripetiamo da anni, a cui dobbiamo spalancare le porte, dando delle norme chiare, determinate ed efficaci, anche a chi, per tante altre ragioni diverse dalla guerra, vuole arrivare in Europa, ma sbarrandole fermamente ai trafficanti e ai delinquenti.

Dall'Europa ci si aspetta supporto anche per poter accogliere, e non certo ricatti ideologici. Bene, assumiate finalmente decisioni coraggiose. In this sense it is also our role to protect our security. In this sense, they are more responsible for this role and we expect more contribution from them. The are a lot of instruments and sanctions to stop Russian aggression: penalties, weapons for Ukraine and for the security of our eastern front.

Sometimes it is not possible to immediately implement this instrument, but the hot issue right now is humanitarian assistance. Delivering it to Ukraine is extremely difficult, but we have to spare no effort to deliver. However, there are millions of refugees in our countries. In Poland alone, as Ms Johansson rightly mentioned, there are 1.

We need, for such a large number of people, comprehensive plans and money, not only visits and bureaucrats on board, but money for the state. It is the states which create jobs, education and health programmes for these people. We have to avoid the creation of camps, ghettos and the Palestinianisation of this refugee wave. We have to study the experience of Turkey and Lebanon. Are we prepared to provide the same assistance, the same plan, the same money to other countries which are coping with many more waves of refugees in the last few days than Turkey?

Es muss Schluss damit sein! Andrea Bocskor NI. Andrius Kubilius PPE. We have a simple European moral obligation to take care of all of them, our fellow Europeans. But our obligation to the citizens of Ukraine and also to those who are looking for safe shelter in our countries is a bigger one. Our obligation is to stop the war. We cannot speak about solidarity with Ukrainians or refugees if we are not implementing a full embargo on the import of energy resources from Russia.

It covers the purchase of four hundred new Russian tanks per day. During all the days of war so far Ukrainians have managed to destroy fewer Russian tanks than we are buying for Putin in one day. We need to declare that our sanctions on the Russian economy will stay in place until the last Russian soldier leaves Ukrainian territory, not only Kherson or Chernobyl, but also Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. Putin and those surrounding him in the Kremlin need to understand that they will lose this war and there will be much less suffering, not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia itself, if Putin stops his criminal war immediately and then we shall rebuild Ukraine.

The refugees need to have hope and we need to deliver it, all of us are Ukrainians now and Europeans, Slava Ukraini! Vom Brot zu den Rosen. Sophia in 't Veld Renew. So we welcome the EU support provided to those countries, and I would like to join the urgent call of the Commissioner for Frontex and EASO to be closely involved in the operation.

We also strongly salute the activation of the TPD, but now we also have to take the next step. Europe has to move on from ad hoc solutions to a coherent, structural and common migration and asylum policy. Just as Europe will be stronger by achieving energy independence, we will be stronger with a common asylum and migration policy, and I therefore invite the Council to agree a roadmap with the European Parliament, a timetable for the swift adoption of the entire asylum and migration package.

The warm welcome to the Ukrainian refugees is Europe at its best. Colleagues, it is the cradle of human rights, a community of values and Europe should also be a safe haven for those Russians fleeing the brutal Putin regime and the soldiers who refuse to fight his dirty war.

But let us also not forget the other migrants. La respuesta es tan dura como clara. La solidaridad es un valor fundamental que no tiene excepciones. Todas tenemos derecho a escapar del horror de la guerra y de la pobreza. Jean-Lin Lacapelle ID. Nikolaj Villumsen The Left. Millioner af ukrainere er flygtet fra Putins brutale krigsforbrydelser.

Fra mad til medicin, fra skolegang til tag over hovedet. Ikke kun ukrainerne lider under Putins regime. Still, we know that this will not be enough. Firstly, Ukraine needs more support to protect itself. Secondly, Ukrainians need more solidarity from all European countries to welcome and integrate refugees.

There I would like to echo the message from other colleagues in the European Parliament. I would like also to invite the Council to take this opportunity to have a swift adoption of the migration pact. Thirdly, Ukraine needs more humanitarian assistance. Yes, we have mobilised a lot, but it is far from enough and we need to establish safe humanitarian corridors that actually lead to Europe and not to Russia or Belarus. Adesso dobbiamo sommare l'impegno coerente delle istituzioni per coordinare e facilitare l'ingresso alle frontiere europee del flusso continuo di rifugiati e per l'accoglienza in tutta Europa di donne e di bambini.

Un'Europa che vuole continuare a essere luogo di pace. Bernard Guetta Renew. Those were people, but they looked like scars. I saw the eyes of young women and old babushka holding their grandchildren, looking lost in the cold and grateful for a cup of warm soup and shelter in the container.

Just two weeks ago, they had been happy. There were families, workers, teachers, lawyers. They had a life, a different life. It is instrumental that we help them to fight their way back to a life that is a little bit normal. I heard so many of them who are grateful that they could benefit from the Temporary Protection Directive that will allow them to stay, live and work in safety.

But there are issues that go beyond the obvious. We must make sure that Russian and Belarusian citizens fleeing from Ukraine have also a chance of safety here. They had escaped from Lukashenko and Putin, and now Putin and Lukashenko are getting to them. They must also be safe in Europe.

We must also remember the new wave of Russian immigrants after the TV Dozhd and Echo Moscow radio stations were banned and it has become impossible and penalised to talk the truth about the war in Russia. Those waves of refugees are fleeing a country sliding to despotism. When I volunteered and I looked at those refugees, I felt sad and horrified, but I also felt proud, proud that this time the European Union seems to be on the right, on the humane side of history.

Tom Vandendriessche ID. Er moeten daden volgen! We hebben steeds het asielrecht voor echte oorlogsvluchtelingen verdedigd en het asielmisbruik als kanaal voor ongewenste massamigratie bestreden. Wij kunnen natuurlijk niet de problemen van de hele wereld oplossen. Daarom pleiten wij voor opvang in eigen regio. Hier moeten wij onze humanitaire opdracht maximaal vervullen.

We weten niet hoeveel miljoenen mensen we moeten opvangen en we weten niet hoe lang we ze zullen moeten opvangen. We weten wel dat de buurlanden dit niet alleen kunnen. Alle Europese landen hebben een fundamentele humanitaire opdracht in deze tragedie. Elke dode is er een te veel. Filebase alternatives.

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