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DISCOGRAFIA COMPLETA DE HILLSONG UNITED, LIVE, WORSHIP, LONDON, KIDS, Y&F Y OTROS. Amigos Aquí les traigo la Discografía Completa de Hillsong. Aprenda Letras do últimos Lançamentos e Álbuns do seu artistas favoritos com video e tradução oficial. todos [/size][/color]:porfi [size=12pt][color=blue]un par han de estar cados y algunos otros no son trackers %, fuera de eso queda el 85% de utilidad. SHALAMAR HOSPITAL JOBS 2015 TORRENT Instead, find what Judge Joseph C. The message 4 key back into query analysis, and troubleshooting support to. Components including FortiGate the disconnect button, we're back to. You can avoid commerciale, ci sono service made specifically alcun prezzo nascosto.

The company is headed by Bill Dail, who de- clined to be interviewed. Once we got signed, we realized the label only did what we were doing. The act's entire catalog of full-lengths and EPs has sold 6. Violent says.

But if we can get it over The partnership provides record labels and artists — newcomers and veterans — an- other avenue to connect with an attentive audience in an en- tertaining way, Clark adds. Car- bon Leaf and others. Stephanie Hopson, senior manager of marketing and adver- tising at Vanguard and Sugarhill Records, speak: of the positive effects of this promotional tool, which labels must buy into.

The group will be led by Michele Jacangelo, executive director of conferences and events. Prior to the new po- sition, she was responsible for running the Billboard events team. Also joining the group is Karl Vontz, as direc- tor of sponsorship sales. He was previously responsible for sponsorship sales for Bill- board events. The team will collectively execute more than 20 events in Nielsen Business Media also names Lila Gerson director of marketing for the events group.

She most recently worked with the Rosen Group, overseeing publicity. The members of Creation are four young musicians committed to promoting peace through Ipxci usiyEj while waiting for the movie to start. Additionally, Private Label Radio will pro- duce music and video con- tent for the lobbies and other common areas restrooms. In each scenario, the art- ists are front- and back- announced, says Andy French, VP of media services and label relations at Private Label Radio. Prior to partnering with DMI.

Marks says NCM's music strategies were "scat- tered" at best. Their current mission is to find another band mem- ber between 12 and 15 years old who lives in the New York tri-state area. Eligible teens can enter by going to cre- ationband. Whether you need access to your royalty income immediately, are seeking professional management for your royalty stream, or are planning for the future, ART can provide you with the expert services you need to get the most from your royalty income.

You can pursue your creative goals and have the income stream available to achieve them. ART can help you make it happen. Foi more information lisit ArJvancedRoyaltyTracking. Wireless operators Cingu- lar Wireless and Sprint have announced a plan to mas- sively reduce the cost of ac- quiring music from their respective mobile music serv- ices.

The decision was only one of several music industry initiatives to rise out of mo- bile entertainment confer- ences just wrapped by both Billboard and CTIA-The Wire- less Assn. That's the price that the consumer has in mind. More than 15 million songs have been downloaded from the store since it launched in November — a small percentage of which were promotional give- aways — but she said both la- bels and carrier felt more could be done, "One thing we're all ac- knowledging is that we need to listen to our customers," Mueller said.

Neither Sprint nor record label sources would confirm if either scenario played a role in Sprint's pricing reduction, but sources close to labels say it is "more than likely," Meanwhile, Cingular is offering customers a free subscription to the Napster music service for a year. When Cingular first intro- duced its mobile music sub- scription service, VP of consumer data products Jim Ryan predicted adding a mobile element to services like Napster would double Napster's sub- scriber base in a year.

He lias not backed off that claim. The performance rights group predicts that this year, U. BMI did not measure ringbacks last year so it has no bar to weigh this total against. Mozes announced the deal at Billboard's Mobile Entertain- ment Live conference, of which it was the title sponsor. The text-message cam- paigns can be used to com- municate with fans, as well as launch text-to-win con- tests for such prizes as back- stage passes, access to new music and more.

The service allows users to lis- ten to Mercora's peer-to-peer Web radio service, as well as stream music stored on their PC and that of their friends, on any Windows Mobile phone. The company also sard that the mobile version of its serv- ice is now its flagship product. The two-sided phone sports a traditional phone interface on one side and an MP3 player interface on the other.

Users can switch power between the two by pressing a "flip" but- ton on the side. APRIL 7, www. But not in that typical corporate giant way of hitting consumers over the head. Yaris instead prefers the power of subtle sugges- tion — which, tak note, might just the best way to reach card-carrying members of the indie music com munity, a core demo for Yaris.

Though Yaris was a major sponsor of the conference, it would have been unclear to a casual observer that the com- pany was affiliated with the au- tomotive industry, as the Toyota name did not appear on any signage. We want to em- power the independent music scene.

Last year, Toyota's goal was to create awareness for the then brand- new vehicle. This year, the mission was to sustain that mo- mentum and integrate the brand deeper into the heart and soul of SXSW. Urban Outfitters, Partners. The Rapture and the Pipettes performed.

The multiphased Free YR Radio initiative celebrates non- commercial and college radio. In the course of the in-stores. Featuring tracks by the participating bands, the disc will be sold at Urban Out- fitters stores nationwide — with proceeds going to the various noncommercial radio stations.

Toyota and its strategic partners will certainly keep close tabs on Yaris sales for the duration of Free YR Ra- dio. But they'll also be gaug- ing the program's success by online hits at yaris-sxsw. The featured acts will likely use similar metrics to measure their own success in the cam- paign.

Howard Berman, D- Calif. Members were hearing yet another update on efforts to reform the compulsory license for compositions, section of the Copy- right Act. Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters began testi- fying about the importance of license reform to promote legit- imate digital music offerings.

I quickly leafed through pages of her prepared testimony— and then hesitated on page eight. As I read on, the last two pages made Peters' position very clear. She sees licensing structures for music publishing as an obstacle to digital progress. But "that division of labor is archaic, inefficient and unfair [at least to a licensee] in this age of digital transmission of music.

As the lines between performance and distribution have become blurred, the opportunities for confusion and even abuse have become intolerable. But some digital uses involve both DPD and performance rights. Such forceful language from Peters, who tells me that she has worked harder for music interests than just about anything else, shows just how frustrating this three-year reform process has been.

And the parties' activities outside Washington, D. Most recently, ASCAP surprised the parties involved in section reform when it asked a federal court in New York— during a rate-setting proceeding for performance royalties— to do more than decide rates. During past section re- form discussion, PROs reportedly told Peters and congressional members that the value of a performance triggered by a down- load wasn't compensable because it was so negligible.

ASCAP's shift in position is due, in part, to the likelihood that TV programs with music may be downloaded from the Internet more frequently in the future. If this mode of delivery reduces the number of programs broadcast on TV— or if digital serv- ices benefit from such offerings— then the PROs' performance revenue from broad- casts could be hurt.

Meanwhile, some ringtone providers have complained that they are being forced to secure perform- ance licenses or risk being sued for in- fringement, even though U. DiMA executive says. The decision is on appeal. Then there is the HFA dispute over interactive streams. Rather than litigate rights and hold up the launch of digital services, HFA struck a deal in Online services would pay royalties for reproduction and distribution rights for interactive streams and limited downloads once rates were set through industry nego- tiations or a rate proceeding.

But when section rates were proposed to the Copyright Royalty Board last November, DiMA was the only party that didn't propose a rate for interactive streams. The hearing ended without a clear "next step. The Tower Records logo has been high profile this year, un- fortunately thanks to how the chain's liquidation is affecting the rest of the U.

But it looks like the Tower name and spirit will survive, even if not in the same place. The Tower Records logo and towerrecords. In addition to its Web site. Caiman also sells through Amazon and eBay. Caiman is not returning calls, so we don't specifically know what its plans are for the assets it acquired. But Retail Track can make a pretty good guess that towerrecords. It will be more interesting to see what the company does with the Tower Records brand.

For one. Tower founder Russ Solomon will open his first new- record store in the original Sacramento location in April or May. Before the auction. Solomon made it well-known that he would like to use the Tower name, if he could strike a deal with the new owner. Sources indicate that it's un- likely Solomon will get to use the lower name, but he doesn't need it because he is still the living embodiment of the Tower spirit. Reaction to Solomon open- ing another record store has been mixed to say the least.

The more respectful skeptics won- der simply why. After all, Solomon is at that stage of the game that some feel is the time to enjoy a life of leisure. The snot-nosed hooples on the industry message boards are even making fun of him, wondering why he doesn't open a typewriter shop or a horse- and-buggy store instead. Let's not even go near the de- bate about the future of the store or physical goods. And let's even forget about Solomon's past accomplish- ments.

What I want to know is how a bunch of useless nobod- ies can naysay someone who is 81 years old and still has dreams. Someone who is making a stand against the prevailing wisdom, is taking on the challenge of starting a new busi- ness and who, most of all, is still pushing the ball up the field. Speaking of industry legends, at the Trans World vendor apprecia- tion dinner at the Rain- bow Room in New York, Higgins acknowledged that times are tough for music-store merchants.

In response, he said the chain is right-sizing its inventory offering and will continue to deliver value to consumers. But Higgins also reminded vendors that the chain is build- ing its online presence, too.

He reminded labels that they still need to deliver the right kind of experience to digital music shoppers and added, "That can only happen if the la- bels remove [digital rights man- agement], which undermines the download business. Trans World pres- ident Jim Lltwak called on the majors to develop a new physi- cal format to replace the CD.

He emphasized that was a tran- sition year, but it laid the foun- dation for future growth. In the last year, the chain di- versified its product offering, launched a new Web site with V-Commerce. Higgins promised that with the chain's strong balance sheet. Trans World would con- tinue to lead the way. Fontana's Lou Mans- dorf won the indie sales repre- sentative of the year award, while Koch Records was tapped as the top indie label, and Al- ternative Distribution Alliance won the distributor award.

In movies, FUNimation's Kralg Thompson won the indie sales rep award, while Geneion was tapped as the top indie home video vendor. In videogames, Acrivision's Michael Clminera won the videogames sales rep award and THQ was named video- games vendor of the year. Mar- cus Mignone of Dedicated Sales took home the sales rep- resentative award for electron- ics and accessories, while Coby Electronics was honored as top vendor in that category.

M To sponsor this exclusive original video content call Univarial March 8 Sunrise, Ra.. Live Nation says it is resurrecting the Fill- more brand with new venues in New York, Philadelphia and Detroit, with others to follow billboard. March With this initiative. Live Nation hopes to roll out a live music brand to complement its 11 House of Blues clubs across the country. So how do we capture that, how do we take and re-create what we've done in San Francisco and Denver and make it available in other key markets?

I n Pliiladel- phia. The Fillmore concept dates back to late pro- moter Bill Graham's legendary San Francisco venue that helped launch such acts as the Grateful Dead. Pink Floyd. Black Sabbath and many others. One can't help but wonder what Graham would think of this. On the one hand, terms like "branding" and "rollout" might grate against his notoriously iconoclastic personality.

Graham's philosophy was to give peo- ple an experience — and a free apple at the door. Eskowitz says the new Fillmores will hark back to the Graham era, with signature "dark, sophis- ticated" red paint, the Fillmore's distinctive chan- deliers, and vintage Fillmore and Fillmore East posters throughout.

Irving Plaza itself has a great history. The range of capacities for the Fillmores and the House of Blues clubs is similar, a fact not lost on Eskowitz. Eskowitz says it's more about being venue-deep in each market, offering a "portfolio" of capacities and moving with acts as they progress through them.

This, of course, is how the concert business once operated. Promoters like Graham and those who followed took chances on acts in small venues and often lost money in the early stages of a band with hopes that the act would be loyal and continue to work with the same promoter when it reached headliner arena sell- out status later on.

Consolidation and decp-pocketed mega pro- moters changed this model, focusing on paying huge amounts to artists who were a proven com- modity. But Live Nation's commitment to this smaller-venue space, as well as competitor AEG Live's own continued expansion in the under- 1 0,seat venues, show a shift of sorts toward artist development and investing in the future. Of course, Graham was a true maverick and the anti-corporate promoter. But once he quit yelling, he might even have liked this Fillmore idea.

His name will forever be associated with this "new" Live Nation brand. Exit Record Labels? Has U. Charts Co. He notes that the band turned down sev- eral offers of "six-figure ad- vances" from major labels in favor of remaining independ- ent. The record is distributed by Vital, whose marketing arm Integral also "works with the band and management on what would normally be the day-to-day activities of a record label — marketing, administra- tion and creative strategy. The St. Albans, England-based band, which fuses metal with hard- core techno, attracted consid- erable media attention last year when it sold out London's legendary 1, capacity Astoria — the only unsigned band to do so, after the Darkness — on the back of its MySpace popularity, where it lists more than , friends.

The album launched with two chaotic release-week in- stores at HMV shops in Lon- don and Manchester that Melanie Armstrong, music product manager for the mar- ket-leading retailer, describes as "exhilarating. But McCormack and John- son — who previously ran indie label Must Destroy — re- main skeptical that Enter Shikari's success will threaten the label model. And most sensible, career managers would find it very difficult to turn down the sort of money we were get- ting offered.

But it defi- nitely suits us — and it will suit others as digital becomes more impor- tant and people cut out the middle man. John- son says the band is negotiat- ing with three major labels for a U. I'm not in- clined to fix it. APRIL 7, i www. Now Modular Recordings, the self-styled "coolest label in the world.

Since launching nine years ago. We can offer them a guaran- teed global release — and as much in the U. The next planned step is to open an office in Japan this August. Pavlovic co-owns Modular — he declines to confirm the equity split— with Universal Music, which distributes it globally.

The highest-profile acts on a growing roster are Australian metal trio Wolfmother and elec- tronica outfit the Avalanches. The label also provides an Australian home for U. Pavlovic says he has identi- fied four new signings for — two Australian and one each from the United States and Europe. I work with artists and support them. We have similar inter- ests and tastes.

They support each other on the way up. Pavlovic would not expand upon the Japanese of- fice's role at this point, but says there is "a lot of interest" from the territory in Modular's acts. The "coolest label in the world" tag was initially applied by U. The label name carries particular clout in its home market, where its acts are favorites with tastemaking youth radio network Triple J.

You're dialed into a global network of magazines and radio stations who dig what we do. John Watson, the band's Syd- ney-based manager, says three "undeniable strengths" have boosted Pavlovic's progress: "Discovering innovative new artists very early in their ca- reers, convincing them to sign with his company and quickly surrounding them with a cool buzz that attracts tastemaker interest. The group fea- tured a ycar-old Ben Lee, now a domestic chart artist on his own Ten Fingers label.

Universal took over as Palovic's partner in early Universal Music Australia managing director George Ash says the label has been "a highly successful venture for us. It [has] allowed Pav to do what he does best — and al- lowed Universal to do what it does best. Borders Group is looking for a buyer for its U. Jones said that going forward, the company would focus its efforts on the United States. The store U. According to Borders U. The most suc- cessful company of the night was Universal Music, whose acts collected nine of the 24 awards, which are voted on by an industry academy.

Mendip District Council, which li- censes the festival in Somerset, southwest England, green- lighted the festival March 26, with a site capacity of ,, an increase from the previous , The allo- cation comprises , weekend tickets on sale April 1 plus 5, June only tickets given to local residents. The remainder is largely allocated to staff, artists and crew. As part of a crackdown on scalpers, tickets were made available only on a first-come- first-served basis to , people who registered an application by March 5.

This year's headliners are Arctic Monkeys, the Killers and the Who. Roos also intends to step down as UMGI senior VP for the Nordic and Belgian region, but Universal says he will continue to serve in that role until the company recruits a successor. In a statement, Grainge described Roos as one of Universal Music's "most successful European exec- utives for these past 14 years," adding, "We're sorry he's decided to leave.

Eight months after a European Union EU court annulled the original decision, the EC is being forced to revisit the probe in de- tail. It has now "stopped the clock" on the new probe while awaiting crucial information from the two industry giants and to buy more time to make the decision, originally due at the end of June billboard. The EC will "look at the deal in the light of current market conditions, including the growing sales of online music," EC spokesman Jonathan Todd says.

You look at prices, com- petition, consumers— all these indicators sug- gest that no one has been hurt at the expense of anyone else. You cannot have better evidence. No comparable figures have since been is- sued, although Billboard Information Group's own data— based on European chart share rather than record sales— show Sony BMG de- clining from a combined share of the albums market of During the probe, the EC can demand classified company data and hold hearings involving the merging parties and other interested groups.

The music giants seem upbeat about the outcome. Others believe things will not be quite so straightforward. Any "interested parties" may file evidence and Pan-European independ- ent labels body Impala— which lodged the appeal that led to the original merger deci- sion being annulled— has already done so. Impala chairman Martin Mills wants the new probe to look beyond simple pricing issues and on to questions about market access. And while the merger has clearly been an uncom- fortable one, they are now close to building a powerful entity.

Nick- named "Nickel Neelie," she has a reputation as a tough negotiator forged after 11 years in the Dutch government. Kroes' closest adviser is her chief of staff, Ben Smulders, a Dutch lawyer who joined Kroes' cabinet when she was nominated commissioner.

Meanwhile, the top permanent civil servant in the EC's an- titrust service is Philip Lowe. As EC director general for competition since September , he will perform the same role as he did in the decision— including overseeing the final recommendation to Kroes. Staying ahead of the competition means you are always on top of what's going on in the marketplace, which is why mobile. From the latest industry news to global sales and charts, mobile.

Whether at home, at work or on the go, mobile. For mobile advertising opportunities contact Derek Sentner at , This isn't just an opinion. Turn on the TV and every other enter- tainment show is populated with scantily clad women. Speak ofT the record with pro- ducers from all networks, and they'll admit they constantly compromise their content to get ratings.

Launched March 5, V-me a play on words that loosely translates to "See Me" reaches 28 million homes in 18 mar- kets, with plans to expand to 30 markets by year's end. The station has been in the works for the past three years, its research including hun- dreds of interviews with focus groups around the country. Overwhelmingly, V-me president Carmen DiRienzo says, what emerged was a demand for "meaningful programming. The network mixes orig- inal shows, including flag- ship interview program "Viva Voz" that rotates hosts and guests, along with Spanish- language versions of shows from a variety of sources, in- cludingchannels like Discov- ery and the Food Network.

There is daily Latin- American cinema and also performances from around the world. The intent, says DiRienzo. It was for people who enjoy the benefit of qual- ity programming for their families in the language of their choice.

The as- sumption — fortunately — is that Latins don't just want to hear about themselves. One would think that a net- work like V-me is long over- due. But Spanish-language TV is only now beginning to diversify, much as radio has been doing for the past decade. Bilingual, youth-ori- ented channels like mun2 and MTV Tr3s, for example, are new phenomena that needed a critical mass of bilingual, bicultural youth in this country to really take off.

But as a network aired by PBS sta- tions, V-me doesn't have those constraints. V-me is far more pluralis- tic. Like Univision and Telc- mundo which, by the way, do have smart, engaging shows in their mix it seeks to offer a little something for every- one, which makes its role all the more challenging. Deal Or No Deal Latin Music Publishers Dip Toes Into Marketing, Promotion In an increasingly risk-averse Industry, Latin music pub- lishers are experimenting with their roles as talent in- cubators to include alterna- tive methods of distribution and marketing.

The single will launch on iTunes Latino as a featured download the week of April 24, then as a bundle with a music video and a sec- ond track the week after. An additional two tracks will follow every two months at all digital stores. Monty will also be the featured artist on MySpace's main mu- sic page on April 2. This helps us to build a real story for him. Still, setting up a boutique label to license less-commer- cial artists has been on Eddie Fernandez's "wish list" since becoming senior VP of Universal Music Publishing Group Latin America last fall.

But "for the Latin market, you still need radio, visibility and the nor- mal channels of doing things, not necessarily the iTuneses of the world. Billboard has partnered with MSN. For a complete roundup in Spanish, 90 to Blllboard. Known for his corridos, sung narratives of mostly dramatic happenings, Toscano has penned memorable tracks for the likes of Vicente Fernan- dez and Paquita la del Barrio. But this year his award came in the wake of three songs— "La Sorpresa," "Senor Locu- tor" and "Socios"— turned into hits by norteno icons Los Tigres del Norte.

What Is the story behind some of your winning songs? The story of a man who re- quests a song and says, "This happened to me over a treach- erous woman. Your corridos don't deal with drugs or murder. They are "white" corridos— corridos blancos— that tell the stories of normal people.

Sim- ply stories about people. You have to fire bullets, but aim- ing for the soul of the listener. Success is very fickle. I've writ- ten some 1, songs, but they've only recorded about of them. Do you have an arsenal of songs ready to disperse or do you write for specific acts? I write specifically for each artist— particularly what I write for Paquita la del Barrio [whose songs lambast men].

Through her songs, women love me, but men hate me. Love will always be a subject. The secret is saying things in another language and [to] give the literature a dose of freshness. The key players in the dispute are a group of seven collecting societies from the creative sector and Aetic.

However, the furor over the levy has delayed that announcement. On March 19, industry minister Joan Clos told Spanish media that talks between the ministries 'The levy hits not hing to do with pirac y. In Spain, it is legal to make copies for personal use.

Since , the country has had a copying levy to compensate rights holders for those lost mechanical roy- alties. It applies a set tariff to blank tapes plus specified hardware — including video and cassette recorders and photocopiers — that could be used to duplicate copyrighted work. A levy on recordable optical discs was introduced in July The country's Intel- lectual Property Act in- creased the range of the levy, extending it to cover "any dig- of culture and industry to fi- nalize the details would con- tinue "for a few weeks.

Aetic claims the rights bodies' real aim is gaining compensation for money lost through piracy and, rather than tackle organized pirates, is zeroing in on consumers who wish to legally copy product they already own. It says rights holders should utilize technological meas- ures to limit copying, rather than seek financial recom- pense for it.

But the collecting soci- eties insist the tax is neces- sary. The society is one of the seven collecting soci- eties that have been jointly negotiating with electronics manufacturers and the gov- ernment over the issue. Aetic has been citing a range of figures to justify its position, further raising the debate's temperature. The real figure would be far lower. All we are ask- ing for is what we believe is fair for our authors. Join Billboard as we celebrate the many accomplishments of musical phenomenon Daddy Yankee in our May 1 9 issue.

Nintendo's New Videogame Console Captures The Casual Gamers The anticipated battle between Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3 for video- game console supremacy has become a sideshow to the un- expected rise of Nintendo's Wii as the new-generation game console of choice.

Once a dark-horse con- tender, the Wii has outsold both its competitors in re- cent months. Of the three new-generation game consoles, the Xbox has sold the most at 5 million units in the United States alone, but that's mainly due to the fact that it was released a full year earlier than either the Wii or the PS3. Since they first hit shelves last Novem- ber, the PS3 has sold 1. What's interesting is that the Wii achieved this feat not by offering a lot of multime- dia bells and whistles like its competitors do, but by simply focusing on games.

That controller and the games developed for it have cap- tured the imagination of both the core gamer demographic and their parents, wives and other family members. So what does that say about Sony and Microsoft, which also are hoping to attract non- gamers to their respective new-generation consoles by positioning them as home entertainment hubs? Both consoles contain hard drives to store content and allow users to stream music and video content from their home computers. The WII'S great innovation is its motion- sensitive wand controller, which lets gamers control the onscreen action by waving the device around.

It's here! The long-awaited Apple TV home entertainment adapter has finally shipped, and for the first time reviewers and consumers can see for them- selves whether Apple's iPod magic can extend into the living room. The Apple TV is a wireless network adapter that lets users stream movies, music and photos from their com- puter through their home entertainment system. Unlike other similar products, the AppleTV is the only device that supports music or movies purchased from the iTunes store.

Overall, reviews have been moderately good. The device gets high marks for its simplicity, easy user in- terface and design. But it has been knocked for hav- ing only 40 GB of storage, limited file support appar- ently even some iTunes files won't work with the device and iTunes movie pricing. Additionally, it has no support for Internet radio, and users can't purchase files from the iTunes store directly it simply streams what's stored on your home computer.

Nintendo's approach has been to get non- gamers playing games. Microsoft is showing signs of early success with its decision to add TV and movie downloads to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Mi- crosoft did not reveal exactly how many downloads that fig- ure represented.

Nintendo has demon- strated that there are multi- ple ways to get into the hearts and minds of other family members. Additionally, the PS3 was hampered early on with severe product short- ages and a dearth of block- buster games that show off the system's capabilities. But it's far too early to pick the ulti- mate winner. Gaming industry press and analysts still feel the PS3 has the chops to dominate in the end.

Reviews at videogame site GameSpot say that "the PS3 has all the processor, graphics and com- munications power necessary to win this generation," while Electronic Arts departing CEO Larry Probst told a Web con- ference audience that he be- lieved the PS3 will prove the ultimate winner.

Meanwhile, the Xbox is taking strong lead in the number of games sold. The Xbox has six titles in the top 10 for February — includ- ing the No. Additionally, Xbox owners buy far more games than the owners of other consoles at a rate of 5. That rate falls to 2. That leaves the Wii. The sec- ondary stuff is the icing on the cake. Former Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison has joined a mobile startup firm to make recommenda- tions on local events.

The service, Attendio, offers local listings to customers who use their mobile phones to text in requests for current events. The service features a list of VIP "Recom menders" who offer their inside views on their area of expertise, such as music, sports and film. Additionally, Pump Audio is offering its exist- ing clients the opportunity to register their music with Snocap, if they have not done so already, and begin selling it through MySpace via the MyStore program that Snocap runs.

The service has a library of 3SO songs and uses custom technology to match the images pro- vided by users to the beat and rhythm of the music. The resulting videos can then be shared with friends either via e-mail or through such services as Friendster and MySpace.

The site launched with a contest in which fans will compete to create the best video using music from the Barenaked Ladies. JK iM. Close to 1, attendees were on hand to attend the ;ational sessions and schmooze with their peers. The next event takes place Oct. Jfj 4. The day culminated with the best networking opportunity m the mobile entertainment industry- the MMA Mobile Entertainment Live Bash, sponsored by AOL featuring a live performance by th» 88 8.

From left. APRIL 7. But one of the indie commu- nity's top online destinations is paying no heed to the rul- ings of the Copyright Royalty Board and is instead turning its focus to the offline world. Indie Web store Insound. Insound director Patrick Mc- Namara says the company briefly looked at launching some online radio services, but choose instead to lend its sup- port to the more traditional world of college radio. McNamara is overseeing the Indie Radio Forum. The site was launched in late as little more than a message board, and each college sta- tion can apply for one pass- word.

But McNamara says bolstering the site will be a priority for the company throughout Because a lot of us have backgrounds in college radio, we look back on that time fondly and want to support what they're doing. Plus, it's the right audience for In- sound. College kids are our core customers.

McNamara hopes more such promotional serv- ices are on the horizon. So far, McNamara says the Indie Radio Forum has a "few dozen members," and he was hoping the number would increase after the South by Southwest confer- ence in Austin. There is a link from the Indie Radio Forum to Insound, but not the other way around.

We're not an Amazon. We're trying to be your local, online record store, and this seemed to go along with that theme. G M of Seattle-based Suicide Squeeze. College radio may not be credited for break- ing bands the way it used to, but it builds tastemakers. And for all the attention the Internet rightly gets in break- ing and promoting indie acts, one is beginning to get the sense that the days of free pro- motion won't last forever.

He says he wanted to launch a TuneCore streaming radio program, but deemed it an unreasonable proposi- tion — this despite the fact that Price recently raised venture capital for TuneCore from Guitar Center. New York Dolls. Aerosmith, Alice Cooper. And the Kinks are talking. And the new Yard- birds have a great show. And Paul and Rlngo are still active, separately, of course. Is this a great country or what? All right, I might be flashing back a bit, but that's a pretty healthy percentage of the bands that actually matter.

So let's let our imagination run for a minute. Wood's fantastic first band that never came over. And they should record the album they never made. What most people don't realize is that Wood was a great guitar player in We didn't discover him until he played bass in the first Jeff Beck Group, which I still say should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just for reasons ofhistorical accuracy.

How huge would that be? What else can we fantasize about? We tried to get the Sonics back together — had them in the same room, but it didn't work out. Geils Band must be hopeless if the Godfather, Frank Barsa- lona, couldn't put it back together. How about the Left Banke? Tragically underrated. Ted Nu- gent back with the Amboy Dukes? Bob Dylan back with the remaining Band members, and they do "Blonde on Blonde" live?

Note for note? Yeah, sure. See you on the radio. COM The opinions expressed are his own. Grunge was all the rage in in Seattle, and the eccentric pop of Rosenfeld and Possanza's band, the Busy Monster, was out of vogue. But by the turn of the century, Barsuk had found an act that would far eclipse whatever success the Busy Monster attained, and that would also force the two to quit their day jobs and run Barsuk full time. Wave hello to Death Cab for Cutie.

Its album, "Transatlanticism," sold , copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, before the band left Barsuk for Atlantic. It was a move that was purely harmonious, as Rosenfeld, who runs the day-to-day op- erations of the label Possanza oversees IT and production was involved in the band's negotiations with the major. But there's plenty more to Barsuk than Death Cab for Cutie.

The label resurrected the career of rock act Nada Surf, reached the charts in January with the odd pop of Menomena, signed psychedelic pop act the Starlight Mints and has a slow-building success story with the curious pop-meets-metal sensibility of Viva Voce. The last band is currently opening for the Shins. Here Rosenfeld discusses, among other things, his hopes for how indies can weather the rapidly changing marketplace.

What was your pre-Barsuk day job? I worked for this not-for-profit car- diovascular research institution, and it was an infuriating experi- ence, working in the supposedly philanthropic, not-for-profit world. I learned a lot from that job, about how large companies and bureaucracies can be an incredi- ble frustration and an impediment to progress.

So it prepped you for the mu- sic business. I was fully expecting the indie record label to be a not-for- profit venture as well, but I at least knew I would be my own boss, and a smaller organization can be nim- ble and fun instead of oppressive and terrible. But did the musician in you struggle with your newfound business duties? I was clueless how to run a business in those early days.

For our first deal with Death Cab, they hilariously insisted we change it be- cause they knew it wasn't fair to Bar- suk. I'm very idealistic, and 1 was very unrealistic about what a fair business relationship was. How has that business relation- ship changed in the download era? Is Barsuk investigating other revenue streams?

Those other revenue streams are definitely things we are thinking about and have been talking about with our artists. There's obviously a certain reticence on the part of artists to give up money that would otherwise be going in their pockets.

Anyone trying to do these new- model deals is finding there's a big education process if you're going to tell an artist that money they would normally be going home with they need to pay a portion to you — just because. We do profit splits with our artists, and I think that's a great con- ceptual model to add other revenue streams into.

If it's not Barsuk, 1 think it's going to be an independ- ent label that figures out a viable new model. So the Internet hasn't scared you into rethinking your business? This last year was the first year where we've experienced anything other than phenomenal growth. In the universe of record labels who are worried about the near-term ef- fects of the Internet, we are proba- bly not the most worried. Our sales have been relatively buoyant.

We continue to operate at a profit. My concerns with the Internet are much more long term. My overarching concern about how technology and the industry are interacting together — in full view of music fans and music con- sumers — is that recorded music should increasingly have no value or significantly lower value from the consumer's perspective. I see the promotional possibilities of sub- scription services, and I see the promotional possibilities of ad rev- enue-driven, free-download stuff.

But every time that a music fan gets the recorded music they want and doesn't have to pay for it, or has to pay very little for it. Is lifting digital rights manage- ment an answer? The DRM problem in my view is a problem with portability. I don't have any problem at all as a listener, and certainly not as a rights holder, with the idea that there should be some security involved. I think that the proprietary technologies and the portability issues are the main things that make consumers mad.

Consumers understand that stealing music is illegal. But be- cause it's so annoying that they can legally buy something but can't Its- ten to it where they want to listen to tt, the issue gets muddied. It starts to feel like the security meas- ures themselves are the things that are wrong and are providing the As an industry, musicians and labels and show promoters and managers have to think about making every element a gmg rich.

I am totally open to the idea that digital files should be sold in MP3 format. I understand why that seems scary to people, but I don't buy the argument that the people who steal music are just going to find a way to steal it, and everyone else is going to pay for it. So is there a balance to be struck? We have started to stream our new releases on our site so peo- ple can listen to them before they buy them. I have no problem with allowing people to sample music.

But I want to do every- thing we can to help consumers understand that quality is impor- tant. I hope the belief that qual- ity is important will accrue to the label in a branding way. I don't want to throw my hands up and say, "People aren't buying al- bums and are only buying sin- gles and music digitally. Maybe that means there's a big cutback in the quantity of music that's released, but it's going to have to become more and more incumbent on all of us to provide greater quality.

We are at a moment in history where there are still enough people out there who care about music in a deep way. We have an opportunity to keep them from sliding into the group of consumers who think that music is not worth paying for.

That seems like the highest priority for my label, much more than trying to figure out the newest trend for how kids want to get their music for free, and running there and putting all our stufT up and allowing them to continue to think of music as the delivery system for the ads they have to watch. Consider- ing today's conversation, regarding his Jan.

The of- ficers reportedly confiscated more than 81, mixtape CDs, along with comput- ers, recording equipment and four cars. At issue, ultimately, is the legality of the "mixtape," a promotional, album- length CD that has long been favored by the promotional arms of hip-hop labels, but is also sometimes targeted by record labels' legal departments. The Atlanta-based DJ has made landmark mini-albums with artists like T. DJ Drama swept the Justo's Mixtape Awards-the only awards that matter, to those in the know when it comes to the shadowy busi- ness world of mixtapes-by winning four trophies, including the coveted mixtape DJ of the year.

But even if the business ethics and relationships of the mixtape world aren't always so clear, DJ Drama has shrewdly translated his branding into marketing partnerships with very mainstream com- panies like LRG clothing and Pepsi. Asylum Records agreed to distribute his Aphilli- ate Music Group record label in late , and Atlantic plans to release his first major-label "Gangsta Grillz" album this summer. In his first interview about the arrest, DJ Drama speaks about building the brand that got him busted, the events of that day and the impact of his arrest on the hip-hop pro- motion and artist-development game.

I grew up in Philadelphia around this vibrant hip-hop scene. When I was 1 3 years old, my sister took me to New York. By junior year of high school, I was doing my own mixtapes. I met Sense the first day we moved into the Clark dormitories. We started doing all of the college parties.

From cafeterias to dorm parties. In , my sophomore year, 1 started making tapes again. The first one was called "Hip Hop Lovables. I n between classes, I would set up shop on an upturned trashcan. Sense and 1 met [Don Cannon around the same time. He played me a beat tape and not long after we be- friended him. How did you build your brand as DJ Drama?

Whatever needed to be done, 1 did it, from weddings, family reunions and house parties. I felt like I wouldn't have been able to do what I was doing in Atlanta if 1 was still in Philly. There was no middle ground there, you were either on Philly's hip-hop radar or you weren't. I had a little reputation at the time, but it was small and very coll- egy. So, I started branching out into the clubs after that. Eventually the mixtapes turned into CDs. I had upgraded my sales setup with speakers and a table.

I was just trying to get them into as many hands as possible. How did the "Gangsta Grlllz" name come about? Emperor Searcy, who works at Hot So we had this opportunity and needed a new South tape. That's how "Gangsta Grillz" was born. From there, I didn't want to change the name.

But there were a million D s in New York, and I loved what they were doing around and Everyone started having artists host their mixtapes. So with my next tape, I didn't have anyone to host so I just used Lil Jon's voice saying "gangsta grillz" and put it all over the tape.

What was your initial plan for "Gangsta Grillz"? I was always aware of branding and its importance. I wanted people to look at my tapes, see "Gangsta Grillz" and say, "Give me that. I wanted people to automatically pick it up. How did you connect with T.

I got a phone call from Jason Geter, T. He said, "I got this artist named T. I want to bring him by your crib to record a freestyle. He used to wear his little focals then. Jason started organizing T. That was This was when DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent changed the mixtape game and hip-hop forever by killing the demo tape.

After 50 Cent, you couldn't go into a label talking about, "Here's my demo tape. So when 1 did theT. Even though I laughed at him, when he first said he was the king of the South. That was also the big turn- ing point for "Gangsta Grillz. My top three tapes were 's "Down With the King" withT. Those three tapes in those three years defined DJ Drama as the mixtape king.

Talk about Jan. Were you tipped off? I got a brief word. But it still came as a shock because I was confused about just what I would get raided for. I was outside the front door of my office when the police came out, M- 16 guns drawn in full force. They threw us on the ground, locked us up, told me I was charged with bootlegging and rack- eteering, which aren't necessarily the final charges because we have yet to be indicted or see a courtroom.

They also rushed into our office and asked our employees where the guns and the drugs were. They said, "If you tell us now, it'll be easier on you. They took the hard drive containing my album. They took me to jail. Cannon and I both got dressed out and put on the suits, but he wound up going upstairs before 1 did so we weren't together for the majority of the time. We got a lot of love while we were in there. The guards told us they were talking about us on TV and the radio.

We were released the next day on signature bond. How do you think your arrest has changed the mixtape in- dustry? A lot of the impact is still up in the air because people are waiting to see what comes of our situation. But, 1 try to look at everything in a positive manner. The mixtape game needs to change for the better. People need to learn from this. Do you think the record labels you worked so closely with simultaneously congratulated and crucified you?

The whole time I've been doing mixtapes. I've always had label support. Every mixtape that I 've done has been directly with the artist, with their consent. It's a creative process from the beginning, and the labels are involved. So I don't feel like 1 was getting jerked. I've gotten a major label five-album deal from doing my "Gangsta Grillz" mixtapes and what I was able to accomplish in the streets. So you don't feel like a martyr for the mlxtape's copyright grey area? It's complicated.

We haven't been indicted or offi- cially charged so it's hard to say. I "ve heard the "mixtape martyr" term, but I don't go backward, I go forward. Not just where does DJ Drama go, but where does the mixtape game go from here? People need to realize how important mixtapes are to hip-hop and the music business. There are people in very powerful industry positions that owe a lot to mixtapes. So the RIAA busts into your office with dogs and guns, and you don't blame the record labels, which they represent?

It s important for people to understand that I'm a businessman. I work with the record labels. I have a record deal with Atlantic Records. I have a label deal with Asylum records. I'm educated, and I've never been arrested before. I've never had any gun charges, I've never shot anybody, and I've never sold drugs. But that's not something I blame the record labels for.

Legally, there are things that I'm not in a position to talk about. But God works in mysterious ways. After Jan. Carry Me 8. Lifted Me High Again 9. Here To Eternity For This Cause Reaching For You It Is You Believe Faithful - H illsong More than 2. Chosen as mine 3. Mercy endures 4. Angel of the Lord 5. Wonder 6. Love song 7. All praises to the King 8. Most holy 9. Faithful to the end Search me o God How I long for You Everyday - H illsong 1.

Jesus I Long 3. On The Lord's Day 4. More 5. Heaven 6. Seeking You 7. You Take Me Higher 8. Hear Our Prayer 9. Prayer To The King Elevate - Hillsong Here I Am. Air I Breathe. To Live Is Christ. My Heart Is Yours. No Fear. Christmas Worship Down under - Hillsong 1. Silent Night 2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing 3. Saviour Of The World 4. Jesus What A Beautiful Name 5. The Reason Why 6. Away In A Manger 7. Perfect Love 8. O Holy Night 9. Rejoice Star Of Bethlehem The First Noel Hallelujah By Your Side - Hillsong 1.

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