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Here is the list of all the Anime Series that are released by AnimeOut Encoding Team, Bokuhaka (pMB|pMB)(Episode 12) · Bokura Ga Ita. Bokura Ga Ita Bokura Ga Ita p – Completed Anime Series Nanami Takahashi welcomes the start of her high school life Darwin's Game (Complete)(p-.

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Bokura ga Ita (TV) Yoake na starts out with a lot of promise, with cute girls, the artstyle is fairly distinct from most other anime out there. Free Direct Download or Watch Online Bokura ga Ita ()(TV Series)(Complete) encoded episodes. * Based on a shoujo manga by [Obata Yuuki]. If you download animes via bittorrent, this is the best side I could Bokura Ga Ita is more fast-paced.. tell me if you guys try it ^_^ (or have seen it). FACERIG LIVE2D MODULE TORRENT Adopting a remote connection process is are provided as. Wait until you teams that split store the audio. See Also clustered indexindex will have three panel tail lights.

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Manga Art. Bokura ga ita. Cartoon N. Cartoon Games. Image Boards. The Book. Bokura ga Ita. Manga Quotes. Lonely Planet. Love Him. Movie Posters. Film Poster. Once Upon A Time. Fantasy Characters. Anime Life. Teenage Years. The Twenties. Golden Time. Manga To Read. Anime Stuff. Lovely Complex. Anime Couples Drawings. Search Engine. Boy And Girl Wallpaper. Hero Movie. Ghost Hunting. Guy Drawing. Cowboy Bebop. Computer Wallpaper. Princess Zelda. Disney Princess. Bokura ga Ita Ch Naruto Shippuden.

Sky Anime. Fairy Tail Movie 2. Anime Couples. Cute Couples. The Manga. Fan Art. Yano's Compass.. Paradise Kiss. Spanish Girls. Book Study. School Life. Library Books. Read Bokura ga Ita Chapter 71 Online. Anime Monsters. Amazing Quotes. It can hardly be called animation, since it's mostly panning or zooming stills, or characters with animated mouths. Heck, it looks exactly like the manga and feels like one too, just with voices. Both characters and overall art are typical of shoujo manga.

I think it is well executed though, and not indicative or low budget or quality, but a conscious artistic decision. The sound effects and music are just as sparse as the animation. The opening and ending songs are okay, though the singer of the OP didn't seem to quite make the high notes and sounds more like a voice actress trying to double up as a singer than a real pro.

The voice acting is mostly great, but most credit should go to Nanami's voice actress, Nozomi Sasaki, who debuts in this series and does an outstanding job. Her "cute" immature voice is perfect for the Nanami character and she pulls off all the nuances of the emotions perfectly. The story and characters are amazing. Normally I'd separate the two categories, but in this case, it's not possible. The characters are lovable and mostly realistic though at times seemingly mature for their age.

The situations the face and their responses brings back fond memories of my own teenage years. My only complaints are the somewhat unrealistic behavior of Yuri and the lack of background for Nanami's two girl friends. Though somewhat stereotyped, the characters are mostly the kind which we can all say "Hey, I know someone like that!

Not so with Yuri. It's also odd that we know more about Yano's mother than we know of the other school kids such as Nanami's and Yano's pals. Overall, the anime is great. It's only once in a while that I encounter an anime that's hard to stop watching and has me praying for the second season to come quickly. I know the manga ends differently, but I'm still rooting for a Nana-Take pairing!

Rating: 9. Nana-chan, absolutely. The person in front of me now. Bokura ga Ita is one hell of an emotional ride and if you're not good with awfully sad situations, please do your soul a favour and stay away. I had mine badly crushed.

Let's start by saying I wasn't expecting anything big from BgI. The synopsis sounded extremely typical and the picture looked boring. I went into this thinking it would be a fun series overall but largely forgettable. But episode 1 hooked me, and I couldn't help but to watch another 8 episodes back-to-back. In just that 9 episodes, I was pretty much convinced that BgI is brilliantly realistic and incredibly manipulative of the heart.

It was so romantic and beautiful, yet with a touch of melancholy and deep profound sadness to it. Nana-chan, who disliked Yano at first, couldn't help falling madly in love with him. And as expected, mutual love began to blossom. At that aspect, it is very similar to Kare Kano.

It has the same simplistic approach to animation, a fair share of comedy and humanly portrayals of high school students in love - the sweetness, the conflicts. But Yano is more than what he looks, and the mystery surrounding his past is nothing short of intense. The story unfolded in such a breathtaking manner that it was hard to rationally assess my feelings, and before I realised it, I was already drowning helplessly in a plethora of emotions.

First half ended with me having to endure some of the most painfully dramatic and gut-wrenching moments ever. It was drama at its finest, and I decided there and then that BgI makes it into my top favourites list. The transition to second half gave a short, much needed breather but not without a new revelation, before we're thrown in yet another incredibly moving scene, and again another later.

Needless to say, these series of events led to an even greater involvement with the characters, and I was left mentally drained from the impact. In the last quarter, the concentrated focus on Nana-chan and Yano is now more balanced out between two other important side characters, Takeuchi and Yamamoto.

It's simply amazing to visit a forum and see heated discussion among male posters over two guys in the show and not the girls, which is a rare sight indeed. As a conclusion, episodes 25 and 26 served as one of the most heartbreaking yet heartwarming endings I've ever experienced. It was immensely depressing, but the journey was also satisfying and extremely memorable too. I couldn't help feeling like I've just spent 2 years growing up with these people when I've just spent 3 nights watching this.

I have to say that the production team made a very good presentation of a story otherwise would be dull and generic. They rendered predictability irrelevant here. There are tons of romantic series out there but BgI stands out tall and proud. Animation: The animation is arguably plain and simple, which turned off a lot of potential fans when it was first released, but in my opinion, it also felt graceful in a way that is suited for the nature of the show.

There are a handful of stills used throughout the series, mostly to depict expressions, but were delicately handled in a manner that didn't bother me unlike Kare Kano. Actually, I find the style quite unique; it sort of makes that particular scene more affective than usual.

Moreover, despite seemingly lacking in detail, BgI more than makes up for it by delivering fluid motion and constantly changing characters' fashion. Nana-chan switches hairstyles almost every other day, Yano always manages to wear the hottest look in town.

It's simply awesome to see them with different looks in each episode, just like real teenagers. Sound: The theme songs, by their own, don't really sound that great to me. But by entangling them within the series, I found them to be very sweet and right on the mark. The formula works just as well. I am now addicted to the songs; Aishiteru, Kotoba and Merry Go Round being my favourites and Suki Dakara being the song hardest to get out of my head, and that's because it is the song that defines the whole show, the essence of BgI itself.

But now let's move on to the seiyuus. This is Nozomi Sasaki's debut series - the voice behind Nana-chan. And boy just how cute her voice is! It absolutely fits her character like a glove. Somehow I feel I wouldn't be able to relate to Nana-chan as much if she didn't sound so perfectly right in every situation. The way her voice would quiver, the way she tones her sarcastic remarks, the way she sounds so awfully shy at times; thanks to Nozomi I felt like I was watching a real person. Likewise, Yano's seiyuu was just as flawless too.

Originally I wasn't too impressed with his act here since at times he would sound slightly reserved, highly noticeable when he laughs. But then I read that it was intentional as the director wanted him to sound distant, and when I think about it, he did sound quite distant, almost fake in a way.

As I went through more episodes, I found that he gradually didn't sound that far offish anymore, which could only mean he's starting to change and grow. I have to applaud Hiroshi Yazaki for putting so much effort in portraying Yano as precisely as possible.

Character: This show largely focuses on Nana-chan and Yano, but the side characters are just as interesting to watch. You have Takeuchi, the dude overshadowed by his popular best friend Yano, the quiet girl Yamamoto who can easily pass off as Yuki Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi, and her sister Nana-san who will never be able to realise just how much damage she had done to others. Together their paths are crossed and intertwined like a cruel fate, shaping the persons they are and forcing everyone to change little by little.

In the end, you realised just how much these people have grown with time when you are starting to feel differently about them from the time you watched the first quarter of the series. You may just end up liking someone you didn't like initially, or disliking someone you liked initially.

The power of good character development. Enjoyment: This show certainly felt very special to me. It tore my heart to pieces, stuck them together again only to break it apart and mend it once more. I guess the pain that it made me feel, the tears of both sadness and happiness it made me cry has left a lasting impression on me. This is an unimaginably beautiful romantic story. It makes even jaded me feel like believing in eternity again. If heart-wrenching romances are your thing, look no further.

PS: As a bonus, Triad also released some manga scans that go a little beyond the anime ending. From what I read because I don't want to spoil myself , the manga's ending is "harsh" and "nothing happy", so if you think the anime ending is good enough, you don't have to ruin yourself with another ending, which isn't really an ending but more of a cliffhanger since the manga is still running. Rating: 7.

All right the series in ended and now for the total review This show is 'Girly" So being a guy but also being a romantic,I'm giving you my 'guy' 2 cents. To start off,this is not your typical girl romance show. Most like this are so way out and hard to believe that you feel like your watching a Disney flick. Popular girl meets popular guy,love at first site,ect ect. Or they hate one another but end up loving each other by the end. Ect Ect This show is actually believable.

One thing I can say about the lead girl is if big eyes are cute in Japan,then this must be the cutest girl in all of anime. She has huge eyes! The start of the story is the usual. Girl gets transfered to new school I think and meets a cute guy. But that's where it stops being usual. The guy is what they call in the dating world as "Damaged Goods".

He's just got out of a really bad ending relationship with his former girlfriend. I won't go into detail,you have to see the show,but he's screwed up to the point he's still having nightmares about it. In comes the lead girl who tries to make friends with him but he wants nothing to do with girls. He's not mean about it but he just doesn't care. So the war to win him over begins. The feel of the show is very real. It like a slice of real life.

One thing is they talk very mono-tone,with no emotion,and no background music, a lot of the time,which give the show a almost sad feel to it. And a lot of the talking is done my the lead girl,from her point of view,with her telling the story as it goes along. I found the show very good for a 'girly' show. There are really no filler episodes that you have to wade through. And you never know which way she will go throughout the series up to the very end. Personally I was going for guy number two,but that just me.

As for the ending,well To find out the actual ending, you have to read the last pages of the manga. Because the show doesn't tell you if they live happily ever after or not. Clubs directly related clubs. School Romance fanclub.

Romantic Fanclub. Fullmetal Panic! After School Tea Time. NHK ni Youkoso! Yaoi fanclub. Shinkai Makoto Fanclub. Kitsune Fanclub. Lolicon Defense Task Force. Dutch Anime Club. Bishounen Stalkers. Kare Kano Fanclub. Junjou Romantica Fans. Sesshoumaru Fanclub. Persona Fanclub. Tamaki Fanclub. Agriculture Club. Love polygons, complicated histories, relationship development in spurts.

TV Series, , 13 eps, 5. TV Series, , 24 eps, 7. TV Series, , 25 eps, 8. Both contain comedy and dramatic moments, though mixed at different ratios. Personally I find both main males flamboyant and similar in character. Another interesting fact is that in both cases main couple have orange hair which makes one familiar with the other to the eye.

TV Series, , 12 eps, 6. TV Series, , 26 eps, 7. The lead character boy Yamato in Suzuka, girl Nanami in Bokura ga ita falls for an outstanding girl Suzuka resp. Two episode versions of unfinished manga, both ending at a significant milestone. TV Series, , 26 eps, 6. Bokura ga Ita a You can add this anime to your mylist with the form above using generic files.

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