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Cassetti, Gabriele, Nishioka, Shuichiro Corigliano, Alberto, Pawlus, Witold. Corizzo, Roberto, Paykani, Amin García Torrent, Javier, Schäfer, Helmut. Wirth Areef Comite Bosnie Mir Sada Rouiller Marcia Witold Kaizoku-Ō Mendy Costantini Eileen Aliona Tchiki Jeff Dinet Lukas Contact Echristine Lika. Your query (Full Text: partner) obtained matches in sec. REFINE YOUR RESULTS. Publisher. Dykinson · CSIC · Arte Público Press A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME JOSH SCOGIN TORRENT The mode must performing important tasks to me that opened and do from modern text source and applies. It does not are then retrieved equivalent queries with. To reboot right review to find.

Morero, M. Alejandro Castrillon, Facundo A. Ramos, Teodoro A. Goette, Oscar E. Agazzi, Mario R. Arbab, Mohammad M. Shah, K. Rashmi, P. Schwarz, A. Knopp, B. Hooghe, M. Qazi, Jaafar M. Lai, Geoffrey G. Femminella, G. Bergmann, E. Candreva, G. Corazza, R. De Gaudenzi, B. Devillers, W. Gappmair, F.

Lombardo, C. Mosquera, A. Thibault, A. Suffritti, E. Candreva, F. Lombardo, S. Rosati, A. Vanelli-Coralli, G. Corazza, G. Guenach, J. Meas, M. Timmers, O. Lamparter, J. Bischoff, M. Payne, Hyong S. Godoy, Graham C. Carrer, Mario R. Chen, Qinye Yin, T. Bournaka, K.

Cumanan, S. Lambotharan, F. Smith, Himal A. Batalama, John D. Farhoodi, Amir H. Rahulamathavan, S. Phan, H. Tuan, H. Pedrosa, R. Dinis, F. Ali Saberali, S. Jason Chiang, Yitzchak M. Kha, H. Tuan, Ha H. Joshi, Dimitrie C. Popescu, Octavia A. Dobre, Kareem E.

Ghauch, Constantinos B. Nguyen, J. Wong, John M. Mallik, Vijay K. Duong, Himal A. Chaudhry, Z. Asad, A. Sprintson, M. Hari, L. Ming Tsang, Ada S. Rashid, Vijay K. Michalopoulos, Nestor D. Chatzidiamantis, Robert Schober, George K. Nguyen, Ha H. Caceres, Maurizio A. El-Gendi, Mohammed M. Khairy, Omar A. Pados, John D. Baidas, Allen B. Rappaport, Yijun Qiao, Samuel J. Fakoorian, A. Restrepo, Youjian Liu, Timothy X. Brown, Kenneth R. Babich, M. Comisso, A. Laurenson, Cheng-Xiang Wang, H.

Peter Hong, C. Martini, W. Cerroni, M. Gharbaoui, A. Campi, P. Castoldi, F. Cheung, T. Chim, S. Yiu, Victor O. Li, Lucas C. Chieng, A. Ting, K. Kwong, M. Abbas, I. Esteki, Yih-Chun Hu, P. Sagduyu, Jason H. Irwin, Allen B. Mackenzie, Luiz A. Letaief, Ranjan K. Vo, Nguyen H. Gao, M. Hasan, J. Le, M. Xiao, F. Ye, T. Tian, R. Chang, W. Lei, Q. Jing Author Index. Invertible extractors and wiretap protocols by Amin Shokrollahi.

Key techniques for 5G wireless communications: network architecture, physical layer, and MAC layer perspectives by youness sharaf. Survey on energy harvesting wireless communications: Challenges and opportunities for radio resource allocation by Majid Butt.

Evolution and future trends of research in cognitive radio: a contemporary survey by Ekram Hossain. Reconfigurable Wireless Networks by Waleed Ejaz. Kishan Rao Kalitkar. Seoane Souto , Y. Liu , P. Krogstrup , K. Flensberg , M. Leijnse , C.

Blake , Thomas. Palstra , Christian H. Title: Biasing topological charge injection in topological matter. Comments: 6 pages, 5 figures plus appendix. Authors: Yu Qiao , Zhaoru Shang. Journal-ref: Physica A Vol. Title: A microstructural analysis of 2D halide perovskites: Stability and functionality. Comments: Review article, 6 figures, under review in Frontiers in Nanotechnology.

Journal-ref: Frontiers in Nanotechnology Comments: 7 pages, 5 figures, submitted to J. Title: Stacking and gate tunable topological flat bands, gaps and anisotropic strip patterns in twisted trilayer graphene. Title: Broadband dielectric behavior of MIL metal-organic framework as a function of structural amorphization. Souza , Annika F.

Frogley , Jin-Chong Tan. Comments: 23 pages, 5 Figures, Supporting Information 34 pages. Authors: Chiu Fan Lee. Comments: Half of the Integral Formulae are now shown to be exact in this new version. Journal-ref: New Journal of Physics Title: Josephson junctions in double nanowires bridged by in-situ deposited superconductors.

Research 3, Authors: Andrey A. Kistanov , Stepan A. Shcherbinin , Svetlana V. Nikitenko , Oleg V. Comments: 35 pages, 14 figures, 1 appendix figure. Pribiag , Noa Marom. Authors: Banasree Sadhukhan , Tanay Nag. Comments: 11 pages and 7 figures. Title: Topology and many-body localization.

Bhatt , Akshay Krishna. Comments: This is the preprint of an article that has been accepted to a forthcoming Special Issue of the Annals of Physics. The DOI links to the final version in press. Journal-ref: Annals of Physics , Title: Characterization of Nb22O54 microrods grown from niobium oxide powders recovered from mine tailings. Authors: B. Sotillo , F. Lopez , L. Alcaraz , P.

Journal-ref: Ceramics International 47, Title: Asymmetric arms maximise visibility in hot-electron interferometers. Authors: Clarissa J. Barratt , Sungguen Ryu , Lewis A. Clark , H. Sim , Masaya Kataoka , Clive Emary. Title: Magnetic skyrmion braids. Authors: Fengshan Zheng , Filipp N. Rybakov , Nikolai S. Title: Details of soft particle clogging in two-dimensional hoppers.

Comments: Followup to arXiv Vicent-Luna , S. Apergi , S. Title: On local intrinsic dimensionality of deformation in complex materials. Fal'ko , Jairo Velasco Jr. Comments: Manuscript and Supporting Information updated. Title: Competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions drive the magnetocaloric tunability in Gd55Co30NixAlx microwires. Comments: Melt-extraction; Microwire; Magnetocaloric effect; Magnetic refrigeration. Title: Analyser-free, intensity-based wide-field magneto-optical microscopy.

Comments: 20 pages, 18 figures. Submitted to Applied Physics Reviews. Journal-ref: Applied Physics Reviews 8, Title: Possible quadrupole order in tetragonal Ba2CdReO6 and chemical trend in the ground states of 5d1 double perovskites. Authors: Daigorou Hirai , Zenji Hiroi. Comments: 9 pages, 4 figures, 1 Table. Comments: 24 pages, 7 figures, 2 Tables.

Journal-ref: Inorg. Title: On opening crack propagation in viscoelastic solids. Title: Low-momentum interactions for ultracold Fermi gases. Urban , S. Comments: 11 pages, 4 figures; v2: minor changes. Title: Two-magnon Raman scattering in antiferromagnetic phases of frustrated spin models on the honeycomb lattice. Gardener , Austin J. Akey , Christian E.

Matt , Jennifer E. B , , Tagiltsev , A. Title: Glasslike phonon excitation caused by ferroelectric structural instability. Ishii , A. Yamamoto , N. Sato , Y. Nambu , S. Ohira-Kawamura , N. Murai , T. Mori , S. Title: Dynamical systems on hypergraphs.

Authors: Timoteo Carletti , Duccio Fanelli. DS ; Pattern Formation and Solitons nlin. PS ; Physics and Society physics. Authors: D. Roy , R. Clay , S. Journal-ref: Crystals , 11 6 , Authors: Qianlang Liu , Barnaby D.

Levin , Diane M. Haiber , Joshua L. Title: Charge density wave and finite-temperature transport in minimally twisted bilayer graphene. Title: Magic continuum in twisted bilayer square lattice with staggered flux. Title: Efficient determination of the true magnetic structure in a high-throughput ab initio screening: the MDMC method. Authors: Olga Yu. Title: Active Turbulence. Comments: Review for Annu.

Matter Phys. CD ; Pattern Formation and Solitons nlin. PS ; Biological Physics physics. Title: Influence of surface band bending on a narrow band gap semiconductor: Tunneling atomic force studies of graphite with Bernal and rhombohedral stacking orders. Title: Sculpting the plasmonic responses of nanoparticles by directed electron beam irradiation. Authors: Kevin M. Lupini , Delia J. Milliron , Sergei V.

Title: Majorana correlations in the Kitaev model with ordered-flux structures. Title: Fully anisotropic finite strain viscoelasticity based on a reverse multiplicative decomposition and logarithmic strains. Latorre , F. Title: Defect-mediated dynamics of coherent structures in active nematics. DS ; Fluid Dynamics physics. Title: Supersolid-like states in a two-dimensional trapped spin-orbit-coupled spin-1 condensate.

Title: Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation for ferrimagnets with higher-order interaction. Authors: Marco Menarini , Vitaliy Lomakin. Comments: 20 pages, 6 figures, 3 tables. Title: Noncollinear ferrielectricity and morphotropic phase boundary in GeS monolayer. Journal-ref: Physical Review B , L Title: Noncollinear topological textures in two-dimensional van der Waals materials: From magnetic to polar systems.

Comments: 13 pages, 7 figures; a brief review. Title: A capacitive displacement system for studying the piezoelectric strain and its temperature variation. Authors: Desheng Fu , Eiki Kakihara. Journal-ref: Journal of Applied Physics 14 , Derras-Chouk , E.

Chudnovsky , D. Comments: 7 PR pages, 5 figure captions, 2 tables. Comments: 25 pages, 4 figures, accepted in Current Applied Physics. Title: Persistent currents in rings of ultracold fermionic atoms. Authors: Yanping Cai , Daniel G. Allman , Parth Sabharwal , Kevin C. Comments: 7 pages, 3 figures, Supplementary to be uploaded. Title: Phonon helicity induced by electronic Berry curvature in Dirac materials.

All comments are welcome! Kenny , A. Jacko , B. Title: Superconductivity with and without glue and the role of the double-occupancy forbidding constraint in the t-J-V model. Comments: 17 pages; 22 references; 2 Tables; 5 Figures. Jaafar , Wenjian Zhang , Gabriela P. Title: Geometry and Symmetry in Skyrmion Dynamics. Authors: Vladyslav M.

Schroers , Nikolai S. Title: Sampling the Cu-Fe-Co phase diagram by severe plastic deformation for enhanced soft magnetic properties. Title: Topological Green function of interacting systems. Comments: updated reference and corrected figures.

Title: Diffusion of a magnetic skyrmion in 2-dimensional space. Title: Correlation spectra of Fe-pnictides obtained by using an extended Drude mode. Authors: Fazel Shojaei , Bohayra Mortazavi. Journal-ref: Applied Surface Science Title: Unraveling intrinsic flexoelectricity in twisted double bilayer graphene. Watanabe , T. Taniguchi , Daniel R. Gamelin , David H. Veis , J. Son , J-G. Park , V. Title: In-situ dispersion of electrospun nanofibers in PDMS for fabrication of high strength, transparent nanocomposites.

Authors: Shital Rokade , Prasoon Kumar. Comments: 10 Pages, 3 Figures, submitted a letter article to Materials Letter. Title: Kubo formula for non-Hermitian systems and tachyon optical conductivity. Walsh , Nuo Yang.

Title: Theoretical mapping of interaction between alkali metal atoms adsorbed on graphene-like BC3 monolayer. Authors: Kazem Zhour , Andrei Postnikov. Title: Short note: Transformation between different solution methods for general axisymmetric tangential contact problems in Hertz-Mindlin approximation.

Authors: Emanuel Willert. Title: Spatially resolved surface dissipation over metal and dielectric substrates. Abendroth , Christian L. Degen , Alexander Eichler. Title: Finite-size study of the athermal quasistatic yielding transition in structural glasses. Title: Fluctuating local field approach to free energy of 1D molecules with strong collective electronic correlations.

Authors: Yana S. Lyakhova , Evgeny A. Stepanov , Alexey N. Title: Numerical evidence of a super-universality of the 2D and 3D random quantum Potts models. Title: Renormalization of spin excitations and Kondo effect in open shell nanographenes. Comments: 9 pages, 4 figures; replaced with revised version, accepted in Phys. Title: Strain induced strengthening of soft thermoplastic polyurethanes under cyclic deformation. Title: Can confined mechanical metamaterials replace adhesives?

Authors: Adrianos E. Athanasiadis , Marcelo A. Dias , Michal K. Title: Non-local corrections to the typical medium theory of Anderson localization. Terletska , A. Moilanen , K. Tam , Y. Zhang , Y. Wang , M. Eisenbach , N. Vidhyadhiraja , L. Chioncel , J. Marsik , S. Sarkar , F. Lyzwa , Y. Zhang , B. Shen , C. Title: Active learning and element embedding approach in neural networks for infinite-layer versus perovskite oxides.

Authors: Armin Sahinovic , Benjamin Geisler. Authors: Kirill P. Kalinin , Natalia G. ET ; Information Retrieval cs. IR ; Computational Physics physics. Title: Delayed buckling of spherical shells due to viscoelastic knockdown of the critical load. Holmes , Gwennou Coupier. Title: Exponentially selective molecular sieving through angstrom pores. Authors: P. Sun , M. Yagmurcukardes , R. Zhang , W. Kuang , M. Lozada-Hidalgo , B. Liu , H. Cheng , F. Wang , F. Peeters , I. Grigorieva , A.

Title: Spin-orbit enabled quantum transport channels in a two-hole double quantum dot. Title: Fractional quantum Hall effect energy gap: role of electron layer thickness. Villegas Rosales , P. Madathil , Y. Chung , L. Pfeiffer , K. West , K. Baldwin , M. Comments: 21 pages, 12 pages of main manuscript, 4 main manuscript figures, 9 pages of supplementary information, 8 supplementary figures.

Title: Measurement circuit effects in three-terminal electrical transport measurements. Authors: Esteban A. Higginbotham , Lucas Casparis. Title: Accessing slip activity in high purity tin with electron backscatter diffraction and measurement of slip strength.

Ben Britton. Title: Constitutive modeling of dilute wormlike micelle solutions: shear-induced structure and transient dynamics. Authors: Richard J. Hommel , Michael D. Title: Thermodynamics of vacancies in concentrated solid solutions: From dilute Ni-alloys to the Cantor system. Title: Interacting systems equivalent to non-interacting systems with quenched disorder.

Authors: Shijun Sun , Sergey Syzranov. Comments: 14 pages, 9 figures. Title: Structural Organization of Space Polymers. Authors: Julie E. McGeoch , Malcolm W. Journal-ref: Physics of Fluids 33, Title: An ideal rapid-cycle Thouless pump. Malikis , V. Comments: 20 pages, 5 figures, Submission to SciPost. Title: Efficient slave-boson approach for multiorbital two-particle response functions and superconductivity. X 11, Authors: Ann Julie U. Authors: Leonardo D. Machado , Rafael A.

Bizao , Nicola M. Pugno , Douglas S. Authors: Marcos A. Title: Magnetic imaging and statistical analysis of the metamagnetic phase transition of FeRh with electron spins in diamond. Comments: Diffusion of a Brownian particle on the sphere surface under external potentials. Title: Topological Disclination Pump. Title: Spin-helical detection in a semiconductor quantum device with ferromagnetic contacts.

Authors: Zedong Yang , Paul A. Crowell , Vlad S. Title: Domain wall dynamics in the spinor Bose-Einstein condensates. Authors: Hiroshi Kuratsuji. Journal-ref: Euro Physics Letters , , p Title: Theory of the Kitaev model in a [] magnetic field. Title: Compatibility of transport effects in non-Hermitian nonreciprocal systems. Comments: 10 pages, 4 figures, 1 table.

Title: Nanobubble-induced flow of immersed glassy polymer films. Title: Mott insulator tuning via structural distortion in monolayer 1T-NbSe2. Title: Revisiting the third-order elastic constants of diamond: the higher-order effect. Comments: 9 pages, 3 figures, 2 tables. Authors: Manish Anand. Journal-ref: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, , Journal-ref: Nano Lett. Poblet , Branton J. Campbell , Alessandro Stroppa.

Journal-ref: npj Computational Materials 6, Title: The impact of Kelvin probe force microscopy operation modes and environment on grain boundary band bending in perovskite and Cu In,Ga Se2 solar cells. Title: Quantum phase transitions and superconductivity in the pressurized heavy-fermion compound CeCuP2. Title: Antioxidant activity and toxicity study of cerium oxide nanoparticles stabilized with innovative functional copolymers.

Mironov , A. Mel'nikov , I. Tokman , V. Vadimov , B. Lounis , A. Authors: Dorye L. Title: Operando characterization of interfacial charge transfer processes. Authors: Christoph Baeumer. Title: Time- ir reversibility in active matter: from micro to macro. Authors: Rinske M. Scarlino , J. Ungerer , D. Mancini , P. Stano , C.

Muller , A. Landig , J. Koski , C. Reichl , W. Wegscheider , T. Ihn , K. Ensslin , A. Authors: Zhuoliang Ni , A. Haglund , H. Wang , B. Bernhard , D. Mandrus , X. Qian , E. Mele , C. Kane , Liang Wu. Comments: Submitted version; To appear in Nature Nanotechnology. Journal-ref: Nature Nanotechnology 16, Authors: Subhajit Pal , S. Muthukrishnan , Banasree Sadhukhan , Sarath N. Murali , Pattukkannu Murugavel. Journal-ref: Journal of Applied Physics , Authors: Ulysse Godreau , Sylvain Prolhac.

Title: Vacuum anomalous Hall effect in gyrotropic cavity. Henann , Christian Franck. Authors: Nikita I. Selivanov , Aleksei O. Murzin , Vsevolod I. Yudin , Yury V. Kapitonov , Alexei V. Title: A note on an absorption problem for a Brownian particle moving in a harmonic potential. Authors: Michael J.

Kearney , Richard J. Authors: Melissa G. Loving , Thomas F. Ambrose , Shawn Keebaugh , Donald L. Miller , Robert Pownall , Nicholas D. Rizzo , Anton N. Sidorov , Nathan P. Title: The frequency-resolved frozen phonon multislice method and its application to vibrational EELS using parallel illumination.

Authors: Paul M. Title: Poisson's ratio and angle bending in spring networks. Authors: Nidhi Pashine , Daniel R. Reid , Meng Shen , Juan J. Title: Position-dependent mass effects on a bilayer graphene catenoid bridge. Silva , J. Furtado , A.

Title: Renormalization group analysis on emergence of higher rank symmetry and higher moment conservation. Authors: Hongchao Li , Peng Ye. Title: Spontaneous imbibition in porous media: from pore scale to Darcy scale. Comments: 24 pages, 6 figures, Supplementary with 7 figures. Journal-ref: SciPost Physics Core 5, Title: Bulk modulus of soft particle assemblies under compression.

Title: Theory of tunneling spectra for a few-electron bilayer graphene quantum dot. Authors: Angelika Knothe , Leonid I. Glazman , Vladimir I. Title: Analytical solution of stochastic resonance in the nonadiabatic regime. Authors: W. Moon , L. Giorgini , J. Journal-ref: Physical Review E , Title: The double hypergeometric series for the partition function of the 2D anisotropic Ising model.

Authors: Gandhimohan M. Comments: 13 pages, submitted for publication. Title: The effects of disorder on Harris-criterion violating percolation. Comments: 5 pages, 2 figures, submitted to Phys. Comments: 6 pages, 7 figures, Applied Physics Letters, in press. Title: Tailoring magnetization reversal of a single-domain bar nanomagnet via its end geometry. Journal-ref: AIP Advances Paris , C.

Nicholson , S. Johnston , Y. Tseng , M. Rumo , G. Coslovich , S. Zohar , M. Lin , V. Strocov , R. Saint-Martin , A. Revcolevschi , A. Kemper , W. Schlotter , G. Dakovski , C. Monney , T. Journal-ref: npj Quantum Materials Title: A multimodal operando neutron study of the phase evolution in a graphite electrode.

Johnsen , Patrick K. Comments: Main: 12 pages, 4 figures; Supplemental: 9 pages, 6 figures. Aref , Gary F. Dargush , Dipanshu Bansal. Journal-ref: Computer Physics Communications : Title: Deep learning of topological phase transitions from entanglement aspects for two-dimensional chiral p-wave superconductors. Title: Atomistic deformation behavior of single and twin crystalline Cu nanopillars with preexisting dislocations.

Comments: - Main document: 29 pages, 12 figures, 3 tables - Supplementary Material: 13 pages, 11 figures, 2tables. Journal-ref: Acta Materialia Title: A short-range structural insight into lithium substituted barium vanadate glasses using Raman and EPR spectroscopy as probes. Denlinger , Yang Liu. Takarada , M. Ogata , H. Comments: 8 pages, 5 figures, supplementary materials.

Title: When bigger is faster: a self-van Hove analysis of the enhanced self-diffusion of non-commensurate guest particles in smectics. Comments: 10 pages, 9 figures, the article has been accepted by the Journal of Chemical Physics.

Hertel , L. Andersen , D. Eichinger , P. Scarlino , S. Yadav , J. Karthik , S. Gronin , G. Gardner , M. Manfra , C. Marcus , K. Applied 16, Title: Topological robustness of quantization of the anomalous Hall conductance of a two-dimensional disordered Chern insulator. Authors: Fabian Eickhoff , Frithjof B. Authors: Kimihiko Fukushima , Kazumitsu Sakai.

Comments: 13 pages, v3: minor corrections, published version. Journal-ref: Prog. LG ; Machine Learning stat. Title: Density-tuned isotherms and dynamic change at phase transition in a gate-controlled superconducting system. Santander-Syro , Franck Fortuna. Duesberg , Max C. Journal-ref: Advanced Functional Material, , Title: Ultrafast metal-to-insulator switching in a strongly correlated system.

Authors: Francesco Grandi , Martin Eckstein. Title: Flicker and random telegraph noise between gyrotropic and dynamic C-state of a vortex based spin torque nano oscillator. Journal-ref: AIP Advances 11, Title: Saddle point anomaly of Landau levels in graphenelike structures.

Journal-ref: Nano Letters 20 Title: Mixed Formamidinium-Methylammonium Lead Iodide perovskite from first-principles: Hydrogen-bonding impact on the electronic properties. Authors: Maximiliano Senno , Silvia Tinte. Naseska 1 , P. Sutar 1 , Y.

Vaskivskyi 1 , I. Vaskivskyi 1 , D. Vengust 1 , D. Svetin 1 , V. Kabanov 1 , D. Mihailovic 1,2 , T. Comments: arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv Title: Diffusion and escape from polygonal channels: extreme values and geometric effects. Comments: 24 pages, 9 figures, 2 tables. Comments: 47 pages, 11 figures, 2 tables. Journal-ref: Materials 13 Title: Nemato-elasticity of hybrid molecular-colloidal liquid crystals.

Senyuk , H. Mundoor , I. Smalyukh , H. Title: Raman spectra of fine-grained materials from first principles. Authors: Maxim N. Journal-ref: npj Computational Materials 6 Title: Analytical description of the 1s exciton linewidth temperature-dependence in transition metal dichalcogenides. Henriques , N. Mortensen , N. Comments: 6 pages; suplemental material is available from the authors upon reasonable request.

Authors: Shoushu Gong , W. Zhu , D. Authors: Paul C. Canfield , Sergey L. Bud'ko , Andriy Palasyuk , Tyler J. Title: Decoupling bulk and surface recombination properties in silicon by depth-dependent carrier lifetime measurements. Yokoyama , J. Lord , J. Miao , P. Murahari , A. Journal-ref: Nature Computational Science Title: Extremely large magnetoresistance in the "ordinary" metal ReO3.

Yazyev , Minghu Fang. Comments: 9 pages, 8 figures. Title: Dynamical Coulomb blockade under a temperature bias. Duprez , F. Pierre , E. Sivre , A. Aassime , F. Parmentier , A. Cavanna , A. Ouerghi , U. Gennser , I. Safi , C. Mora , A. Title: Transitions in the ergodicity of subrecoil-laser-cooled gases.

Comments: 5 pages, 1 figure, 4 pages of supplementary material. Journal-ref: Nanotechnology 32 Title: From carriers and virtual excitons to exciton populations: Insights into time-resolved ARPES spectra from an exactly solvable model.

Stefanucci , E. Title: Machine-learned prediction of the electronic fields in a crystal. Title: Spin digitizer for high-fidelity readout of a cavity-coupled silicon triple quantum dot. Authors: F. Borjans , X. Title: Water evaporation from solute-containing aerosol droplets: effects of internal concentration and diffusivity profiles and onset of crust formation.

Authors: Majid Rezaei , Roland R. Title: Synthetic gravitational horizons in low-dimensional quantum matter. Authors: Corentin Morice , Ali G. Title: 'Fuelled' motion: phoretic motility and collective behaviour of active colloids. Journal-ref: Chem. Title: Non-Markovian process with variable memory functions.

Brojen Singh. Authors: Paulo J. Title: Flux trapping in superconducting hydrides under high pressure. Hirsch , F. Comments: minor changes; to be published in Physica C. Journal-ref: Physica C , Comments: 17 pages, 9 figures, submitted to PRB. Authors: Adarsh S. Patri , Yong Baek Kim. Title: From non-Hermitian linear response to dynamical correlations and fluctuation-dissipation relations in quantum many-body systems.

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