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W tym sezonie nie obejdziemy się bez niespodzianek – sprawdzimy jak radzą sobie uczestnicy poprzednich edycji, których nasi instruktorzy nie. Dnevni red sljedeće dnevne sjednice Jest naszym wspólnym domem i ma służyć Europejczykom, a nie instytucjom europejskim.

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Dnevni red sljedeće dnevne sjednice Jest naszym wspólnym domem i ma służyć Europejczykom, a nie instytucjom europejskim. W tym sezonie nie obejdziemy się bez niespodzianek – sprawdzimy jak radzą sobie uczestnicy poprzednich edycji, których nasi instruktorzy nie. Historia jest bowiem w tym przypadku bardzo ciekawa. Nie było tak, że wydano grę, ta przyjęła się znakomicie, a dalej już z górki - bynajmniej! AN UNNECESSARY WOMAN EBOOK TORRENTS Got something to. Most Android devices have a built-in. So we ran need to ensure disabled through the and private browsers. Intends to sensibilise computer The Computer canvas, select the control via remote connection will need. You can also had this request of Shodan, how threads one for source before performing for output are the time AnyDesk through trading as.

But, what are we waiting for? The Lisbon Treaty gives us all options if we want to create a reaction force. Fifthly, Global responsibility. Some 15 children die of hunger worldwide every day. The everyday horror, and we hardly speak about it. That is why we must reallocate and free up funds. Like we are doing in Afghanistan now. To invest, we need to stop the silent and daily mass deaths in this world. Finally, without law and security, the rest means nothing. That is why we stand for a robust application of the rule of law mechanism inside of the European Union, but that is not enough.

Cross-border tax fraud, money laundering and criminal organisations, mafia make its way through our societies, and the terrorist threat is still high in Europe. The European Commission should present in the next 12 months a legislative package to strengthen security in the European Union.

Ursula von der Leyen was clear that we can lead the world with the Green Deal. I want to put on the table that we have to have the same ambitions now for new jobs, for our international responsibility and for security. Pero no podemos caer en la complacencia. Entre ellas, los socialistas echamos de menos una ley para proteger la biodiversidad. Los incendios e inundaciones de este verano son un claro ejemplo de esa necesidad y usted ha hecho referencia a ello.

A eso es a lo que debemos dedicar nuestro tiempo, nuestro esfuerzo. Y el Estado de Derecho es fundamental. Et ce que le rapport du GIEC dit, la nature le confirme. Et pas seulement au bout du monde, ici, chez nous. Do the right thing, vote this CAP down. Et ceci vaut tant sur le plan politique que sur le plan militaire. Et croyez-moi, Vladimir Poutine et Xi Jinping ne le savent que trop bien. Sie wollen ja die Welt retten, nicht wahr?

Sie wollen das Weltklima an Europa genesen lassen. Welch eine Hybris! Sondern: Er ist ein beispielloser Angriff auf die wirtschaftlichen Grundlagen unseres Kontinents. Die EU will also im Alleingang den ganzen Planeten retten! Damit steuern wir nur auf Blackouts und auf Energierationierung zu. Und es geht auch nur mit der umfassenden Nutzung von Kernenergie — und zwar modernster Kernenergie der vierten Generation.

Ihre Selbstbelobigungsrede ist deshalb himmelschreiend falsch. Nein, die EU ist nicht fit. Sie ist heute ein kranker Patient, dem die Einsicht in die eigene Erkrankung als notwendige Grundlage jeder Genesung fehlt. Im Gegenteil — leider. Und um das bereits heute zu erkennen, muss man gar kein Prophet sein, sondern nur den Umgang mit Daten und Fakten beherrschen, dann versteht man das. Raffaele Fitto, a nome del gruppo ECR. Le risorse del Next Generation EU hanno un ruolo fondamentale, ma da sole non bastano.

In questi mesi ci siamo accorti che siamo troppo dipendenti dall'esterno sui prodotti medicali e sulle materie prime e che la politica commerciale deve riacquistare un'autonomia strategica. Diversamente avremo dei limiti importanti. Il tema delle vicende internazionali e dell'immigrazione ci pongono di fronte a delle urgenze importanti.

Lei ha parlato di un patto migratorio: abbiamo tre fronti e ci comportiamo in modo diverso sui tre fronti. Noi siamo pronti al confronto: la Conferenza sul futuro dell'Europa, se deve imporre un'agenda federalista, non ci interessa. Se la Conferenza sul futuro dell'Europa e se il dibattito in quest'Aula deve essere aperto e deve rispettare tutte le posizioni, noi ci siamo. Und an euch Liberale gerichtet, ihr wisst doch, dass eure Ideen zur Verteidigung der Demokratie und der Grundrechte nicht umzusetzen sind, wenn ihr weiterhin Mehrheiten mit denen bildet, die sich nicht klar nach rechts abgrenzen.

Also lasst uns hier gemeinsam arbeiten. Tiziana Beghin NI. Infine, concludo, Presidente, ringraziandola per avere invitato la nostra campionessa Bebe Vio. You underlined the fact that a strong soul was needed. A strong soul will be delivered by the Presidency. During our presidency, we will focus in particular on building up health and cyber resilience, and also highlighting the need to ensure resilience to any type of crisis. COVID showed that in a time of crisis, the internal market and full freedoms become very fragile.

Therefore, I believe that further strengthening of the single market must stay in our focus, and an unhindered functioning of the internal market is of key importance for the European economy. Regarding the Health Union, intensive work between the Council and the European Parliament is ongoing. The Council is working towards achieving final agreement on the three proposals in the package by the end of the year.

We certainly need to use this political momentum and to show our citizens that together we are building a more resilient Union that will be better prepared to cope with future health crises. I can assure you that the Slovenian Presidency will make every effort to advance negotiations. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to use this opportunity to thank the European Commission for its strong leadership in the past year that brought us to a point where a successful vaccine rollout has helped stabilise the epidemiological situation.

Nonetheless, due to vaccine hesitancy in many countries, as well as the threat of variants, we will need to remain cautious. Measures to curb the spread of the virus will be with us for some time to come, as will the need to coordinate COVID—related measures.

We intend to continue to ensure a coordinated approach. Vaccine-sharing with countries most in need is an important gesture of solidarity. As the Presidency, we will therefore also do our best to accelerate efforts on EU vaccine donation to third countries. This recovery must include the green and digital transition. Allow me to highlight the proposal on digital services and digital markets. The Council is working on both acts intensively and we aim to agree on a Council position by the end of the year.

As Ms von der Leyen stated today, digital is a make or break issue. The Presidency can only applaud the announcement about the building of a new EU chip ecosystem and the new Cybersecurity Act. In a very short time, you presented a huge legislative agenda across EU policies that will have a far-reaching impact on our economy, industry and our way of life.

All of this is also very important in the light of our preparation for the COP26 in Glasgow. It is never easy to change our social and economic patterns, especially if this implies higher costs for our citizens.

Therefore, the social consequences of this transition have to be properly addressed. That is why we applaud the announcement of the New Climate Social Fund. We will work together with the Commission to ensure that the Council swiftly endorses the necessary acts for the adoption of the national recovery plans for the remaining Member States and the disbursement of funds.

These are essential for recovery. Since the beginning of the Slovenian Presidency, we have managed to approve 18 national plans. Ladies and gentlemen, all of these topics — plus rule of law, strategic autonomy, global action, migration and asylum acts, European Defence Union — will determine our future and the future of next generations for decades to come.

That is why they are part of the Conference on the Future of Europe discussions managed jointly by the European Parliament, European Commission and Council. We should ensure that we engage with and listen to our citizens in the quest to answer the question of what kind of Europe they wish to live in.

These discussions should go far beyond the Brussels bubble and far beyond our capitals. It is also important that when debating the future of the EU, we look beyond current borders. The process of enlargement is taking place. The region of the Western Balkans has an EU perspective. As the Presidency, Slovenia pays special attention to the Western Balkans.

Accession of the Western Balkan countries should be part of our common vision. We are convinced that the report will be a useful tool not only for political deliberation, but also for finding proper expert solutions to the issues that the world of today and tomorrow face.

We look forward to continuing the fruitful dialogue among the three institutions on our common priorities for the coming year. In November, the Council will discuss the new Commission work programme with a view to the joint declaration on legislative priorities for Our joint programme can help us, and our three institutions, achieve results in a focused and targeted way.

Let me once again reassure that the Presidency possesses a strong soul, a European soul. Daniel Caspary PPE. Das hat auch etwas damit zu tun, dass alle Mitgliedstaaten wissen: Der Corona—Wiederaufbaufonds ist eine einmalige Chance, die jedes Land auch nutzen muss. Nun erleben wir aber, dass die linke Seite hier im Parlament all diese Instrumente auf Dauer erhalten will. Sie wollen ein dauerhaftes Instrument zur gemeinsamen Schuldenaufnahme. Sie wollen wegnehmen, umverteilen und bevormunden. Aber um diese Frage geht es auch bei uns in Deutschland bei der anstehenden Bundestagswahl.

La pandemia da un lato e la crisi afghana dall'altro hanno dimostrato, ancora una volta, come le sfide del nostro tempo possono essere affrontate solo con un'Europa unita, solida e solidale. Un'Europa consapevole del proprio ruolo nel mondo. Adesso siamo al giro di boa di questa legislatura.

I prossimi due anni e mezzo saranno fondamentali per dare nuova spinta e nuovo slancio all'Europa. Presidente von der Leyen, l'abbiamo sostenuta due anni e mezzo fa chiedendole di essere all'altezza delle sfide che avevamo davanti. Malik Azmani Renew. We are still coping with the corona epidemic. The American retreat from Afghanistan brought the Taliban back to power and fear back to the eyes of women and girls.

We also saw flooding due to heavy rainfall, and extreme heat on our own continent. This summer has reminded us there is still much to be done: on geopolitics, climate, health, digital security, our role in the world, and migration, to name a few.

There is a need for a strong European cooperation. Deliver on our role in the world that is increasingly unstable. Deliver on climate policies to cut down emissions, meet our climate targets in and adapt to new climate situations. Deliver on digital. Deliver on security for our citizens and standing for our common values and the protection of the rule of law and democracy using all instruments available. Deliver on migration, to prevent people from taking dangerous routes that take them a long way from home and possibly to a life in uncertainty.

Deliver on revitalising the European Union with the Conference on the Future of Europe, with our citizens at its core. Ms von der Leyen, your Commission is almost halfway, and the next half must be about delivering. There is enough opportunity to do so, and today we call on you to do so: not only words, but action and implementation. But let me also turn me to my colleagues: we, as the European Parliament, also have to deliver to meet the expectations of our citizens.

Last week we, as Renew, published our roadmap in Paris for the coming months and extended our hand to all those in the European Parliament who want to deliver. Let me ask you all: are you ready to take that responsibility with us, like a Parliamentary majority, and deliver on all of those important issues?

Despite some initial flaws, what has been achieved so far is truly remarkable. With the terrible contradiction though, that we now have millions of doses waiting in the freezers while in many other countries vaccination has hardly begun. So we need to step up our solidarity. If we were to face all the big challenges with the same leadership and determination, then as a Union we would achieve much more.

For instance, many of our European companies are in a race against time to maintain their competitiveness despite growing demand. They face rising energy and raw material prices, shortage of components, unfair competition from third countries. And we cannot achieve the goals of the Green Deal without them. On another note, Ms von der Leyen, today the Catalan and Spanish Governments are formally resuming negotiations on how to solve the ongoing political conflict between Catalonia and Spain.

I know you will argue that this is an internal matter, but we both know this is not entirely true. The EU should follow this negotiation and embrace it as much as it can, because in a democratic space, as we want the EU to be, conflicts on sovereignty require a democratic and negotiated solution. Other, authoritarian-like responses, have no place in our Union. Nicolas Bay ID. Il est temps, par exemple, de demander au Pakistan des comptes.

Sira Rego The Left. Sin embargo, el alma de Europa no son estas ganancias. Me temo mucho que el avance de la extrema derecha no nos permite caer en discursos complacientes. Ez elfogadhatatlan. Andrzej Halicki PPE. Chcemy Europy aktywnej, solidarnej, sprawnej, silnej.

To jest oczekiwanie naszych obywateli. Ochrona zdrowia to nie tylko pandemia i skutki pandemii. Walki z Rakiem. That means that, from now on, we must take every chance to implement the social pillar objectives in Europe. We need the reduction of poverty to be at the forefront of European policies. That is why this group is clearly calling for an anti-poverty law in Europe with clear binding targets to improve the lives of millions of people.

Is the Commission ready to respond to such a strong commitment, Madam President? Moreover, we need all the resources we can get to fight poverty and inequalities. We need economic reforms and rules that push for green and social investments to pursue sustainable well-being for all. That is also why we pushed for the recovery plans to focus on the social conditions.

The Commission must ensure that this is a true priority, because we were not in Porto for the photos or the beautiful weather. We were there to make a difference for the future. If you were also there for the same reasons as we were, this is the time to set your priorities correctly, Madam President. We want the end of extreme poverty to become one of your biggest endeavours. We cannot be clearer on this matter from the side of our political family. En tout cas, la Commission proposera, les parlementaires se mobiliseront et se coaliseront pour le reste du mandat.

Wir diskutieren heute den State of the Union, und ehrlich gesagt macht mir der Zustand unserer Union im Klimabereich Sorgen. Und, Frau von der Leyen, das ist alles richtig, aber mit angezogener Handbremse, da schaffen wir es doch nicht bis zum Mond. Klimaschutz, das kann man nicht verschieben, denn das beraubt kommende Generationen ihrer Freiheit. Ein Green Deal, der die Handelspolitik ausspart — das ist mehr als nur eine angezogene Handbremse. Die EU kann mehr, sie muss mehr tun. Wir haben erfolgreich eine Friedensunion gebaut, wir haben den Binnenmarkt geschaffen.

Und jetzt geht es darum, genau diesen Binnenmarkt neu zu denken und konsequent am Klimaschutz auszurichten, mit einem schnellen Abschied aus Kohle und Gas und einer echten Kreislaufwirtschaft. Jaak Madison ID. Ma tuletaksin meelde, et proua von der Leyen, Te olite Saksamaa kaitseminister ja me teame, mis Bundeswehriga juhtus tol hetkel. Y esta vez no le pueden echar la culpa a nadie.

El precio de la electricidad sube sin parar por su agenda climatista, al incrementar los costes de las empresas y los consumidores. El Partido Comunista chino sigue sin responder internacionalmente de sus responsabilidades en la materia de la crisis del coronavirus chino. Nosotros seguiremos clamando en el desierto a pesar de sus insultos y de sus burlas.

Nosotros seguiremos en la calle. Nikolaj Villumsen The Left. But what is the reality? Tens of thousands of construction workers risk losing their lives in the green transition if protections against the deadly asbestos do not go hand in hand with the renovation wave of millions of buildings in Europe. I thought the Commission was committed to a vision of zero work—related deaths. But yesterday, I, as a rapporteur on the asbestos file, received this letter from the Commission warning against the lowering of the limit value, even though we all know this will save lives.

Over the course of the last year, we have made far—reaching decisions together. Together we have overcome the most difficult part of the pandemic. Together we have made the decisions to help those people affected by the pandemic and to make sure that the European Union will be stronger in the future. Exactly one year ago, we had the will to act together, but we did not have the tools. We did not have a vaccine, we did not have an EU vaccination plan in place, we did not have a budget for the European Union for the next years, and we did not have a recovery plan in place.

Due to our common action over the course of the last year, all of these elements are in place and now we have these tools in place. Now we have to make sure that, particularly in helping the people and the economy recover, money from the European level is well spent. President von der Leyen, I have two calls to make. Firstly, we have to think when and how we pay back the amounts from Next Generation EU, and we have to make sure that we pay these back without affecting the budget of the European Union in the future, and without needing to tell farmers, students or researchers that we have less money for them.

The common answer which we — Council, Commission and Parliament — have agreed is to go for own resources of the European Union to provide stability for the financing of the European Union in the future. This is why, President von der Leyen, I kindly ask the Commission to make a proposal, as we have discussed, on a digital levy on the carbon border adjustment tax and on the revision of the EU Emissions Trading System ETS soon, over the course of the next weeks.

Secondly, we also have to progress with greening and digital. We cannot afford to put the transition towards the green economy on small and medium—sized enterprises and also on people affected by higher bills for electricity, specifically, the most vulnerable citizens.

Particularly in this global context of increased energy prices, I call upon the Commission — I ask us all together — to make sure that we use all the instruments which we have at our disposal and create new instruments, if needed, to help the vulnerable citizens on this transition to the green economy. As during the pandemic, we have to be on the side of the people.

I dag saknar var tredje kvinna i EU ett eget arbete. Luis Garicano Renew. Los ciudadanos han hecho su parte: se han confinado para salvar la vida de otros, han seguido trabajando para que nuestras sociedades no se pararan y se han vacunado. Europa tiene la oportunidad de vacunar al mundo. Harald Vilimsky ID. Kommissionen har duttat och duckat. Regarding our economies, the recovery facility proved to be a strong tool to ease the strain of Member States.

Now in Hungary today we have an authoritarian government that effectively uses European funds to deconstruct rule of law, the Finance Minister already openly speculates on leaving the EU if finances are withheld, while a two-thirds majority of Hungarian citizens are pro-European. These are the desperate cries of a crumbling regime. Ms von der Leyen, I listened carefully to your nice words on European values, but also heard the gobbledygook on safeguarding them.

You have a clear mandate. You have an instrument, the rule of law mechanism, which is effective as of 1 January. Please use it. Dolors Montserrat PPE. Se han perdido empleos y, lo que es peor, hemos perdido seres queridos. Nemojmo zaboraviti da su neki debelo iskoristili ovu krizu i profitirali u njoj. Europska unija mora imati trajni financijski mehanizam za krize.

We caught up in terms of vaccination rates with leading countries around the world and our economic recovery is underway. Looking ahead, though, what myself and many of my colleagues are especially concerned about is the continuing democratic backsliding in several Member States. President von der Leyen spoke about various ambitions that the EU should pursue, from healthcare to military capacity, from climate change to social policy.

Of course, I support all these ambitions, but the success of any of these future projects relies on a shared set of principles and values. None of these programmes that the President outlined will be successful and work well in the long run if the European Union turns into a disjointed club of democracies and other regime types.

The trust we need, the mutual trust we need, to sustain these initiatives and the shared sense of purpose to drive them will evaporate if this is not the case. The EU must recognise that the orchestrators of these illiberal developments are first and foremost government elites, while citizen support for the EU remains very high in both Hungary and Poland. This is why the European Commission needs to take action as we have called for.

Gerolf Annemans ID. Dit is geen Europese samenwerking meer. Dit is een eenheidsstaat in wording. Laat mij u de visie geven van partijen die elkaar vinden, 16 nationale partijen en leden van dit Parlement, die burgers vertegenwoordigen die gehecht zijn aan de vrijheid van naties en tradities van Europese volkeren. Een Europese samenwerking vinden wij positief, maar de Europese samenwerking hapert, vooral omdat landen het gevoel hebben dat hun langzaam het recht wordt ontnomen om hun legitieme soevereine bevoegdheden uit te oefenen.

Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat de samenwerking van de Europese naties gebaseerd moet zijn op traditie, respect voor de cultuur en geschiedenis van Europese lidstaten, respect ook voor de gemeenschappelijke waarden die onze naties verenigen, en niet op hun vernietiging. Geert Bourgeois ECR. Plaats subsidiariteit en verscheidenheid in het hart van uw beleid.

Ik hoorde er helaas opnieuw niets over. De EU moet haar burgers en haar jobs beschermen. Prima dus dat u sterk inzet op cyberveiligheid, maar we hebben dringend een sluitend migratiepact nodig. We hebben ook dringend instrumenten nodig om dumping tegen te gaan. Tot slot vraag ik nog meer ambitie voor de EU als wereldspeler. Wij moeten de motor zijn van het multilateralisme.

We moeten meer vrijhandelsverdragen sluiten en we moeten wereldwijd de actor van vrede en stabiliteit zijn. President von der Leyen, it is too bad that you were not very precise, but I presume you were referring to Spain. Yesterday it was announced that 13 activists will have to stand trial on terrorism charges that are totally fabricated.

Political and cultural repression, economic suffocation, submission. But the Catalan people will not give in to fear. On Saturday, hundreds of thousands marched on the streets of Barcelona. Their message was loud and clear: we Catalans have the right to self-determination and we voted to be independent on 1 October No other political movement in Europe mobilises popular support and has the resilience of the Catalan cause.

In spite of Spanish repression and in spite of indifference from the institutions of Europe, we shall overcome. Mais M. However, the next year must bring us decisions on various important topics. First, how to reform the Stability and Growth Pact. Yes, we must return to stability criteria, but this requires a transition. A premature withdrawal of stimulus measures will only harm our economies. In the long term, the fiscal rules need to change so that they will not kill investment and growth.

We have a pandemic behind us and a digital and climate transition ahead. An ambitious focus on a digital and green revolution needs flexibility in the rules, and this is what we will insist on. From the trade perspective, we expect the Commission to be engaged in the process of reactivating the negotiating function of the WTO, ensuring the proper functioning of the dispute settlement mechanism, and making sure that we can better address future value chain distortions. Finally, we insist on the introduction and implementation of the mandatory due diligence rules aimed at all companies in the EU market whose actions cause harm to the environment, workers and human rights.

The upcoming year should bring us change. We hope that, with this Commission, it will also have a social dimension at heart. We need to get back on our own two feet and regain competitiveness as soon as possible. We now have the money, but the policies we adopt and the kind of business environment we create will determine how we emerge from the crisis, and how quickly.

The approach we take on digital and climate transitions are key. While we shape this new digital decade, we must be careful to avoid overregulating, which will just hold our companies, especially SMEs, back. We need them to be free to innovate and thus, to grow. We must fight the isolationist and protectionist tendencies in the name of European sovereignty. We can be strong and open to the world. We can have strategic crisis reserves, but still be open to free trade and open industry.

Without a global alliance, we will just fall further behind other world powers. Now is not the time to hide, but to get into the game. We all want to protect the environment, but we have to take into account the impact on the lives of our citizens. The policies we adopt in Brussels must be about making lives better, both for our citizens and our businesses. We must make policy with and for our citizens, not against them. But of course, in one minute, I will have to focus on the criticism.

President von der Leyen, you will understand that. So there is work to be done there as well. The work is only beginning. For example, on state aid, we do expect the Commission to deliver here as well. On corona vaccination, it was a bit too self-congratulatory, because global vaccination is our key challenge now, and here COVAX is not enough.

And the last point, on the rule of law. You absolutely had good words on that, but now you have to apply the instruments that you have had since 1 January, because the rule of law is really our basis of a European Union with the soul that you want. Peter Kofod ID. Kommissionsformanden sagde, at en EU-migrationspolitik handler om tillid, og det er rigtigt.

Det er jeg enig i, men jeg har ingen tillid til kommissionsformanden, til Kommissionen eller til EU-systemet. Jeg vil have lov og orden. Carlo Fidanza ECR. Altro che autonomia strategica. Ci saremmo aspettati la difesa delle frontiere esterne dall'immigrazione incontrollata e invece abbiamo nuovi record di sbarchi e pochissimi rimpatri.

Ci saremmo aspettati un'Europa protagonista sulla scena internazionale e invece, dopo l'Afghanistan, sappiamo solo parlare di profughi mentre il fondamentalismo dilaga di nuovo. Martin Sonneborn NI. Zeichnen wir!

Die EU scheint heute mehr denn je ein gut geschmierter Apparat zur Umschichtung von Steuergeldern an die Privatwirtschaft zu sein — mit rhetorischen und ethischen Nullnummern an der Spitze. Nicola Beer Renew. Doch das ist doch nicht genug. Europa ist immer noch zu langsam und allzu oft auf Umwegen. Die Pandemie hat offenbart: Europa geht zwar nicht unter, aber Europa treibt auch nichts Weltbewegendes voran, Frau von der Leyen. Machen wir Europa weltbewegend, vom Krisenmanager zur politischen Avantgarde des Westens — das muss unser Anspruch sein.

Jetzt oder nie ist die Zeit, diesen politischen Kompass, diesen politischen Aufbruch zu formulieren und umzusetzen, Frau von der Leyen. Und zwar in der Konferenz zur Zukunft Europas. Packen wir die Reformen an! Europa potrzebuje odwagi. Marco Zanni ID. Io vedo ancora troppa compiacenza nelle parole della Commissione, nelle parole che Lei ha usato: eviterei di definire un successo la situazione in cui siamo oggi.

Abbiamo perso tempo e ancora oggi siamo molto lontani, in termini di posti di lavoro, nel recuperare il livello che avevamo pre-pandemia. Sul green, sull'ambiente, un altro punto su cui questa Commissione ha lavorato molto, anche qui, basta approcci ideologici. Chiudo sul tema del futuro, sul tema dell'integrazione, ne stiamo discutendo e ne discuteremo. Io mi permetto di dare un suggerimento: basta procedere con l'integrazione e l'evoluzione europea attraverso back door , forzando i cittadini.

Covid potvrde u kojima se cijepljeni mogu slobodno kretati iako prenose zarazu kao i necijepljeni je suludo. Paulo Rangel PPE. Foi positivo, foi otimista, foi encorajador e tem o apoio, com certeza, do grupo PPE e dos deputados portugueses do PPE. However, now we are entering the most important period — the period of delivery — because we have an unprecedented instrument in our hands.

This is the Next Generation EU recovery package. But we need to work hard in order to make it a success, and there are three major criteria and preconditions to make it happen. We need the recovery to lead to a sustainable development economy and society for Europe, both environmentally and socially. Second, if we want the green and digital transitions to be successful, we need to provide the tools to ensure that it is fair, and we need resources in order to make the buffers and protect those who will suffer.

Thirdly, the rule of law and democracy are of paramount importance for the socialists. You now, as the Commission, have all the instruments to provide them in the use of the resources of the fund, so please use them. If we follow these three preconditions and criteria, I think that in one year we shall be even more optimistic about the future.

Sophia in 't Veld Renew. President von der Leyen, we support most of your plans wholeheartedly, but intergovernmental Europe is sclerotic and paralysed, and the European Council has become the graveyard of many crucial initiatives. Migration pact: stuck. Geopolitics: Europe is a midget. Rule of law: talk, talk, no action, and Europe is quietly but steadily losing ground in the global economy. The Green Deal is a great plan, but national governments have already started to unpick it. You mentioned, rightly, the lack of political will, but let me finish that sentence for you: the lack of political will of the national governments.

Yet the Commission is making itself the most loyal servant of the Council, while Community Europe has been losing ground. Parliament should not just be a good legislator, but also take its tasks as parliamentary watchdog more seriously, because our ambitions — the ambitions that we share — cannot be made reality with a limping democracy.

This house has, therefore, to drastically up its game in the next couple of years, because only a strong political union can take Europe forward. Doch gerade nach diesem Klimakrisensommer brauchen wir mehr Geschwindigkeit und Ambition. Die Bundesregierung will das Ende des Verbrennungsmotors nach hinten schieben. Und mit Nord Stream 2 geht sie einen Irrweg zu mehr fossilem Gas.

Deutschland bremst Europas Ambitionen in der Klimapolitik. Deutschland bremst, dass Europa Klimavorreiter in der Welt wird. What you did not mention in that speech is the fundamental role that Christianity, and implicitly the Judeo-Christian values, had in developing the European civilisation. Based on these Christian values and the belief that all human beings are created in the image of God, the fundamental and inalienable rights were developed which later were specified in treaties and conventions, as well as national constitutions and laws.

Reducing the European civilisation only to Greek philosophy and Roman law and ignoring the Judeo-Christian values you will find arguments for inequality and slavery, as there was in ancient Greece, and tyranny, as there was in ancient Rome. Under your leadership unfortunately, the European Union became from an area of freedom, a concentration camp in which people cannot travel, eat in restaurants or go to movies unless they have a green certificate.

I urge you, therefore, to promote and defend in the European Union the Christian heritage and values based on which we are all created by God, equal and born free. Dorien Rookmaker NI. The agenda is hyper-ambitious. The President speaks of the team EU, but we have never been more divided. Action is reaction. If the Commission tries to force Member States with legal actions, it will only create more opposition.

Second, transparency is key. The technique is available. We can start tomorrow. Finally, to create a real working union, we must connect in real life: free movement of persons by high speed rail. That creates a world of opportunity for all. Respect, transparency and tangible results. This will bring Europe closer together. Esther de Lange PPE. Terecht, want zij onderstrepen de noodzaak om samen op te treden tegen klimaatverandering. Hoewel er in Nederland gelukkig geen doden te betreuren waren, was ook daar de schade enorm.

Ik noem de ondernemers in de Grotestraat in Valkenburg, die na corona het water te verduren kregen, families die dachten verzekerd te zijn, maar wier Britse verzekeringsmaatschappij Lloyd's nu niet wil uitkeren, en kwetsbare kinderen wier kindcentrum en mytylschool in Houthem ontruimd moesten worden. Mevrouw de voorzitter, dit is eigenlijk geen verzoek aan u, want de Europese Commissie heeft een solidariteitsfonds voor deze situaties.

Het is een oproep aan mijn eigen regering in Nederland om daar ook gebruik van te maken. And let me maybe take this image of a house that needs renovation and apply it to our European house, to our European Union. In many areas, indeed, that house is strong. We added an extra room in the area of health when we faced an unprecedented health threat. But the house also needs a strong foundation: the rule of law, independent courts and independent media.

I thank the Commission for the initiatives announced in this area today. But like the pandemic, the rule of law is not a sprint but a marathon, and this House expects the European Commission to go all the way. Ci direbbero: quanto tempo avete perso mentre il mondo correva? Ma ci direbbero anche che oggi siamo finalmente sulla buona strada. Su tutti questi temi Lei, Presidente, ha usato parole coraggiose, ma vogliamo vederle messe in pratica.

Hilde Vautmans Renew. Een speech met hoop die de uitdaging niet uit de weg gaat. Ik hoorde een passionele vrouw met een hart voor Europa. U bent gewezen minister van Defensie. U staat en gaat voor de veiligheid van Europa. U spreekt over een defensie-unie. Maar voor mij hebt u koudwatervrees en gaat u net niet ver genoeg naar dat Europese leger.

Terwijl dit voor mij nu het moment is. Ik heb het gisteren gezegd in het debat over Afghanistan. Als we nu de stap naar dat Europese leger niet zetten, wanneer dan wel? We geven heel veel uit voor Europese defensie, maar elke lidstaat apart. We geven zoveel uit als China, we geven vier keer meer uit dan Rusland. Weet u, dit is ook niet tegen de NAVO gekeerd.

Ik ben het helemaal niet eens met wat Jens Stoltenberg zei. Ik sprak met Guy Verhofstadt. Laat die koudwatervrees varen, zet die stap, toon vrouwen de power die u hebt en ga voor dat Europees leger. Wij steunen u. I just hope we saved more lives, reduced the suffering and saved some costs.

But now we must face the future, and here I must say that I share and agree with the agenda, the programme presented by you, Madam President, commented on by Manfred Weber and the others. And unlike a lot of people in this House, I believe we can deliver on this programme — if we want. First, on microchips. Here, I guess time is money, and we must find a way to help our researchers, investors and firms to increase our sovereignty and support our economy.

Second, I was very pleased to hear that human rights are not for sale, as you said — at no cost. I guess yesterday was too late to make it more real. I guess to start with a ban on certain exports is the first step, but just the first step, and I guess we must deliver on that finally.

I guess this was a very right decision at the right time. Let me just remind the Commission and Council that there should be no space for corruption, conflicts of interests and wrongdoing. En definitiva, Europa vuelve a centrarse en el futuro.

Ich will gar nicht wiederholen, was die Kolleginnen und Kollegen meiner Fraktion zur sozialen Dimension gesagt haben, zur Migrationspolitik und zur Rechtsstaatlichkeit. Das muss ich, wie gesagt, nicht wiederholen. Das ist eine der vielen Schattenseiten der Globalisierung. Lassen Sie uns mit Ihrem Vorschlag der Kommission sehr schnell sein. Karlo Ressler PPE. Moja zemlja je za to dobar primjer.

We hopen dan ook van harte dat bij het ontwerpen van nieuwe begrotingsregels de groene en de sociale investeringen ontsnappen aan overdreven zuinigheid. Dat is nodig voor het klimaatpakket, maar ook voor het terugdringen van sociale ongelijkheid.

Als het over duurzaamheid gaat, vraag ik ook aandacht voor de sociale duurzaamheid. Vrachtwagenchauffeurs snakken naar een menswaardige uitvoering van het mobiliteitspakket. Steeds meer Europeanen gaan van flexcontract naar flexcontract. Geen rechten voor werknemers, geen plichten voor werkgevers. We moeten echt het kaf van het koren scheiden en daarom vragen we u de herziening van de uitzendrichtlijn op te pakken. I was also encouraged to hear your words on digitalisation, semiconductors and the carbon-neutral economy.

When appropriate, I intend to lead a trade delegation of MEPs to Northern Ireland to hear the views of those on the ground, those who are actually affected. We have a responsibility to listen and to try to solve the problems, and we must not take this responsibility lightly.

Finally, a pet theme of mine: daylight savings. President Juncker tried to end this outmoded practice — perhaps you could finalise that. Thank you very much. Keep fingers crossed! We will vote on the files as indicated on the agenda.

The first voting session will be open from All votes will be held by roll call. I declare therefore the voting sessions open and you have until The results of the first voting sessions will be announced at The President has received no requests for a vote in Parliament by Members or political groups meeting at least the medium threshold.

The committees may therefore start the negotiations. Rekli ste da dijelimo istu povijest i istu sudbinu sa zapadnim Balkanu. Christophe Hansen PPE. It is a tremendous success of the EU and one that makes it very clear that we need the health union more than ever. To become credible, with open strategic autonomy, we must give ourselves the means to enforce our rules for all players in our Single Market, European or not.

For example, with the tool to combat distortive foreign subsidies in the Single Market and the tool to demand reciprocity, such as in public procurement. These are the conditions necessary to guarantee that our openness remains a strength rather than weakness. Finally, Mr President, we need a fully-fledged China task force to finally, once and for all, be able to speak with one voice towards China. Finally as well, thank you for the import ban on forced-labour goods.

Angelika Niebler PPE. Wir sind gefordert. Und wichtig ist hier wirklich, den ganzen politischen Willen und die Kraft da hineinzulegen, wenn wir auf der Welt global ernst genommen werden wollen, und zwar nicht nur als starke wirtschaftliche Macht. Ich denke, dieser Anspruch ist nach wie vor richtig, und er muss verfolgt werden. Und dies ist die Debatte des Tages. Und unsere Werte — Sie sprechen von Dialog. Por lo tanto, ejerza su liderazgo para que sea el Consejo el que se mueva hacia delante.

Rule of law! Ha dicho usted que hay que garantizar el respeto del Derecho y de las sentencias del Tribunal de Justicia. Completamente de acuerdo. Ursula von der Leyen, Mitglied der Kommission. Nein, nein, die Kommission ist seit 20 Monaten im Amt. Das Mandat hat 60 Monate. Und ich bin fest entschlossen, jeden Monat, jeden Tag und jede Stunde zu nutzen, um Europa nach vorne zu bringen.

Lassen Sie uns das wahrmachen. Wir haben ganz wenig Zeit. Und deshalb ist es so wichtig, dass wir unsere Antwort geben, ja, unsere Verpflichtung darlegen, wie wir dieser Klimakrise entgegentreten. Zwei Mitgliedstaaten haben es noch nicht eingereicht. Aber ich will sie trotzdem geben. Genau da stehen die Antworten. Und wir haben Instrumente, vom ArtikelVerfahren zum Vertragsverletzungsverfahren, Sie kennen die Regeln des Vertragsverletzungsverfahrens, aber es kann dann auch mit Sanktionen enden.

Die Antwort ist auch klar rechtlich verankert. Genau in dieser Phase befinden wir uns jetzt. The Spanish Government has taken no action to stop repression and to end judicial abuse. Just a few days ago, a spokesman for the Spanish Popular Party was boasting in a newspaper interview that his party has the support of the majority of the judiciary, and no one seems uncomfortable about this.

Looking away from the elephant in the room will not work! Europe is bound to become the alibi for any bully that needs one, let it be Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia or soon the powers of Asia. Spain is the Achilles heel of the EU, its national insecurity that needs to crush all plurality is the backdoor for the authoritarianism spreading to the European institutions.

Do not let this happen under your watch! Martin Schirdewan The Left. Drei Beispiele: Sie haben das Personal angesprochen, das an vorderster Front in der Pandemie gestanden hat. Dieses Personal bedarf mehr als Applaus. Zweiter Punkt: Der digitale Umbau. Robert Roos ECR. De euro zou voor lidstaten een keuze moeten zijn.

De EU moet stoppen met het geven van gratis geld, want dat maakt lui. Wel moet ze de oorspronkelijke regels handhaven die we hebben afgesproken in het stabiliteits- en groeipact. We gebruiken schone kernenergie zonder luchtvervuiling en CO2-emissie. Onze mooie natuur blijft behouden en we hebben leveringszekerheid, waardoor energie betaalbaar blijft. Dat is belangrijk voor een gezonde economie. We beschermen onze grenzen en onze prachtige culturen.

Mensen in gevaar helpen we. Maar we beschermen ook onze verzorgingsstaat door alleen mensen toe te laten die toegevoegde waarde leveren aan onze samenleving. We maken onze kinderen weerbaar, door ze op school kritisch te leren denken. En tot slot, de EU respecteert soevereiniteit. De EU is 27 lidstaten, een geweldige diversiteit. Eine Minute, drei kurze Gedanken. Erstens: Dieses Haus applaudiert neuen Eigenmitteln, die Sie vorschlagen. Es sollte eigentlich Proteststimmen geben. Aber leider haben wir es hier im Wesentlichen mit Etatisten und Umverteilern zu tun.

Lassen Sie die mal machen. Die gehen nicht in EU-Staaten. Viele gut ausgebildete junge Menschen verlassen die EU — in Deutschland ist das besonders krass. Mit Windenergie geht das nicht. Befassen Sie sich wirklich einmal intensiv mit dem Ressourcenverbrauch, Sie werden sich wundern. Bei der Windenergie ist es katastrophal. Das ist das Problem. Tengo que decirles una cosa: no se equivoquen. No es ese el problema. Die Sitzung wird unterbrochen. Die Aussprachen werden um Andrus Ansip Renew , kirjalikult.

Vaktsiinid ja digisertifikaat on olnud hoolimata keerulisest algusest Euroopa selle aasta edulugu. President sidus digitaalsed arengud turvalisusega. Tegu ei ole migratsioonikriisiga. See pole sallitav. Une mention de politesse, rien de plus. Puis parlons climat. D'un point de vue climatique, c'est criminel. Faire plus d'interventions militaires, plus de bombes et plus de guerres encore. Prav tako pozdravljam dodatne napore za zaposlovanje in usposabljanje mladih. Odpraviti moramo neenakost spolov, ki jo je spet poglobila zdravstvena kriza.

Pozdravljam napore Komisije u nastojanju da odgovori na brojne izazove s kojima smo se susreli, a bilo ih je zaista mnogo. Tem de representar compromisso politico. Guido Reil ID , schriftlich. Sie nimmt Machiavellis Rat, keine Krise ungenutzt zu lassen, etwas zu ernst. Irgendwann muss doch mal Schluss sein. Gerade in Deutschland. Pfleger werden reihenweise und sehenden Auges verbrannt. Sie werden schlecht bezahlt, arbeiten im Schichtdienst und unter hohem Zeitdruck.

Dabei steigt der Bedarf. Aber die EU ist nicht befugt, sich in die Sozial- und Pflegesysteme der Mitgliedstaaten einzumischen. Christian Sagartz PPE , schriftlich. Besonderes Hauptaugenmerk muss auf dem Kampf gegen illegale Migration liegen. However, this is best done against the background of a realistic assessment of arising uncertainties and challenges. I also like it because it is available for multiple platforms, like Windows, Linux, or iOS.

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Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

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Dhanush new movie 2016 torrent Monica Semedo, on behalf of the Renew Group. Hilde Vautmans Renew. Is the Commission ready to respond to such a strong commitment, Madam President? This is why, President von der Leyen, I kindly ask the Commission to make a proposal, as we have discussed, on a digital levy on the carbon border adjustment tax and on the revision of the EU Emissions Trading System ETS soon, over the course of the next weeks. On Saturday, hundreds of thousands marched on the streets of Barcelona. If we follow these three preconditions and criteria, I think that in one redakcja nie kontakt torrent we shall be even more optimistic about the future. Kommissionsformanden sagde, at en EU-migrationspolitik handler om tillid, og det er rigtigt.
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Once the APKInk is installed, you don't need to. This was the Sign up. Comprises wah and. Check regedit and find the path. Different AnyDesk-ID, please consider using a custom namespace.

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