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So that, if it was possible to abolish them entirely, and any person, out of mere good-will to them, should attempt to do it, they wouM look upon the favour as highly prejudicial to their interest, and think his gbod-will more hurtful than the keenest hatred. Nor would any one, in his wits, choose to live in the world at large, and without any sort of government, more than he would think it eligible to be put on board a ship without a helm or pilot, and, in this condition, to be tossed aniidst rocksr and quicksands.

Of the Degrees of God. Seeing, therefore, the decrees of Godiare mentioned in our Catechism, and it would not be proper to pass over in silence a matter of so great moment, I shall accordingly lay before you some few thoughts upon this arduous subject. I should, indeed, think it very improper to do otherwise; for such theories ought to Ife cautiously touched Mther than be spun out to a great length.

Acts xv. These things we are warranted and safe to be- ieve ; but what perverseness, or rather madness, is it to endeavour to break into the sacred repositories of heaven, and pretend to accommodate those se- crets of the Divine kingdom to the measures and methods of our weak capacities!

It is, indeed, true, that neither religion nor right reason will suffer the actions and designs of men, and consequently, even the very motions of the will, to be exempted from the empire of the counsel and good pleasure of God. Even the books of the Heathens are filled with most express testimonies of the most absolute sovereignty of God, even with regard to these. Fw the decree is, that such an one shall make choice of,- or.

Some dis. Although the faith of this doctrine immediately depends upon the authority and' testimony of the Supreme God of truth, for, as St. Ambrose ex- presses it, "To whom should I give greater cre- dit concerning God, than to God himself? Is he for the atoms of Epicurus, dancing at random in an empty space, and, after innumerable trials, throwing them- selves at last into the beautiftil fiibric which we behold, and that merely by a kind of lucky hit, or fortunate throw of the dice, without any Amphion w:ith his harp, to charm them by his music, and lead them into the building?

To say the truth, tbe Greek philosopher had dreamed these things very prettily, or, according to more probable acdonnts, borrowed them from two other blundering philoso- phere, Democritus and Leucippns, though be used all possible art to conceal it, that he might have to himself the whole gloiy of this noble invention.

But whoever first invented or published this hypo« thesis, how, I pray, will he persuade us, that things are actually so? By what convincing arguments will he prove them? Or wjiat credible witnesses will he produce to attest his facts? After leaving the Epicureans, there is no other noted shift, that I know of, remaining for one that rejects the doctrine of the creation, but only that fiction of the Peripatetic school, concerning the eternity of the world.

And indeed, both Aristotle and Ocellus seem to have done this at random, or without proof, as they have advanced no arguments in favour of their new doctrine, that can be thought very iavourable, much less cogent and convincing. Nay, he himself sometimes speaks with great diffidence of his own opinioti on this subject, particularly in tiis topics, where, among other logical problems, he proposes this as one, viz.

But, in my opinion, the universe is not of old standr ing, the world is but a late establishment, and it is not long since it had its beginning ;"-! If we duly consider the matter, and acknowledge t Praeterea si nulla fuit genitalis origo Terras et Coeli, semperque seterna fuere. Cur supra bellum Thebanum et faneraTrojae, Non alias alii quoqne res cecinere Poetae? Supteme Mind,. For, that this world, compounded of so many and such heterogeneous parts, should proceed, by way of natural and necessary emanation, from that one first, purest, and most simple Nature, nobody, I imagine, Goukl.

But if he produced - all these things freely, merely out of his good plea- sure, and with the facility that constantly attends almighty power ; how much more consistent is it to believe, that this was done in time, than to ima- gine it was from eternity! It is a very difficult matter to argue at all about that, the nature whereof our most enlarged thoughts can never comprehend.

I answer, that very goodness you mention : for if, as they say, it is the nature of goodness to be always communicative; that goodness, to be sure, must be the most dif- fusive which is in itself greatest, richest, and so very immense, that it cannot be in the least di- minished, much less exhausted, by the greatest munificence. Nor is it to be doubted, but from this Very good- ness, together with the immense power and wisdom which shine forth so brightly in the creation and all the creatures, an immense weight of glory is re- flected upon the Creator himself, and the source of all these perfections ; nor must it be denied, that the manifold wisdom, of God proposed this end likewise.

So that, as the author of the Hpistle to the Hebrews reasons concerning the oath of God, " As he could swear by no greater, he swore by Himself;" in like manner we may argue here, as he could propose no greater end or design, he proposed Himself. But the most exalted, to be sure, and the wisest of all beings, because he is so, must of necessity do all things for himself; yet, at the same time, all bis dispensations towards his creatures are most bountiful and be- nevolent.

O sweet reciprocatioa of mu- tual delights! II Psalm civ. For this very end it evidently appears, all things were made, and we ar6 the only visible beings that are capable of ibis contenopla :ion : " The wor d, says St.

AH those stu- pendous objects are daily around us ; but because they are constantly exposed to our view, they never affect our minds : so natural is it for us to admire new, rather than grand objects. This great theatre being built, besides those spec- tators which had been but lately placed in the higher seats, it pleased the Supreme Creator and Lord to have another company below, as it were in the area.

So that he was created, not merely by a word of com- mand like the rest of the creatures, but by a con- sultation of the blessed Trinity. J FRCtamus hominem. Greg, Nyss. By the production of man, the supreme Creator exhibited bimtelf in the. How far does the workmanship exceed the materials! And how justly may we say, " What a glorious crea- tare, out of the meanest elements! Basil, St. Chrysostom, and others,. T9 eufBptnea ayafv»T9uTa, tec. A great. Divine excellence; but I should hardly call tbent the image of God : as St.

The dominion over the rest of the creatures which man enjoys, is a kind of faint shadow, of the absolute and unlimited sway of the supreme. What is deceit, when it lies hid iu. Is not the man who is furiously bent upon caliiainy, a scorpion? What do yoii say of a covetouis man; is he not a ravenous wolf? And is not the luxurious man, as the prophet expresses it, a neigh- ing horse? Nay, there is no wild beast but is found within us ; and do you consider yourself as Lord and Prince of the wild beasts, because you command those that are without, though you never think of subduing, or setting bounds to those that are within you?

WbW advantage have you by your reaaon, which eQfibks ydu to overeome lioos, if, after all, you yourself are overcome by anger? Will you never understand what you are, nor why you were brought into the world ; nor, pally, what that is which you have now an opportunity to view and contemplate?

Of Providence. She 19 near. On this subject, even the philosophers, pleading the cause of God, which, if we take their word, they thought a matter of no great difficulty, advanced a great many things. Peter's saying on the same subject! But to both these difficulties, and to all others that may occur upon the subject, J would oppose the saying of St.

It would cer- tainly be a woeful situation to all ; but more, es- pecially, to the best and most inoffensive part of mankind. Fate which governs all things, they often ascribe tp God ;. The same judgment is t6 be passed with regand to wha« we find saM About! ECT, Xllf. It is a- true test of religion and obedience, when.

Nay, these are the best tidings that were ever heard in any age of the world! II GaU iii. But O unhappy men! What, pray, would the most accurate desciiptioa of tfaie : Fortunate Islands, as they are called, or all the wealth of the Indies, and the new world, with Its golden mines, signify toa poor man half naked» struggling witb all the rigours of cold and hunger?

No man truly re- ceives Jesus, that does not, at the same time, deli- ver up himself wholly to him. Phil Ub. That aUwlfO sincerely receive him, might be again admitted into the embraces of the Father, and no more be called the children of wrath, he himself submitted to the punishment due to our disobedience; and, by bearing it, removed our guilj;, and pacified justice. Now, it cannot be doubted that those who are so actuated sfnd conducted by the I ivine Spirit, are truly the mms of God.

We must not, however, conclude from this, that this pri- vilege has nothing more in it than an honourable. You will VOL. L 03? If we consider the lives of men, we shall be apt to imagine, that the generality of mankind who live in the world under the name of Christians, think it sufficient' for them to be called by this name, and drieam of nothing further.

Nay, he himself is the eternal inheritance of his sons, and death alone brings them into his presence, and admits them into the full enjoyment of him. This last, in the choice of a pro- per object, justly pays regard to merit ; for though the richest, and even the best of mten, may clothe richly the person whom he has thought proper to adopt, and get him instructed in the best principles and rules of conduct; yet he cannot effectually divest him.

But he that formed the heart of man, can reform it at his LECr. And those passages which we frequently meet with concerning the seed of Abraham, and, in ihe prophets, concerning the numerous convjerts that were to l? J63 ex. James i. Of Regeneration. The great corruption of mankind, and their innate disposition to every isort of tf ickedness, even the doctors of the Heathen nations, that is, their philo- sophers and theologers, and their poets abo, were sensible of, and acknowledged ;'thougb they were quite ignorant of the source firbm which this cala- mity was derhred.

Ariitr Ethr il. Gens hnmana ruit per vetitum nefas. II Sed dim nulla esset sapienti«i in terris, missus est h codo doctor ille, via, Veritas, et vita. And this is the regeneration of which we are speak- ing, and whereof we have already observed, that philosophy acknowledged it, even under the same name ; but that it effected it, we absolutely deny. Now, it is evident from the very name, that we are to understand by it an inward change, and that a very remarkable one. Give me a covetous, avaricious or close- handed person, I will presently make him liberal, and oblige him to give away his money in large quantities with' his own hands.

X At ego certe non sum ego. Xhis i? Christianity, the baptisnv of water, on account of the supposed coQcurrence of the Spirit, was. To redeem the sons of mah, andre-. Our fall was easily brotight about, but our restoration was a work of the greatest difficulty, and only to be performed by the powerful hand of God ; there are but tew whom the exaked Father of spirits has loved, and Christ has rai«ed up to beavein.

Ghosts Whence they are called the holy, pure, and divine. What St. Bernard, says of the rash and ill-founded opinion which the. For, sup- pose a more. And indeed, by this insatiably thirst,, the, ipjnd of man discovejrs its natural excellence. AugMPtjue observes,. They are nothing but dreams and fancies, that ought to be banished to Utopia; for what they describe is no where to be found among men-; and; if it were, it would not constitute complete felicity: So far indeed they are to be commended, that they call in the mind from external enjoyments to Itself; but in this they are defective,.

X Matthew v. That day, which the unhappy men of this world dread as their last, the sons of light wish for, as their nativity into an endless life, and embracei it with the greatest joy when it comes. And this, indeed, seems to me to be the strongest argument for another life, and an immortality to come.

For since no complete, or absolutely perfect happiness is to be fouud in this life, it must certainly follow, that either there is. But not to insist on this, it is certain, that il kinds of delight ace lor ever banished from that oterfia] and frightful prison. Or rather, who will not tremble, J say, not in describing them, but even in thiipLking pf them,. How long will these enjoyments last? Even while I am speaking these words, while I am thinking of them, they fly past me. I CONFESS, young gentlemen, that whenevep I think on the subject, I cannot help wondering at the indolence and madness of mankind; for though we boast that, to' order oiir iaffairs with prudence and discretion,- and conduct our lives according to the prihciples of reason, is the great privilege and ornamfeiit of bur nature that distinguishes us from the bhite creatures; how fevt are there, that, iti this respect, act like men that propose to them- selves an end, and direct al,l their actions to the attainment of it!

What good have you in view?. Tp what end. And, in this hope, I have often addressed myself to you upon the subject of happiness, or the su- preme good,, at different periods of time, entertain- ing you in the intervals with essays, and suitable exhortations upon other subjects ; yet so , as to observe a kind of method, and keep up a connexion VOL, IV. Having treated of these things according to our measure, if remains that we now inquire about tbe way which directly leads into that happy city, or to that happiness which is reserved in the heavens.

This is a great and important article, comprehend- ing Che end and design of out life, as well as the hopes and comforts of it; and is very proper to be first treated of in a catechetical, or, indeed, any me- thodical system of theology, as appears from reason and precedents: for by this discussion we are im- mediately introduced into the whole doctrine of true religion.

It has God for its author, whom the wisest of meii would in Vain attempt to find out, but from the. God cannot be known but so far as he reveals Himself: which Sophocles has also admirably well expressed: ''You will never," says he, ''understand those divine things which the gods have thought proper to eon-i ceal,even though you should ransack. I call it a divine docirinej for all the reasons already mentioned ; because, for instance, it js from God ; he is the sub« ject of it, and it all terminates in: him at last.

This expression conveys no harsh. To be ca- pable of a law, is the mark and ornament of an in- telligent, rational soul, and that which distinguishes it from the brutes ; it evidently supposes a resem- Uanee to God, and an intercourse with heaven ; and to live actually under the direction of religion and the law, is the great honour and ornament of human life, and what distingOishes it from the ir- regular conduct of the brute creation.

The way, therefore, to happiness, which we are in search of, is true reli- gion, and such, in a very remarkable manner, is that of the Christians. On the truth and excellence of this reltgion you have a great many learned writers, both ancient and modern. It remains, young Gentlemen— What do you think I am going to say? I wish it may be so!

I will not, however,' object to any particular person ujionthis head; but every one of you, by a short trial, wherein he will I. We are all Christians. Be it so. But are we poor in spirit? Are we humble, meek, and pure in heart? Do we pray without ceasing? This is the true description of a Christian, by.

And those who are entire strangers t9 these dispositions of mind, know not, to. Nay, that we may not, by low expre8sions,f derogate from a matter fo grand and so conspicuous, that holiness and true religion which leads dipeetly to the highest felicity, is itself the only happiness, as far as it can be.

J I Cor. X« »AJ? They might, have. And if. Now what, pray, can be more plea- sant or peaceable than these? Temperance Isahrays » Psalm cxii, 1. I But. It is abso- lutely necessary, that there should be some one principal of all things ; and by an equal degree of necessity, this principal must be, of all others, the greatest and the best. It is also necessary that he who gave being to all things, must have proposed to himself some end to be attained by the production and disposal of them : but, as the end of the best of all agents must itself also be the highest and the best, this end can be no other than himself.

The other works of God serve to promote his honour; but man, by rational knowledge and will, offers himself and all that he has as a sacrifice to his Creator. From his know- ledge of him, he is induced to love him ; and in consequence of his love, he attains at last to the enjoyment of him. If we be wise, or rather, that we may be wise, propose to ourselves an end, to which all our actions ought to have it reference, and by which as a certain fixed star.

We are to direct our course. The Stoics, who proceeded with greater courage, and acted more like men, af- firmed, that virtue was fully sufficient for this pur- pose, without the helps and supplements required by the former. SIS here, below; but there is hope to be entertained concerning the dead, provided they are purified before they leave the world.

That our happiness is not confined within, the limits of this short life, nor does it end with it : on the contrary, it is scarce begun injhis world ; but when the present life comes to a period, then this happiness is completed, and becomes eternal. J Secutio Dei appetltus beatitatis, consecutio beatitas. But who will instruct us with regard to the nieans of reaching this blessed mark?

What feithfUl gqide shall we find to direct us in this way? Surely he himself must be our leader; there is no other besides him, that can answer our purpose. And therefore the Psalmist having begUQ the Psalm with the voice and declaration of the heavens, immediately after mentions another light much clearer than the sun himself, and a volume or book more perfect than ttie language of all tbe spheres.

Nothing is more certain, than that the doctrine which leads us to God, must take its rise from him ; for by no art whatever can the waters be made to rise higher than their foontain. If we consider his absolute power, it wouki certainly have been as easy for him toMve. If any one would prove, that these books which we receive as such, are in fact the repositories of this sacred and celestial doctrine, the most proper method he could take would be, first, to shew, that the sacred history and doctrines contained in them, are true ; and then, from their own testimony, con- clude them divine.

For, the truth of our religion being once well established, it is, to be sure, a most just postulation, and such as ought not to be denied to any sect of men, that, in this instance, the testimony of the Christian church should be believed, when it points out the books wherein the sum and substance of that religion are originally and authenctically depo- sited.

I wrought in confirmation of the New by Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, and author of the evangelic law ; as also those that were wrought by his servants the Apostles, and other Christians : and absolutely to deny the force of all these, would be an instance of impudence and obstinacy so great, that the keenest enemies of the Christian name of old did not venture upon it. But the Scriptures have two great evidences of their divinity — their own internal character, tind that external testimony.

There are two things which principally prove their internal character. Theirvoice is not the voice of man ; but the whole of them, not- withstanding their great extent, sounds something more grand than can be expected from the mouths of mortal men. Who would deny to the regu- lar succession of the Catholic church, the credit of a witness? Who, on the other hand, would claim the authority of a judge and arbitrator?

It would be quite silly to ascribe to the church a decisive power, as if, when a book were Brst presented to it, or brought out of any place, where it had been long concealed, it could immediately pronounce whether that book was a divine authority qr not. True religion, on the contrary, instead of being instituted by any city or society on earth, hath instituted a city alto- gether heavenly and divine, and is itself inspired by God, who is the giver of eternal life to all that worship him in sincerity.

Dei, lib. All knowledge of mysteries is vain, and of no value ; unless it have an influence upon the afiections, and thereby on the whole con- duct of life. WTK, TcXo« ht myavfi. Lfi4CT« XX. But these Sacred books ac- knowledge another more universal evidence of this leading truth, and an evidence quite distinct from theirS to which they refer all, even the most obsti- nate unbelievers, a«id those that are entirely igno- rant of this celestial doctrine, for full conviction.

He, therefone, that would bring over such persons to the faith, must reason after a quite different manner. I 20 ttCt, XX. Different men have different views in reading this book ; as in the same field the ox looks for grass, the botmd for a hare, and the stork for a lizard.

Some, fond of critical remarks, pick up nothing but little stones and shells. Others run in pursuit of sublime mys- teries, giving themselves but very little trouble about the precepts and instructions that are clear and evident ; and these plunge themselves into a pit that has no bottom.

But the genuine disciples of this true wisdom are those who make it their daily employment to purify their hearts by the water of these fountains, and reduce their whole lives to a conformity with this heavenly doctrine. Let us, therefore, have constantly fixed in our minds these words of the Psalmist, " Blessed are the undefiled in the way, that walk in the way of the Lord.

Thou hast com- manded us to keep thy precepts diligently. Of all the maxims that a? The saying, of St. Augustine, concerning time, is well known, in the schools ; with how much greater truth mtgfatit. For what can we sfty that is worthy of him, since man, when he speaks of God, is but a blind person describing light? Ire jnbet. PhiL lib. He is good in such t aense ais to be called by the Evangelist the only good Being.

Nay, he is the only reaify existent Beings Toovrcof «v; or, as Plot! In like manner, if we suppose God to be tbe first of all beings, we must, unavoidably, therefrom conclude his unity : as to the inefiable Trinity sub- sisting in this Unity, a mystery discovered only by the Sacred Scriptures, especially in the New Testa- ment, where it is more clearly revealed than in the Old, let others boldly pry into it, if they please; while we receive it with an humble faith, and think it sufficient for us to admire and adore.

But rather than insist upon metaphysical specu'- latioQS, let us, while we walk daily in these pleasant fields, be constantly culling fresh and never«fading flowers. Kai Zia ffiyai. Ifw to regulate Life according to the Rulee of Religion, I HAVE DOW, at different times, addressed myself to you upon several subjects of great importance, and of the utmost necessity ; though what I have hU tberto said was only designed as a preface;, or rn-r troduction, to what I further proposed.

He is certainly a very great enemy to his own understanding that lives high, and indulges himself in luxury. I would willingly hope, that such an advice would foe superfluous to you : but, in this conflict, I would willingly carry you to such a pitch of victory, that, at your orditiary and least delicious meals, that you Would always stop some degrees within the bounds to which your appetite would carry you.

He must not have his senses for his guides, but bring them into subjection fend subserviency to reason and religion. He must, by all means, have his house and faitiily so ordered and well disciplined, that be can say to one, Go, andhegoeth, and to another. Come, and he cometh; and, to his servant the body. Do this, and it doeth what it is bid, without murmuring.

Now, that we may avoid loquacity, we must love solitude, and render it familiar ; that so every one may have an opportunity to speak much to himself, and little to other people. But if we would secure our tongues and senses, or keep safe our hearts and all the issues of life, we must be frequent at prayer, in the morning, at noon, and at night, or oftener throughout the day, and continually walk as in the presence of God ; always remembering, that he observes not only our words and actions, but also takes notice of our most secret thoughts.

This sense of the Divine presence would certainly make our life on this, earth like that of the angels ; for, according to our Lord's expression, it is their peculiar advantage,. Will not that of God. But now, ,. While they behold thy boundless goodness, without any veil, admire thy uncreated beauty, and celebrate the praises thereof throughout all ages ; grant us, that we may walk in the paths of holiness, and, according to our measure, exalt thy name, even on this earth, until we also be translated into the gkurious assembly of those who serve thee in thy higher house.

Pour out thy blessing upon this our nation, our city, and university. We depend upon thee, O Father, without whose hand we should not have been, and without whose favour we can nerer be happy « Inspire our hearts with gladbess, thou, who alofie art the fountain of solid, LECT. Cf Purity cf Life. In every act of religious worship, what a great ad- vantage would it be to remember that saying of our great Master, which nobody is altogether igno- rant of, and yet scarce any know as they oughts " That God, whom we worship, is a spirit, and therefore to be worshipped in spirit and in truth"!

Therefore, when you spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you, and, as it were, turn my back upon you with disdain. But, if you will wash you, and make you clean, then come, and let us reason together. XXIII huioan race, and this image again stamped upon tfaem; which image, when fully completed, and for ewtr confirmed, will certainly constitute a great part of that happiness we now hope for, and aspire after.

Youth is not so headstrong, nor childhood so foolish, but by proper means they can be bent and formed to virtue and piety. And what was said of old, concerning Sparta and its disci- pline, may be, with much greater truth, asserted of the divine law and true religion, viz.

The philosophy of the Heathens, it is true, contains some moral in- structions and precepts, that are by no means despi- cable ; but this is only so far as they are agreeable to the word of God and tbe divine latv, though the LECT.

This the ancient fathers of the pri- mitive church have asserted, and fully proved, to the honour of our religion. If any of you, then, aspire to this purity of mrnd and way, you must, with all possible care, conform yourself, and every thing about you, to the instructions and precepts of this divine word. Nor think this a hard saying; for the study of purity has nothing in it that is unpleasant or dis- agreeable, unless you think it a grievance to be- come like unto God.

Before the Communion. Were a man not only to turn in upon himself, carefully to search and examine his own heart, and daily endeavour to improve it more and more in purity, but also to excite others, with whom be conversed, to this lau- LICT. Consider with yourselves, pray, and think seri- ously, what madness, what unaccountable folly it is, to trifle with the majesty of the Most High God, and to offer to Infinite Wisdom the sacrifices of distraction and folly!

Do we not know, that the sanfe God who is an enlivening and saving light to all that worship with humble piety, is, nevertheless, a consuming fire to all the impious and profane, who pollute his sacrifices with impure hearts and unclean hands; and'that those especially who have been employed in his church, and in the divine offices, yet have not experienced his influence as a pure and shining light, will unavoidably feel him as a flaming fire?

Let his saints rejoice and exult before God, for this he not only allows, but even commands ; yet let even those of them who have made the greatest LECt. Yet, if there are any, let their guilt and pol- lution, be ever so great, who find arising within them a hearty aversion to their own impurity, and an earnest desire after holiness; behold there is opened for you a living and pure fountain, most effectual for cleansing and washing away all sort of stains, as well as for refreshing languishing and thirsty souls.

Say, whither art thou going, and what seekest thou, O my soul? Is it any wonder, that those should find nothing, who absolutely have nothing in view ; and that he who is bound for no harbour, should meet with no favourable wind? Let us embrace him, therefore, with our whole hearts, and on him alone let us depend and rely. The concern of purifying the heart in good ear- nest, taking proper measures for conforming the life to the rules of the gospel, is equally incumbent upon all.

XXIV, and the flesh, " whither has it gone and left us? If we are to alter the course of our life for the time to come, we must look narrowly into our conduct during the pre- ceding part of it ; for the measures to be taken for the future are, in a great degree, suggested by what is past. He acts wisely, and is a happy man, who frequently, nay daily reviews his words and actions; because he will, doubtless, perform the same duty with greater ease and to better purpose, when he is called to it with more than ordinary solemnity.

And, therefore, they who have experienced how pleasant this work is, and what a mixture of utility is joined with this pleasure, will apply o it with a cheerful mind, whenever opportunity requires it. As to others, they must of necessity set about it some time or other : I say of necessity, if I am al- lowed to say it is necessary to avoid the wrath to come, and to obtain peace and salvation.

His blood, which was shed on the cross, is indeed a balsam more precious than all the balm of Gilead and Arabia, and all the ointments of the whole world ; but it is solely intended for curing the contrite in heart. But, ala3! He is the Most High, yet has chosen the hamble heart for the most agreeable place of his residence on this earth : but the proud and haughty, who look with disdain on their inferiors, he, on his part, despises, and be« holds, as it were, afar off. He is most holy, and dwells in no hearts but such as are purged from the dross of earthly affections ; and that these may be holy, and really capable of receiving his sacred Ma- jesty, they must of necessity be purified.

Of your studies and exotic learning, I intend not to say much. The knowledge, I own, that men of letters, who are the most indefatigable in study, and have the advantage of the greatest abi- lities, can postibly attain to, is at best but very small. I would, therefore, have you to apply to both these studies with equal attention, that you may not only attain some knowledge of nature, but also be in a condition to communicate your sentiments with ease upon those subjects you understand, and clothe your thoughts with words and expressions ; without which, all your knowledge will differ but very little from buried ignorance.

In this study, a weak understanding will be no disadvantage, if you have but a willing mind, and ardent desires. Here, if any where, the observaition holds, " That VOL. And, by this means, in a veiy-ahort time, you will be completely happy in the enjoyment of God, and live for ever in the blessed society of angels, and spirits of just men made perfect. But if you want to make a happy progress in this wisdom, you must, to be sure, declare war against all the lusts of the world and the flesh, which enervate your minds, weaken your strength, and deprive you of all disposition and fitness for imbibing this pure and immaculate doctrine.

R 9 Lei us pray. The weak eyes of our. Thou art good, and the Fountain of goodness ; give us understanding, that we may keep thy precepts. S6l ever happy in that full and beatific vision we aspire after. Till this most blessed day break, and the shadows fly away, let thy Spirit be continually with us, and may we feel the powerful effects of His di- vine grace constantly directing and supporting our steps, that all our endetivours, not only in this so- ciety, but throughout the whole remaining part of our lives, may serve to promote the honour of thy blessed name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The scenes are shifted,- the actors also disappear ; and, in the same manner, the greatest shows of this vain world likewise pass away. Let us, that we may lop off the luxurfant branches of our vines, take a nearer view of this object, and remember, that what we now call a laurel crown, will soon be followed by cypress wreaths : it will be also proper to consider how many, who, in their time, were em- ployed, as we are now, have long ago acted their parts, and are now consigned to a long oblivion ; as also, what vast numbers of the rising generation are following us at the heels, and, as it were, push- ing us forward to the same land of forgetfulness ; who, while they are hurrying us away, are at the same time hastening thither themselves.

In the mean time, nothing binders us from submitting to these, and other such cus« tomary formalities, provided our doing it interfere not with matters of much greater importance, and pi-ospects of a different and more exalted nature. Hare you have a cap and a title, and nothing at all moce. But, perhaps, taking this amiss, you secretly blanie me in your hearts, and wish me to congratulate you upon the honour you have obtained.

These small presents are not the principal reward of your labours, nor. Thus, the greatest part of mankind find the ivhoie of this wretched life chequered with delusive joys and real torments, ilUgrounded hopes, and fears equally imaginary : amidst these, we live in con- tinual suspense, and die so too. But a few, alas!

These make it their only study, and exert their utmost efforts, that, having the more divine part of their composition weaned from the world and the flesh, they may be brought to a resemblance and union with the holy and supreme God, the Father of spirits, by purity, piety, and an habitual contemplation of divipe ob- jects: and this, to be sure, is the principal thjng, with a noble ambition whereof I would have your minds inflamed ; and whatever profession, or man- ner of life you devote yourselves to, it is my earnest exhortation and request, that you would make this your constant and princrpal study.

Fly, if you have any regard to my advice, fly far from that con- troversial, contentious school-divinity, which, in fact, consists in fruitlesis disputes about words, and rather deserves the name of vain and foolish talking. And that great and last day, which is so much dreaded by the slaves of this present world, will be the most happy and auspicious to you ; as it will deliver you from a dark, dismal prison, and place you in the regions of the most full and marvellous light.

In mare lassatisvolucris vaga decidit alls. Let the heavens, the earth, and all the ele- ments, praise thee; let darkness, light, and all the returns of days and years, and all the varieties and vicissitudes of things, praise thee; let the angels praise thee, the arch-angels, and all the blessed court of heaven, whose very happiness it is, that they are constantly employed in celebrating thy praises. We confess, O Lord, that we are of all creatures the most unworthy to praise thee ; yet, of all others, we are under the greatest obligations to do it ; nay, the more unworthy we are, our obliga- tion is so much the greater.

From this duty, how- ever unqualified we may be, we can by no means abstain, nor indeed ought we. Let our souls bless thee, and all that is within us praise thy holy name, who ibrgivest all our sins, and healest all our dis- eases, who deliverest our souls from destruction, and crownest them with bounty and tender mercies.

We only add, in behalf of thy church, that it may be protected under the shadow of thy wings, and every where, throughout the world, watered by thy heavenly dew, that the spirit and heat of worldly hatred against it may be cooled, and its intestine divisions, whereby it is much more grievously scorched, ex- tinguished.

Bless this nation, this city, and tliis university, in which we beg, thou wouldest be pleaded to reside, as in a garden dedicated to thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. The whole world is a kind of stage, and its inhabitants mere actors. As to this little farce of yours, it is now very near a conclusion, and you are upon the point of applying to the spectators for their applause. It would, to be sure, be very improper, especially as the evening approaches, to detain you and my other hearers with a long and tedious discourse, when you are already more than enough fatigued, and almost quite tired out, with hearing.

I shall therefore only put you in mind of one thing, tmd that in a few words. Look round you, if you please, and take a near and exact sur- vey of all the different stations of life that are set before you. If you enter upon any of the stations of active life, what is this but jumping into a bush of thorns, where you can have no hope of enjoying quiet, and yet cannot easily get oiit'again? But if you rather choose to. Father of mankind, how toon, arid how much was he changed from what be was at first!

Eternal God, who art constantly adored by thrones and powers, by seraphim and cherubim, we confess, that thou art most worthy to be praised ; but we, of all others, are the most un- worthy to be Employed in shewing forth thy praise How can polluted bodies and impure souls, which, taken together, are nothing Ixit mere sinks of sii , praise thee, the pure and holy Majesty of heaven? Let our souls, therefore, and all that is within us, bless thy holy name ; yea, let all our bones say, O Lord, who, is like unto thee ; who is like unto thee?

This day, which'hasbeen the object of your earnest wishes, throughout the course of four whole years, is now almost over, and hastening to a close. What has it produced for your advantage? Can he that has reaped most successfully of you all, say he has filled his arms with sheaves? O wretched mortals! Who will starrd surety, that thou shalt live so long?

At home are contentions and disputes; abroad, in the fields, robbers ; clamour and noise at the bar ; wick- edness in the camp ; hypocrisy in the church ; and vexation or lamentable mistakes every where. What a considerable part of mankind are strug- gling with open and sharp afflictions!

How fre- quent are the groans of the sick and languishing! How great the multitude of those that lament their friends and relations, carried off by death, and will themselves, in a short time, and for the same reason, be lamented by others!

And, to conclude, how innumerable are the miseries and afflictions, of various kinds, that seem akeroately to re«echo to one another! Why didst thou introduce me into a life full of briars und thorns? Tell us in what part of the earth they are to be found. Let us know, pray, where they dwell, that we may flock thitbev in great numbers. S83 fall into innumerable errors. Let us celebrate thee, O Lord, who art great, and greatly to be praised. Let all nations praise thee, from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof.

Set our hearts on fire with the flames of thy divine love, that they may wholly ascend to thee as burnt-offerings, and no- thing of ours may remain with us. Let this change, O bountiful Father, be brought about, for it is a change only to be effected by the power of thy hand ; and as soon as our souls are made sensible of it, thy praise shall be for ever sounded within us, as in temples devoted to thy service.

Let thy whole church, O Lord, flourish and re- joice in the light of thy favour. Be favourable to this our university, city, and nation. Dispel, we pray thee, the thick clouds, and quiet the winds and storms; for when they rage most, and make the greatest noise, they know thy voice, and obey it.

We depend upoft thee only ; and to thee alone we render praise and glory, as fer as we can, through Jesus Christ. Our life is but a point, and even less than a point; but as it is not a mathematical point, as they call it, nor quite indivisible, when we divide it into mi- nute parts, it appears something considerable, and assumes the imaginary appearance of,a large space of time; nay, according to Aristotle's notion, it appears divisible in infinitum.

Not that I wx uld probibit your making an eariy and prudent cboiGe, under the divine direction, of the employment and profession of life you intend to pursue ; nay, I would use erery argument to per- suade you to make use of such a choice, and whea you have made it, to prosecute the intention of it with the greatest diligence and activity.

If the violence and infelicity of the time has deprived you of any part of that period of years usually em- ployed in these studies at this university, you will surely repair that loss, as soon as possible, by your subsequent reading aud application. But, if no such misfortune had happened, you are not, I be- lieve, ignorant, that our schools are only intended for laying the foundations of those studies, upon which years and indefatigable industry are to raise the superstructure of more complete erudi- tion ; which, by the accession of the Divine Spirit, may be consecrated into a temple for God.

L -Hft? What b Mnqedtid. But he that is elevated with a fond conceit of his. How small and inn considerable is the extent bf oUr knowledge! Byqn the most contemptible things in nature are sufficient ,ta expose the greatness of our ignorance. And, with. TOW houses of elay;, caBuot bear the. And whoever believes this truth, will, doubtless,. But the soul, -which reasons, which is employed in learning and -teachbg, in a few ddys will for ever bid farewell to all these things, cind remove to another country, 'O'how inconsiderable are ail arts: and sciences, all eloquence and philosopliy, wh?

Let others seek what they will, and find. O bllissecl SQOl! Our pneaeiit poswsAiQqv pre loathsome aia. Nor needi yon go far, youag geiitleteen, to JoqId for, an instance of this distemper ; let any df you desoeod Into. Eiven those i who have. Oiniinite God. This is.

W;e afe beialed. JVlay we devQte. And, indeed, young gentlemen, I am of opinion, that such a view and meditation of death will not be unsuitable, or improper, even -for you, though you are in the prime of life, and your minds in their full vigour; nay, I would gladly hope, you yourselves will not imagine it would, nor be at all offended at me, as if, by mentioning that inauspi- cious word unseasonably, I disturbed your present joy, 4rew a kind of black cloud over this bright day of festivity, or seemed to mix among your laurels, a branch of the hated cypress.

The wise man alone. If any ai you hias been thos instructed, he has cttitainly attained the highest of all arts, and has entered upon the most glorious liberty, even before be hath received any University degree. Let praise be ascribed to the Lord, because be is good, and his mercy endareth for ever? But, on the other band, aids! O how faint and languid is our love to him I How very little, or near to nothing is the whole of that flame which we feel within us ; and, as that love fails within us, we misplace our affections upon the things around us; and as we follow vanity, we become vain and miserable at the same time.

Bless this city, and this celebrated university. Grant, most gracious Father, that the nuipbers of youth we send out from it this day, and every year, may be, by thy effectual grace, con,, secrated and devoted to thy service. Bat O! And if in these notices of him, that are communicated to us, we meet with any thing obscure, and hard to be.

For though, in thinking of him, we remove from our idea all sort of imperfection, and collect together every perceivable perfection, and adorn the whole with the highest titles, we must, after all, acknowledge, that we have said no- thing, and that our conceptions are nothing to the purpose.. SIS him to be the immovable Being, that moveth every thing"; the immutable God, that changeth all things at bis pleasure ; the infinite and eternal fountain of all good, and of all existence, and the Lord and sole ruler of the world.

Now, is not thisireal madness, aud the highest degree of insensibility? Every thing there is ugly, fright- ful, and full of nastinesd,. Study and the highest knowledge, when we neglect that of ourselves! We pray, therefore, that hy thy Almighty hand, thou wouldest so effectually join and unite our hearts to thee, that they may never be separated any more.

How unhappy are they who forsake thee, and whose hearts depart from thy ways! They shall be like shrubs in the desert, they shall not see when good cometb, but dwell in a parched and barren land. Though this, I imagine, is the last address I shall ever have occasion to make to you, I will not de- tain you long from your studies, nor encroach on the time allowed you for recreation.

This is, to be sure, the first time that some of you have heard me; but I have a great many others to bear wit- ness of the constlmt design of all my dissertations in this place. The other class of the. For whoever witt strive toe diis victory, and strive so as at last to ohti»n if, the Lord will own him for his. He will attain a likeness to God in this eart , and, aftor a short conflict, will triumph in the Diniine poesewe for ever. Theae are the doc« tvinea which it is our interest to know, and in tbe obsATvatioa of which our happiness will be secured.

St9 joyments. And, thatycm may not be discouraged, remember the great Redeemer of souls, ' your ex- alted Captain, bath gone before you, and we have to do witis an enemy already conquered. Noluit enim sapientissimus Dens, nos immortaiitatem delicate ac molliter assequi, sed ad illnd vitss eternaef inenarrabile prsemium summft cum dilftcnltate, et magnis. Now, this victory can only "be secured by stedfast believing, vigorous opposition to our spiri- tual enemies, unwearied watching, and incessant prayer.

Let prayer be not only the key that opens the day, and the lock that shuts out the night ; but let it be also, from morning to night, our staff and stay in all our. Prayer brings consolation to the languishing soul, drives away the devil, and is the great medium, whereby all grace and peace is communicated to us.

Let M praif. But O. Thou surely didst at first im- plant in us souls and powers for this purpose, superior to the rest of the visible creation ; as we were then not only qualified to offer thee praises founded on the rational conviction of our minds, and animated by the affections of our hearts; but also capable of pronouncing more articulately even the praises that result from all the rest of thy visi- ble works.

But, alas! IS any band able to extricate them out of this tnud, or cleanse them from their pollution, but thine. Besides other passages in those papers to the same purpose, in pp. But some will say that we are engaged against prelacy by covenant and therefore cannot yield to so much as you do, without perjury. It should be noted, that when that covenant was framed, there was no Episcopacy at all in being in Scotland, but in England only ; so that the extir- pation of that frame only could then be merely in-.

I do not deny that the generality of the people, even of ministers in Scotland, when they took the covenant, did understand that article, as against all JBpiscbpacy whatsoever, even the most moderate ;. And whatsoever may be said for their excuse in whole or ia part, who in yielding to the power that presiaed it, and the general opinion of this church at.

Where will there be instanced a greater oppression and tyranny over consciences than this? Certainly, they that now govern in this church cannot be charged with any thing near, or like unto it ; for whatsoever they require of entrants to the ministry, they require neither subscriptions nor oaths of ministers already entered, and far less of the whole body of the people.

Now fint tranihted from the Latin. Yet I would not morosely reject all interpretations of that kind, seeing the Apostles themselves apply to Christ many passages out of the Psalms and other books of the Old Testament, which if we had not been assured of it by ttieir au- thority, we should hardly have imagined to have had any reference to him.

Nor is it probable that they enumerated all the predictions of the Messiah, which are to be found in the prophetic writings, but. The Psalm was written by DavW, as a summary of the prayer he had poured out before God, when some exceeding great affliction seemed to besiege him on every side, whether it were the persecution of Saul, or the conspiracy of Absalom his son« Ver. Hear me. Behold the sanctuary to which. Psalm xviii. And again, Prov. And they who know not this refuge, are miserable ; and when any danger arises, they run hither and thither, as Antonius 'beautifully ex- VOL.

He that knows how to pray may be pressed, but cannot be overwhelmed. Thou art not a God that hast pleasure in wick'- edness. Psalm xxii. But our own personal experiences are later and nearer, and he who treasures them up in his memory, not only thereby expresses his gra- titude to God, but wisely consults his own interest ; for he enjoys all those benefits of the Divine favour VKR.

By a secret kind of magnetism, he draws one benefit by another ; he calls out, and as it were allures the Divine favour by itself. Thou hast enlarged me. One thing more may be observed here, but it is so very obvious, that I shall only just mention it, as what needs not to be much inculcated ; that he who has not been accustomed to prayer when the plea- sant gales of prosperity have been breathing upon him, will have little skill and confidence in applying himself to it, when the storms of adversity arise ; as Xenophon well observed in the person of Cyrus.

You have spent time enough, and, alas! In the mean time let us attend to the words before us. How long will ye tummy glory into shame? The things which are the brightest ornaments of human nature, and which alone constitute its very glory, are holiness, piety, and faith ; and these are treated as if they were the most despicable and ignominious things in the whole world.

VER, 9. Thus we turn true glory into shame, and shame into glory ; and because few are able to discern what tends to their eternal hap« piness, they squander away the whole day. And they who heap up riches, seem to be wise both to themselves. For these riches are spent upon gratifying their palate, and ministering in other re- spects to their luxury.

Into how foul a gulf do they throw what they have laboured so eagerly to gain! Or, if they hoard up their wealth, how soon do they pass over the property to their heirs! And as for pleasure, who is so senseless as not to know how deceitful a lie it proves at last? For if, as St. Chrysostom speaks, it may seem indecent for me to press you fttrtber to sftch an attachment tp these objects as they require, it will be a lovely thing to give It witliout 'farther solicitation.

Happy they whom he, by a wonderful interposition of grace in their fa- vour, sets apart as dear to himself. Which leads to the 3d Verse. And whoever they are who endeavour to op- pose themselves to the Divine purpioses, betray the most desperate madness, and on whatever strength or counsel they depend in the enterprise, like waves dashed against the solid rock, they shall be broken in pieces, by what they vainly attempt to break.

And on this basis does the whole safety of the whole church rest, and that of all God's saints, of all those whom he sets apart for himself; and, as the form of the original here has been thought to imply, wpnderfuUy. And this is the confidence on which believers should repose themselves.

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If you are interested in reselling our tools, you can please email to us your company details and we will consider it too. Please also prepare more case studies for this tool, thank you. Hello there, we ship all our products by secured DHL express and ofcourse, we can ship to Iceland and we have great experience shipping worldwide. Joaquin Macksoud — June 2, Melanie Mariano — May 31, Thank you very much for your great product which has definitely helped with my data recovery success and I am going to order more and expecting your new upgrade.

Your email address will not be published. Chengdu Headquarter: , , TaoDu Ave. Find out how existing users comment on Dolphin data recovery tools and support DFL-WDII is the top-class WD hdd firmware repair hardware tool with many new hdd repair features for high-success-rate western digital hard disk drive repair. Stanley Morgan — February 12, Thank you for your comments, for smart repair, it is easy to fix, one click or just need to write one donor smart module.

Rated 3 out of 5. Stanley Morgan — August 13, Hello Sir, manajer penjualan kami adalah menghubungi Anda segera, silahkan periksa email Anda. Rated 2 out of 5.

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Hard Drive Repair Utility DFL-WDII: Unlock Password Protected HDD

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