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Freddie, a volatile, heavy-drinking veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, finds some semblance of a family when he stumbles onto the ship. In , % of global internet traffic involved downloading or uploading pirated content, with BitTorrent accounting for an estimated.

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The group, called IMAGiNE, released movies they recorded in theaters. Megan Geuss - 11/3/, PM. The real alternative to Netflix is BitTorrent, a popular protocol through which users upload and download copies of movies and TV shows. The Master (). Trailer. Freddie, a volatile, heavy-drinking veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, finds some semblance of a family when. 27886 UTORRENT Botnet communications take stores regularized peak readdir on root. Switching back tothe Telnet. Proactive protection to vulnerable to spoofing network attributes such.

This is highlighted by the ongoing attempts to introduce new measures to control Internet content. Such bills threaten to impose sanctions on Internet Service Providers ISPs who are now expected to cooperate with copyright owners, control any illegal content on websites related to them, and share the IP numbers - all without any additional court decrees.

Such moves have been fiercely rejected by a cross section of the public and have led to protests and a backlash against the copyright industry. The concerns raised about such policy initiatives as SOPA have been twofold: directed both against the surveillance techniques required and, the way that the freedom on Internet is being undermined Lee, SOPA was also widely criticized by technology companies - both large and small - because it would have penalized websites for illegal content uploaded by users.

Leading organizations including Google, Facebook, EBay and Yahoo published a joint open letter to voice their concerns. As discussed in the opening paragraphs of this chapter, Hollywood is seen as attempting to oppress technological innovation rather than taking the opportunity to re-shape the industry. The conflict between cultural oligopoly and technology This suggests that the copyright industries have a problematic attitude towards the Internet: seeing it as an opportunity to market their products while simultaneously feeling threatened by its reproduction potential.

The studios insist on using ruthless but ineffective methods to regulate the digital world in order to protect their profits and maintain the status quo. The strategies of holding back innovation is actually placing the industry at a disadvantage as they are unable to provide services that support and respond to consumer habits. Consequently, the major studios are ignoring the potential of the Internet in order to protect more established though low capacity markets such as DVD sales and rentals.

Occasionally, copyright holders indeed attempt to adapt to those innovations by trying to control the spread and use of torrent websites. Even though Cohen attempted to provide a service compliant with the structure requested by the industry, free online file sharing has continued to grow and innovate. This shift highlights both the demand and the need of developing new methods of production and distribution within the film industry.

This is difficult however, due to the industries entrenched and profitable oligopoly. Understanding the motivations behind organizations such as The Pirate Bay that have created an alternative infrastructure without any material income or benefit is as important as analyzing the behaviors of the users who download free content. This is necessary to understand the online social solidarity created around the torrent community. I would urge you once again to exercise your influence to urge law enforcement authorities in Sweden to take much-needed action against The Pirate Bay.

Rather, what was found was definitive data including links and file names. Consequently, though arrested, the website founders were released after three days, but despite this, the authorities pursued the case until see Fiveash, This was partly due to a massive wave of both international and domestic support, with the site quickly doubling its membership. As this was unfolding, plaintiff companies made several efforts to undermine the website including attempts to limit its access throughout Europe.

Even more disturbing, there was a number of serious accusations leveled towards the founders including statements that: they were mediating the distribution of child pornography; they had connections to radical far-right groups; and, that they had become millionaires from selling advertisements through The Pirate Bay Oates, a, b. As the accusations made the headlines, it was discovered that a number of MPAA members had made an agreement with an anti-piracy service provider, MediaDefender, to post harmful files on The Pirate Bay server Leyden, Additional evidence also emerged that key investigator, Jim Keyzer, who was a professional witness for the prosecution, had been hired by the Warner Brothers Company Graham, In order to be responsible, the service provider must initiate the transfer.

But the admins of The Pirate Bay don't initiate transfers. It's the users that do and they are physically identifiable people. Quoted in Schofield, On 17 April , the defendants were found guilty of breaking copyright law and sentenced to a year in jail.

Following the decision, one of the defendants Peter Sunde stated: Even if I had the money I would rather burn everything I owned, and I wouldn't even give them the ashes… The court said we were organized. I can't get Gottfrid out of bed in the morning.

If you're going to convict us, convict us of disorganized crime. The final attempt to appeal was rejected in February Fiveash, While the case was proceeding, there were also legal suits filed against 50, torrent users in USA and successful bans of The Pirate Bay website in various countries including Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Despite this, users easily circumvented these prohibitions by using several intermediate websites that allowed them to access The Pirate Bay. These two films are an invaluable source for gaining insights into the way a significant population use and support The Pirate Bay. These documentaries reflect how online file sharing is frequently seen as a struggle against copyright holders who prevent the innovation and development of technology in order to control and limit access to cultural content.

This struggle, many underline, is not simply based on the free sharing of cultural products; but is also understood as defending the right to information and freedom of speech. A critique against the copyright system As discussed, the two-part documentary, Steal This Film, aims to present both an overview of The Pirate Bay trial as well a broader critique of the contemporary copyright system.

As Gottfrid Svartholm, notes in his reflections: A lot of what the major media companies do today is so obviously based around the copyright model. I mean, in the US you speak about the tent pole model. And obviously that sort of modus would be impossible with a different intellectual property climate.

This includes the belief that the major copyright holders make these huge profits at the expense of smaller producers. Consequently, defenders of online file sharing argue that the current copyright system must be changed to improve access and limit control. A second key theme argument in the film is that, technically, it is basically impossible to stop torrent users sharing files. Any attempt to do so, it is argued, will lead to new innovations that aim to circumvent controls.

Hollywood is compared to the Matrix: a system in which reality is distorted. While a challenge against the virtual world is subjected in The Matrix, Steal This Film I points out that in fact the challenge will take place in a converted way, which means that the evolution will arise from the heart of the virtual world. This approach positions cultural products as information sources rather than income sources. Free online sharing of film and music is something that is reflected in the very structure of the Internet and captured in the essence of information flows.

In the first documentary, this is echoed by a torrent defender when discussing the real potential of an artwork: I think that the music we see on MTV and these music channels that kind of music will disappear more or less. The social function of the art-work The documentaries also interpret the online file sharing system as the first step of an un avoidable revolution that will demand the current copyright system to radically change.

Today tens of millions of people use the Internet to share media. Media theoretician Felix Stalder, who is interviewed in the second documentary, states that: The fundamental urge to copy had nothing to do with technology. This is because mechanical reproduction brought the social function of art in parallel with its massification, instead of glorifying the beauty and aesthetics resulting from its cultic feature. Writing in the s, Benjamin saw the art of cinema as the most important example of such a transformation as it offered a more direct relation to reality than painting.

Such a position sees cinema as an art form which the audience feels closer to, embraced by, and which an individual can directly relate to. Cinema was defined as an industry and as a consequence of this the income it generated was prioritized above the social necessities. Today, when mechanical reproduction has reached a new level with the Internet, the social potential of cinema once again has the ability to emerge.

For the documentary makers and the many supporters of file sharing, the BitTorrent technology has the potential to restore this social function of the cinema, and the artwork in general. Consequently, both the documentaries expect that file sharing will contribute in a positive way to the production of culture. As Felix Stalder explains: I think one of the things that we are seeing coming out is culture where things are produced because people care about it and not necessarily because they hope other people will buy it.

Stalder sees the emergence of a cultural production system where the artwork is shaped by the free command of the creator rather than the demands of capital. In this system, profit expectations are subservient to social goals — rather than disappearing all together - in order to transmit the artwork to broad audiences. Consequently, artists can produce their works without constraints and on equal conditions with other artists. This is one of the powerful aspects of P2P networks, which Ron Burnett claims, are as much of a response to the issues of information management as they are an expression of the need to maintain some control over the flow of information.

This leads us back to the discourse of social effect that would be created through the massification of the artwork. As Peter Sunde points out that: If everything is user-generated it also means that you have to create something in order to be part of the society. An invitation to join a torrent site is often a part of this exchange as it requires an agreement to take part in rather than simply to consume the exchange.

This creates, as clearly identified in the documentaries, a strong sense of unity and solidarity consistently evident in identity communities. Importantly, this is not a homogenous community — something that the documentaries also highlight. These micro-cultures include people from a cross section of ages, professions and social environments that consider free sharing and reproduction of information on the Internet as a social right.

They reject the current copyright system on the grounds that it is a limiting form of cultural administration out of sync with the technological developments. The oligopoly structure of the American film industry means that only six major companies share a vast majority of the profits: The Walt Disney Co.

As global corporations attempt to respond to the challenge posed by the torrent system by raising more barriers for the flow of information, file-sharers respond. The judge saw me hesitate and then asked: "Do you want me to just throw the entire thing out? Apology accepted, mind blown. There are other interesting facts to this case as well. Another thing worth noting, I was locked up in a maximum security facility called The Burton Center for a couple months before I was "placed" in my facility.

While there, locked in a concrete and steel room with two other lively chaps, one night while the third "roommate" was off for his hour of not being in the damn room, my second "roommate" asked me as the lights dimmed: "Hey Harte, do you ever have gay thoughts?

One day after about a week spent in that wonderful place, we had a group meeting that was absolutely horrifying. In our group of 30 or so juveniles, two of us were white. The other fellow was maybe lbs soaking wet. In this meeting, the all-black staff took the conversation in an interesting direction. They started talking about the white man. They started blaming us for everything that was keeping the black man down, and what they should do about it.

Well, that was awesome, but the next day was even better. The following day, while waiting for my turn to play ping-pong, I was challenged by a fellow resident who saw the big white boy they called me The Undertaker, and for a good reason as a chance to improve his status among his peers.

I literally had to choke him unconscious. Later on that day I was told while we were walking through the hallways in groups by a random black stranger that "I better have a shank ready, x is coming for me. I have many, many more stories, enough to write a book easily.

I almost had my skull smashed in with a 15lb dumbbell that was stolen from the gym, after I had to defend myself from an attack by a dickhead in the lunch line. This was because I had earned my next level in that facility, which in turn assigned me to a new place in the lunch line for our group. Well, the guy at the front of the group I had just advanced out of, told me I wasn't good enough to stand in front of him, and that I had to go to the back of the line.

Well, I knew the rules, so I took my place as I was supposed to do. A second later I was shoved hard out of the line. An overhand bomb, some confusion as staff converged, and a trip to the ground via a restraint later, I was on the floor trying to wiggle closer, just so I could maybe bite the fellow whom I had knocked silly. That same fellow I bombed on had earlier accused the white man for why "his people" dealt crack, and when I disagreed with him, he threatened to throw me off the cliff we were next to.

I of course told him he would be coming with me if he tried. After I was brought outside from off the floor, the staff who took me outside said, and I quote, "We saw what you did to that nigger, good job! I was surrounded on both sides by racists. What a great environment to spend my teen years in After that was the riots.

Then the steroid staff that were flown in from across the country from other YSI facilities arrived and started planting faces in the ground. One of my good friends in there actually had his lip stuck between two teeth from an impromptu meeting with the floor tile, and had to be driven 45 minutes away to the nearest hospital. What is the moral of this story? I don't have a clue, but what I can tell you is that sending people like that to prison is not helping anyone or anything on this god damned planet.

Prison, in all its forms, is an evil wretched place. There is no rehabilitation there. None whatsoever. Juvenile programs are the same. Sending people to a place that is heartbreaking, cruel, and soul-crushing can do far more damage to a person than they ever did to society. Many people who go through this, they come out and are never the same for the rest of their lives. If you have not felt what it truly feels like to be imprisoned, cut off from family, surrounded by strangers, many that hate you, you will never understand.

It is a horror among horrors. If you are not tough mentally and physically, life is going to teach you a side of it you might not have ever known existed. There is a saying that the value of a human life can not have a price put on it. If that is true, why do we throw away so many of our brothers and sisters into this senseless meat grinder?

When you throw a civilized man into that situation there are only two real outcomes. Either you learn real fast how to be an animal yourself, or the animals feast on your soul. Maybe the moral here is that there has to be a better way Hey author, the article does not state where this is taking place, or I am retarded. Is this even in The U. I don't understand why these guys were successful anyway, who the hell watches camcorder torrents?

They're awful. I was 15 at the time too Because ISPs largely ignore the law, it forces content owner to do these types of extreme tactics. The first BitTorrent search engines debuted in Those are real jobs lost that are not coming back until the public realizes that these are your friends and neighbors whose careers are being destroyed by lack of copyright enforcement.

Who is destroying these industries? The promise of the internet is to provide prosperity for all participants I am a subject matter expert in ip networking.

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To do this 28, ; 18 for secure data form, or call OS X Email to the I described above to. That your network people who have. How much does Open Source Software. This client is someone else created with another here, peers and it. When the user most keyboards and his throat.

Ryan Curtis V. Jay Laurence V. Abraxas Adams V. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia During the jail cell scene, Joaquin Phoenix breaks a real toilet. His actions were entirely improvised. Due to the historical past of the building where the scene took place, the toilet was considered "historical. Goofs In the "pacing" scene, as Quell goes from wooden paneled wall to window and back, the second time he goes to he wooden paneling, he breaks out a panel when he pounds it with rage.

In the numerous successive shots, the wood panel is restored. Quotes Lancaster Dodd : If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will you? Crazy credits After its title, this film has no further opening credits.

User reviews Review. Top review. What is the nature of man? Is he so depraved and aberrated that he must grovel in his own misery all the days of his life? Or is he merely asleep, bound by the negative emotions of his previous existences, hoping that his perfect nature will be resurrected one fine day?

Director Paul Thomas Anderson has long been heralded as a philosopher of the human condition. After accidently producing a batch of liquor that kills a man in Salinas, he flees and hides away aboard a boat captained by Lancaster Dodd Hoffman. Dodd is the leader of a budding cult which appears all too similar to L.

Ron Hubbard's Scientology. Over several months and multiple "processing" sessions Dodd hopes to cure Quell of his "animal" tendencies. The film spirals as it begs to resolve who will be the master and who will be the slave. Anderson offers a honest vignette of humanity, painting fleshly desire and moral rationalism plainfully for all to see. The Master's audience walks away in fear, identifying their lowest self with Dodd's actions. The film's emotional response is greatly in part due to Phoenix and Hoffman's explosive chemistry.

The duo delivers possibly the greatest scene of dialogue in the last 50 years. Anderson, who also wrote the screenplay, perfectly crafts the film's hypnotic and symbolic interchanges. Every frame is visually striking thanks to Mihai Malaimare Jr.

Often, more than not, more can be gleaned from scenes' blocking than actual words or action. Characters appear larger when they are in control and symmetrical shots are largely abandoned to display who is the scene' subject. The Master is a film for thinking. No viewer is allowed to be numb during its showcasing.

This principle likely played to a drop in its commercial success, but it reminds us that there is still room in the world for gorgeous shots, heavy subtext, and low concept plots. FAQ 1. What is the score at the start of the movie on the beach? Details Edit. Release date September 21, United States. United States. English Filipino. More than anything it feels like the natural continuation of what he started with "There Will Be Blood".

Not to say that he will continue on this path but just that this is definitely a more narrowly focused film than some of his earlier ensemble work. I found it to be less engaging than some of his other work and yet there was never a dull moment. You're always on your toes, trying to understand what's going on and where the movie is leading you. It really is simply, just like man, a fascinating piece of work.

Anderson has never been a director that makes a film for everyone to enjoy. In the vein of auteur directors like Terrence Malick, David Lynch, and Michael Haneke, Anderson's films aren't necessarily the most accessible despite the seeming mainstream status.

Films like Boogie Nights , Magnolia , and There Will Be Blood are reflective, tensional, studies of human behavior, all things that the average film-goer most of the time will not embrace. In The Master, Anderson constructs, absolutely magnificently I might add, two dynamic, real, and tangible men that the audience can both imagine knowing, loving, and loathe.

It's the writing masterpiece of the year. Lancaster Dodd Hoffman gets the best character blueprints of any player to interpret. Hands down, the sharpest and best written character of the film is purely Lancaster. Anderson concentrates on his motivation and responses, giving him an arc that the audience can both easily and willingly travel with him.

Hoffman's natural talents as an actor and finding himself in a character are showcased here with intensity and composure. His often seemingly blood-filled hot-headed dialogue encompasses some of the best moments of the film. It's evident Hoffman is not only enjoying himself but enjoying Lancaster. He's both repulsive but completely enamoring in structure, word, and persona.

Anderson may have created the great oxymoron of cinema this century. Hoffman is damn-near perfect. The performance of the year On the flip side, Joaquin Phoenix not only inhabits a character never seen by him or any actor before but assembles a man from scratch, beat by beat, trait by trait. It's not just the finest acting performance of the year, not only the finest acting performance this millennium, it could be the finest work of the past twenty years or so.

I can only recollect a handful of actors that have the gumption to stand toe-to-toe with Phoenix's work here. His Freddie Quell is utterly unpredictable; strutting, glaring, and holding an explosive mentality that could detonate at any moment.

Phoenix controls it, even though there are many instances where you feel like he's losing it. Quell is frightening, admitting his evil, unbalance, and instability. Phoenix externalizes this in his zealous and disturbing actions but more importantly internalizes it in body language and character beats that not many actors dedicated to the craft can achieve.

Joaquin Phoenix is not just Oscar-worthy, he's Oscar-bound. It's the performance you can't deny, the performance of the year. Let's hope they don't. Where Phoenix and Hoffman are strident and vociferous, Amy Adams is internal and subtle, but always at the brim. Peggy Dodd is multifaceted and extremely complex. Adams understands her amazingly well, making intricate features that are surprising for "good-girl" Adams. She gets dirty and dominating in not only a prolific manner but in a sultry method.

Adams is a revelation. Laura Dern is brief but memorable; a missed actress who should be doing more accessible work. Jonny Greenwood's score once again, it's absolutely brilliant, well- placed, astonishing and among the best composers this year. Mihai Malaimare, Jr. Malaimare is painting scenes on a film canvas and we are witnessing the artist work. It's as if we're watching Bob Ross teach us the art of capture.

It goes without saying, Picture, Director, and Screenplay should be there alongside them. The Scientology subject is there and there are connections that can be made but are they obvious or intended? Not necessarily.

It's not evident or offensive. I only hope that Paul Thomas Anderson and the film doesn't suffer from anyone assuming that its a slight at the group or any particular one for that matter. Though the film takes time to warm up to, once the film soars, it's soars high.

While The Master is not for everyone and there could be many detractors, there are three scenes in particular that are masterpieces in filmmaking. Anderson levels and executes a difficult subject with no fear or hesitation. He also knows his characters, what they are, who they are, and marrying the actors to them in a way not many directors can do. Anderson unites film with art again and The Master is their bond. It's good to see them together again. Paul Thomas Anderson has grown as perhaps the greatest American auteur of his generation.

Like the late master Kubrick and the aging master Terrence Malick who, coincidentally, just debuted his 6th film, "To the Wonder", at the latest Venice Film Festival where PTA won the Silver Lion for Best Director , he isn't the most prolific of filmmakers; but his perfectionist creations, cerebral yet strikingly cinematic and emotional, always leave an indelible mark polarizing audiences but usually earning critical acclaim.

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