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Blood. A film by Alina Rudnitskaya. An Icarus Films Release. “A precise, concise torrent of images from one of Russia's best young documentary-makers.”. I've found the best torrent sites that work — find out how to use them When I wanted to find a torrent for the film A Farewell to Arms.

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russia men in black documentary torrents

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If you're into UFOs, you'll love the amazing stories you'll read about in all the underground databases for UFO sightings. All the private national UFO sightings centers maintain meticulous records of everyone who calls in a report. MUFON investigators receive calls about sightings and then head out on field investigations. It isn't often that one movie illuminates two of the entries in the Glossary of Movie Terms, which you will find in the back of my Movie Home Companion. But "Torrents of Spring" is not the usual movie.

It is much less. It is a tragic love story told in limp images, its tone a dying sigh, its high points scarcely less nostalgic than the low. Not more than 20 minutes into the film, I was reminded of that invaluable glossary entry titled Brotman's Law, which is named for the Chicago movie exhibitor Oscar Brotman and which states, "If nothing has happened by the end of the first reel, nothing is going to happen. This reminded me, of course, of the glossary entry on the Balloon Rule, which states, "No good movie has ever contained a hot air balloon.

Just in the past week, two ambitious films have been bushwhacked by hot air balloons: this one, and the soon-to-be-released " Men Don't Leave ," in which a woman who has taken to her bed in deep depression is whisked aloft for an instant cure. In the case of "Torrents of Spring," the balloon serves the purpose of taking two people who are falling in love and elevating them so far above the action that we cannot hear a single word of what, judging by the rest of the movie's dialogue, might well have been the most interesting conversation in the film.

Timothy Hutton stars as a Russian nobleman who falls in love with a pretty German baker's daughter Valeria Golino. After he fights a duel with a nobleman who insults her, she breaks off her engagement in order to marry Hutton. He determines to sell his land in Russia, free his serfs, move to Germany and invest in the bakery.

Then he runs into an old school friend, whose wife Nastassja Kinski wants to buy his land. Actually, what she really wants is to have a duel fought over her. She secretly observed the earlier duel and also used a spy glass to watch Hutton and the baker's daughter as they floated above a picnic in the fateful hot air balloon.

You can guess the rest. Hutton is seduced by Kinski, they are discovered in the library by Golino, she leaves in tears, Hutton marries neither woman and there is an epilogue in Venice, a city that has no discernible link to the rest of the story but looks great with a hot air balloon floating above it. Turgenev wrote it. What Skolimowski makes of it is another matter. Not a single scene builds any sort of dramatic interest - not even the duel.

There is a crucial dinner scene, late on the day after Kinski seduces Hutton. She has sent a carriage for Golino, with a false invitation from Hutton asking his fiancee to join them all for dinner. Golino, Hutton, Kinski and her husband William Forsythe all sit in excruciating embarrassment around a table. The scene is handled so ineptly that although we can guess Kinski hopes to force matters to a crisis, it is unclear how she hopes to accomplish that.

What we have here is the story of a man who falls in love at first sight twice, in a matter of days, and offers to throw over his entire life for both women.

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The era of the s and the early s was later designated as the Era of Stagnation. The Kosygin reform aimed for partial decentralisation of the Soviet economy. From onwards, the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev , who sought to enact liberal reforms in the Soviet system, introduced the policies of glasnost openness and perestroika restructuring in an attempt to end the period of economic stagnation and to democratise the government.

By , economic and political turmoil began to boil over as the Baltic states chose to secede from the Soviet Union. The economic and political collapse of the Soviet Union led Russia into a deep and prolonged depression. During and after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, wide-ranging reforms including privatisation and market and trade liberalisation were undertaken, including radical changes along the lines of " shock therapy ". In late , tensions between Yeltsin and the Russian parliament culminated in a constitutional crisis which ended violently through military force.

During the crisis, Yeltsin was backed by Western governments, and over people were killed. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia assumed responsibility for settling the latter's external debts. In , president Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned, handing the post to the recently appointed prime minister and his chosen successor, Vladimir Putin.

Following a diplomatic crisis with neighboring Georgia ; the Russo-Georgian War took place during 1—12 August , resulting in Russia imposing two unrecognized states in the territory of Georgia. It was the first European war of the 21st century. Russia's vast landmass stretches over the easternmost part of Europe and the northernmost part of Asia.

Russia has nine major mountain ranges, and they are found along the southernmost regions , which share a significant portion of the Caucasus Mountains containing Mount Elbrus , which at 5, m 18, ft is the highest peak in Russia and Europe ; [7] the Altai and Sayan Mountains in Siberia ; and in the East Siberian Mountains and the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East containing Klyuchevskaya Sopka , which at 4, m 15, ft is the highest active volcano in Eurasia.

Russia, as one of the world's only three countries bordering three oceans , [] has links with a great number of seas. Russia, home of over , rivers, [] has one of the world's largest surface water resources, with its lakes containing approximately one-quarter of the world's liquid fresh water. The size of Russia and the remoteness of many of its areas from the sea result in the dominance of the humid continental climate throughout most of the country, except for the tundra and the extreme southwest.

Mountain ranges in the south and east obstruct the flow of warm air masses from the Indian and Pacific oceans, while the European Plain spanning its west and north opens it to influence from the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Russia's vast coastline along the Arctic Ocean and the Russian Arctic islands have a polar climate. The coastal part of Krasnodar Krai on the Black Sea, most notably Sochi , and some coastal and interior strips of the North Caucasus possess a humid subtropical climate with mild and wet winters.

Winter precipitation in most parts of the country usually falls as snow. The westernmost parts of Kaliningrad Oblast and some parts in the south of Krasnodar Krai and the North Caucasus have an oceanic climate. Throughout much of the territory, there are only two distinct seasons, winter and summer; as spring and autumn are usually brief periods of change between extremely low and extremely high temperatures. Great ranges of temperature are typical.

In winter, temperatures get colder both from south to north and from west to east. Summers can be quite hot, even in Siberia. Russia, owing to its gigantic size, has diverse ecosystems, including polar deserts , tundra , forest tundra, taiga , mixed and broadleaf forest , forest steppe , steppe , semi-desert, and subtropics. Russian biodiversity includes 12, species of vascular plants , 2, species of bryophytes , about 3, species of lichens , 7,—9, species of algae , and 20,—25, species of fungi.

Russian fauna is composed of species of mammals , over species of birds, 75 species of reptiles, about 30 species of amphibians , species of freshwater fish high endemism , approximately 1, species of saltwater fishes , 9 species of cyclostomata , and approximately —, invertebrates high endemism. Russia had a Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of 9.

Russia, by constitution, is an asymmetric federal republic, [] with a semi-presidential system , wherein the president is the head of state , [] and the prime minister is the head of government. The president is elected by popular vote for a six-year term and may be elected no more than twice. United Russia is the dominant political party in Russia , and has been described as " big tent " and the " party of power ".

According to the constitution, the Russian Federation is composed of 85 federal subjects. The federal subjects have equal representation—two delegates each—in the Federation Council , the upper house of the Federal Assembly. Russia had the world's fifth-largest diplomatic network in It maintains diplomatic relations with United Nations member states , four partially-recognised states , and three United Nations observer states ; along with embassies.

Russia maintains close relations with neighbouring Belarus , which is in the Union State , a supranational confederation of the latter with Russia. In the 21st century, relations between Russia and China have significantly strengthened bilaterally and economically ; due to shared political interests. Russia is among the five recognised nuclear-weapons states , with the world's largest stockpile of nuclear weapons ; over half of the world's nuclear weapons are owned by Russia.

Effectiveness of Russian military has been questioned, in particular due to widespread corruption. Russia's human rights management has been increasingly criticised by leading democracy and human rights watchdogs. In particular, organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch consider Russia to have not enough democratic attributes and to allow few political rights and civil liberties to its citizens. Russia has been described as a kleptocracy.

Russia has a mixed economy , [] with enormous natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. Russia is the world's twentieth-largest exporter and importer. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in , the country has faced international sanctions and corporate boycotts , [] in a move described as an "all-out economic and financial war" to isolate the Russian economy from the global financial system.

Railway transport in Russia is mostly under the control of the state-run Russian Railways. The total length of common-used railway tracks is the world's third-longest , and exceeds 87, km 54, mi. Russia has been widely described as an energy superpower. Russia is committed to the Paris Agreement , after joining the pact formally in However, due to the harshness of its environment, about More than one-third of the sown area is devoted to fodder crops, and the remaining farmland is devoted to industrial crops , vegetables, and fruits.

Mikhail Lomonosov proposed the conservation of mass in chemical reactions , discovered the atmosphere of Venus , and founded modern geology. Alexander Popov was among the inventors of radio , [] while Nikolai Basov and Alexander Prokhorov were co-inventors of laser and maser. Nikolai Vavilov was best known for having identified the centers of origin of cultivated plants.

Igor Sikorsky was an aviation pioneer. Roscosmos is Russia's national space agency. The country's achievements in the field of space technology and space exploration can be traced back to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky , the father of theoretical astronautics , whose works had inspired leading Soviet rocket engineers, such as Sergey Korolyov , Valentin Glushko , and many others who contributed to the success of the Soviet space program in the early stages of the Space Race and beyond.

In , the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite , Sputnik 1 , was launched. In , the first human trip into space was successfully made by Yuri Gagarin. Many other Soviet and Russian space exploration records ensued. In , Valentina Tereshkova became the first and youngest woman in space , having flown a solo mission on Vostok 6. In , Laika , a Soviet space dog , became the first animal to orbit the Earth, aboard Sputnik 2.

According to the World Tourism Organization , Russia was the sixteenth-most visited country in the world, and the tenth-most visited country in Europe, in , with over Major tourist routes in Russia include a journey around the Golden Ring of Russia , a theme route of ancient Russian cities, cruises on large rivers such as the Volga, hikes on mountain ranges such as the Caucasus Mountains , [] and journeys on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

Sergius and Lake Baikal. Moscow, the nation's cosmopolitan capital and historic core, is a bustling megacity. It retains its classical and Soviet-era architecture; while boasting high art, world class ballet, and modern skyscrapers. Russia is one of the world's most sparsely populated and urbanised countries, [7] with the vast majority of its population concentrated within its western part.

Since the s, Russia's death rate has exceeded its birth rate , which has been called by analysts as a demographic crisis. Russia is a multinational state , [] [ clarification needed ] home to over ethnic groups nationwide. Russian is the official and the predominantly spoken language in Russia. Russia is a multilingual nation; approximately — minority languages are spoken across the country. Russia is a secular state by constitution, and its largest religion is Eastern Orthodox Christianity , chiefly represented by the Russian Orthodox Church.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a renewal of religions in Russia, with the revival of the traditional faiths and the emergence of new forms within the traditional faiths as well as many new religious movements. In , the research organisation Sreda, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice , published the Arena Atlas, an adjunct to the census, enumerating in detail the religious populations and nationalities of Russia, based on a large-sample country-wide survey.

The results showed that Almost all adults are literate. Russia's pre-school education system is highly developed and optional, [] some four-fifths of children aged 3 to 6 attend day nurseries or kindergartens. Primary school is compulsory for eleven years, starting from age 6 to 7, and leads to a basic general education certificate.

Admission to an institute of higher education is selective and highly competitive: [] first-degree courses usually take five years. Russia was the world's fifth-leading destination for international students in , hosting roughly thousand. Russia, by constitution, guarantees free, universal health care for all Russian citizens, through a compulsory state health insurance program. Federal regions also have their own departments of health that oversee local administration.

A separate private health insurance plan is needed to access private healthcare in Russia. Russia spent 5. The principle cause of death in Russia are cardiovascular diseases. Russian culture has been formed by the nation's history, its geographical location and its vast expanse, religious and social traditions, and Western influence.

Russia's national symbol , the double-headed eagle , dates back to the Tsardom period, and is featured in its coat of arms and heraldry. Russia has eight—public, patriotic, and religious—official holidays. The annual celebration of women has become so popular, especially among Russian men, that Moscow's flower vendors often see profits of "15 times" more than other holidays.

There are many popular non-public holidays. Old New Year is celebrated on 14 January. Early Russian painting is represented in icons and vibrant frescos. In the early 15th-century, the master icon painter Andrei Rublev created some of Russia's most treasured religious art. In the s, a group of critical realists Peredvizhniki , led by Ivan Kramskoy , Ilya Repin and Vasiliy Perov broke with the academy, and portrayed the many-sided aspects of social life in paintings.

The history of Russian architecture begins with early woodcraft buildings of ancient Slavs, and the church architecture of Kievan Rus'. After the reforms of Peter the Great, Russia's architecture became influenced by Western European styles. The 18th-century taste for Rococo architecture led to the splendid works of Bartolomeo Rastrelli and his followers.

The most influential Russian architects of the eighteenth century; Vasily Bazhenov , Matvey Kazakov , and Ivan Starov , created lasting monuments in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and established a base for the more Russian forms that followed. Until the 18th-century, music in Russia consisted mainly of church music and folk songs and dances. Soviet and Russian conservatories have turned out generations of world-renowned soloists. During the Soviet era, popular music also produced a number of renowned figures, such as the two balladeers — Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava , [] and performers such as Alla Pugacheva.

Russian literature is considered to be among the world's most influential and developed. The first great Russian novelist was Nikolai Gogol. Ivan Goncharov is remembered mainly for his novel Oblomov. In the s, Socialist realism became the predominant trend in Russia. Its leading figure was Maxim Gorky , who laid the foundations of this style.

Russian philosophy has been greatly influential. Alexander Herzen is known as one of the fathers of agrarian populism. Russian cuisine has been formed by climate, cultural and religious traditions, and the vast geography of the nation; and it shares similarities with the cuisines of its neighbouring countries. Crops of rye , wheat, barley , and millet provide the ingredients for various breads, pancakes and cereals, as well as for many drinks.

Bread , of many varieties, [] is very popular across Russia. Smetana a heavy sour cream and mayonnaise are often added to soups and salads. Russia's national non-alcoholic drink is kvass , [] and the national alcoholic drink is vodka ; its creation in the nation dates back to the 14th century. State-run Channel One and Russia-1 are the leading news channels, while RT is the flagship of Russia's international media operations. Russian and later Soviet cinema was a hotbed of invention, resulting in world-renowned films such as The Battleship Potemkin , which was named the greatest film of all time at the Brussels World's Fair in The s and s saw a greater variety of artistic styles in Soviet cinema.

Football is the most popular sport in Russia. Ice hockey is very popular in Russia, and the Soviet national ice hockey team dominated the sport internationally throughout its existence. Historically, Russian athletes have been one of the most successful contenders in the Olympic Games.

This article incorporates text from a free content work. Licensed under CC BY 4. To learn how to add open license text to Wikipedia articles, please see this how-to page. For information on reusing text from Wikipedia , please see the terms of use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Country spanning Europe and Asia. For other uses, see Russia disambiguation. Russia on the globe, with disputed territory shown in light green. Main article: Names of Rus', Russia and Ruthenia.

Main article: History of Russia. Main article: Grand Duchy of Moscow. Main article: Tsardom of Russia. See also: Moscow, third Rome. Main article: Russian Empire. Morgue Standoff - Window Cab Escape - Hostage Set Up A Bio Net J Figures Out The Plan Climbing Edgar Edgar Takes Off - Shoot It! Giant Bug - K Gets Eaten Bug Isn't Dead - Blown Up K Gets Neuralized By J MIB Closing Theme Men In Black Will Smith Logo Jeff The Worm Jay At Work Chop Shop-H.

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